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    Jammed door lock

    If you can get a thin grinder disc and cut the lock bolt thats about the only option for a jammed lock, a 115mm disc will normally just do it, a 125mm is better.
  2. rovercoupe

    Cheeky blighters .

    Dont worry they will just put your insurance up when you renew it.
  3. Its come up that my other half might apply for a job in norwich and its a bit of a commute from leeds so looking at a move down there if it comes off, shes grown up there and her folks live in norwich so have been down there to visit for years and it allways seems a nice place to live and some of the characters on here seem to be on my level so thinking it might be a nice change. Would you reccomend it?
  4. rovercoupe

    Potential move to norfolk, good or bad idea?

    Thanks for all the replys its given some food for thought, and now looking into the potential what I can do if the big move happens! (not drug dealing though)
  5. rovercoupe

    Lily pads

    Watch out for alligators
  6. rovercoupe

    Potential move to norfolk, good or bad idea?

    I like the idea of 12 foot dunes! It will be a bit of a change and I do enjoy the mountains but the last few years I have only been to the dales or lake district for holidays so I think I will have to get back into going out in the canoe over hillwalking! There allways seems to be loads of pigeons on the fields and know a few people who shoot down there so I think I could get established pretty quick. I am certainly happy to leave the psyco drivers for tractors and people driving at 20mph round the country lanes. just need to find somewhere with a barn big enough for all my machines!
  7. rovercoupe

    Titan bearcat

    I have a stalker leopard think there based on those titans. its nice!
  8. rovercoupe

    The Amateur's Lathe. (SOLD)

    Seconds if Amateur does not take it.
  9. rovercoupe

    New old lathe

    Oh and it could be a colchester lathe.
  10. rovercoupe

    New old lathe

    The broken gear is not a problem will just upset the gear ratios if you need a certain thread pitch. The problems can be many and some terminal, if you dont have a full set of change gears then expect to pay £15-30 per gear if you can even find the right DP. then there is the slop in the threads which can be anything from just tightening up to completely worn out threads. Same goes for the bed if there is play it can be tightened up but could be knackered! once you get past all that there can just be things that just dont make any sense and are a pig to find out what the problem is. Pay scrap for it and if you want one working within a year then buy one fully sorted and ready to work. this is all from bitter experience and still trying to get mine to work as it should.
  11. rovercoupe

    Help needed on stock

    Nail polish remover, go steady or it might bring the varnish off.
  12. rovercoupe

    Chain saw sharpener

    I bought the silverline one and took a bit of setting up to get used to it being a bit cheaply made but I can sharpen a chain thats been used on a stump in a couple of minutes, also handy for the big chains off the milling bar! Hand files are for keepling a chain sharp, once its blunt ir really needs to go on a machine to bring it back.
  13. rovercoupe

    Flush stands

    Even more interesting with a single barrel 410!
  14. rovercoupe

    New Model Jimny

    I like that, looks a bit like the old s510 or whatever it was called. If only they did a lwb model I would be tempted for one. ( and a center locker)
  15. rovercoupe

    Stopping drinking

    When I quit smoking I saved the money from the fags and after a few weeks bought myself a treat and went on like that having a little reward/ treat fund and it pays for the clays these days.
  16. rovercoupe

    Bulletproof furniture.

    I'm more suprised that they never got sued as those guns never hit anyone ever!
  17. rovercoupe

    Pongy home air conditioner unit

    Any bungs on the bottom? Most of these will act like a dehumidifier and collect water and either have a discharge pipe or a internal tank that will need to be emptied every so often, might be worth checking if there is any mank in there.
  18. rovercoupe

    Help needed to identify and clean a gun

    I just sent x2 25l empty oil drums to the netherlands and it cost £2 extra than normal uk postage. I bought a gun from a really heavy smoker last year and no amount of cleaning has got rid of the smell although it has cleaned up well.
  19. rovercoupe

    Lidl Impact Driver

    You need one of these, https://www.toolstoday.co.uk/teng-tools-drill-chuck-socket-adaptors?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIn92B0_zl3AIVhLTtCh1goALOEAQYASABEgJasPD_BwE
  20. rovercoupe

    One for the Aerial engineers

    Given the size they have to be on the hf bands, might be listening to the buzzer.
  21. rovercoupe

    'Chevrotine' shot cartridge

    Is LG 9 pellets to the oz? Or if its a yank load then double ought buck.
  22. rovercoupe

    Fizzy drinks shortage

    Dont you all know its..............brexit! really though there have been shortages of orange squash for about the last month from one supermarket but the rest seem fine, strange world.
  23. rovercoupe

    Tools springs welder all FREE!

    Welder to the man above, pm inbound
  24. rovercoupe

    Tools springs welder all FREE!

    Right last chance for the tools if anyone wants a couple of items then I will post as long as you pay the postage! I have also found a pair of axle stands, a pair of big springs could be used for gate closers as there quite big. finally I have my old mig set its working but seems to go a but funny if you weld for too long, the quality just seems to go a bit off, saying that as long as you stay away from 2m runs its fine! I have lost the shroud for it and I robbed the swan neck liner so it needs those and the reg has been nicked but its free so if you fancy a go at welding then nows your chance! I know i have no power on what you do with these but I would like them to go to a genuine home and not just stuck on ebay. I cannot post the welder as ir weights alot but the rest of the items can be posted if you pay. otherwise you can collect from pudsey West Yorkshire
  25. rovercoupe

    Tools springs welder all FREE!

    Hand tools and axle stands now taken rest still up for grabs.