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    Foxing, Duck ,goose, pheasant, pigeon shooting.

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  1. Assortment of pheasant spring feeders £10 each
  2. Flashgun


    Poacher killed by elephants and eaten by lions how good is that .
  3. Flashgun

    243 set up

    I’ve got one for sale but it’s in left hand , in mint condition, I’ve hardly used it ,
  4. I’ve got a tikka t3 left handed if you’re interested
  5. Yes mate put it up at a good price I need a quick sale , so open to reasonable offers!
  6. Just to let you know this gun is a left hander
  7. Thanks for sorting picture saves me trying to do it
  8. Cheers guys , even if it is upside down !
  9. Ha ha I'm not good with technology
  10. more to follow or if interested I could email them to you
  11. Brilliant I will give it a go cheers
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