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  1. Hi got a .177 one. It fits the 15mm depth later actions if thats the one you need.
  2. Hi thanks that would be great. Maybe in a few weeks when things quieten down we could arrange something.
  3. Pretty sure the later ones are in the pad.
  4. Hi got a HW35 in .177 £120 if thats any good.
  5. Hi thanks for the info and yes it is Lains. A long time ago i had a 391 which wouldn't cycle the Hull cartridges they used and wondered if the A400 would be better.I don't want to have the same problems so maybe stick to the o/u.
  6. Thanks ill have to have a serious look at one.
  7. Thanks good to know.
  8. Thanks that's good news
  9. Hi all, thinking of getting a A400 Exel. Does anybody know what there like shooting 2 1/2" cartridges . One of the grounds i shoot at only let you shoot with Hull comp x due to noise restraints and didnt know if i would get cycling issues. Thanks
  10. Really sad news. Far to young.
  11. Yes please ill take these. Can you pm me payment details . Thanks
  12. Sorry looking for flush fitting but thanks anyway.
  13. Hi looking for a skeet choke if anyone has 1 for sale Thanks
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