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  1. hello chum,just dropping all mates on p/w a quick mssge,hows tricks

  2. Was it HSBC? We had an email at work, last week, saying they had to sack at least one of their call centre staff in India as he'd been selling account info to black marketeers. If they catch one then there'll be a few more they haven't caught.
  3. Jonrms, I posted the cheque today, should be with you by Friday.
  4. Looks a tidy gun - I'll take a ticket Jonrms, I think I've PM'd you but I've been lying in the sun all day and me brains a bit fried so maybe I haven't :blink:
  5. Nice to see another South Walian :(
  6. -=JR=-

    I Am British

    Nah, that'd be the one with the dragon my friend
  7. -=JR=-


    Very commendable behaviour John, especially in light of the recent heated discussion regarding dogs Personally I'd like some form of dog licences to be reintroduced so that the sort of person that dumps dogs like this, or indeed the sort who allow their dog to worry sheep, should be forever prohibited from owning another dog. That said, it'd probably turn out to be more unenforceable red tape
  8. -=JR=-

    Fuming I am!!!

    That badge is actually a sophisticated anti-theft device - 180bhp Turbo and no-one will nick it 'cause its a Skoda I've calmed down a bit now I've seen the damage. A new door should be enough to put it right. But how the hell do you not see a bloody great sparkling silver car on a sunny day like today?!
  9. I bought a brand new shiny silver Skoda Octavia VRS on Tuesday. The missus has just phoned and told me some bloody woman has reversed into the side of it. I'm just off to smash my head against a wall...
  10. Even if he's not charged with any offence the Chief Constable can still refuse to renew his RFD authority and/or take his name off the register under Section 38 (I think) of the 1968 Firearms Act. That's bad for business when your a gunsmith
  11. -=JR=-

    RWS/DIANA 45

    Ahh, well I haven't used them since I sold my old milbro/diana rifle.
  12. -=JR=-

    RWS/DIANA 45

    www.chambersgunmakers.co.uk These will have spares & spec sheets etc.
  13. There is so much truth in that. An old school friend of mine had his dog shot by a farmer who alleged it had been worrying sheep, trouble was the old mutt was so arthritic it hadn't been further than the back garden for years. I don't see that anyone would disagree with the general right of farmer's to shoot problem dogs; but, as in all walks of life, there are those individuals who will take it too far and step outside the boundaries of what is right and proper by setting out to kill dogs for fun.
  14. -=JR=-

    Hi everyone

    Thanks for the welcome. Virtual pints all round
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