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    Scrap metal & free skip hire

    We had one and they even provided a couple of lads to fill it for us and paid well for the steel they filled it with!
  2. rovercoupe

    Grass Seed for Clay Soil

    Tons of planer shavings works a treat and as much leaf matter as possible worked in too then re seed or turf. Did ours the other year and had to use a ripper on the mini tractor to break up the soil it was that solid before rotovating in stacks of shavings and manure and is not waterlogged even in a storm.
  3. rovercoupe

    Heavy Clay loads Recommendations ?

    Try Olympic blues, my 1100 used to fire the cases into the next stand they had that much kick to them.
  4. rovercoupe

    New jsb pellet .

    Are they made of depleted uranium?
  5. Right so you might be wondering why there has been no updated to the Diana restoration, well I have been bogged down with knocking up some Christmas presents for all my relatives. There all into gardening and my old man is really into his Japanese tools so for his birthday he wanted something off this tool site and I saw the hand gardening tools and thought I could knock up one of those. And so it began! the production of hand forks and hand hoes. Start with one knackered fork that was being thrown away by someone so I grabbed it and thought I would have a use for that one day! and chop it up into this,
  6. In the end given how many boxes I had to make up and the time restraint they ended up being made from custom card boxes with tissue type paper lining them, all recycled and could be composted. The only downside is I have had to start clearing half the garden to put in a load of raised beds so she can use the tools! So far the hand hoe has been really useful for digging out all the stones and rocks and getting the plot ready for spring. I really need some **** weather and I can get back to restoring guns.
  7. rovercoupe

    Countryfile next week

    There was a bit on game keeping and one of the presenters fired a gun on last weeks show. what is the world coming to.
  8. rovercoupe


    eBay, never risk more than you can afford to lose, buying and selling.
  9. rovercoupe

    Splitting Axe

    Only ever had a cheapo wood handle jobbie from tool station and never had a problem with it, I have a wood grenade and wedges but if the grenade won't do it it goes in the pile to just cut with the saw. Split tons of wood and never snapped a handle.
  10. rovercoupe

    My 4 x 4 just keeps going

    Bought a lada 7 years ago for £450 if it brakes I hit it with a hammer.
  11. Been doing some garden building work the last week and have dug up allsorts but this came up today and it looks pretty cool! no idea what it is, it's too heavy to be a sythe or slasher. Any ideas as to what it was? Now should I try and clean it up or will it Be nothing but rust?
  12. rovercoupe

    For single men

    And then they would be talking about there penis beakers again!
  13. rovercoupe

    Dug this up today, metal thing but what is it?

    So does it look like its snapped off above the blade? Not had time to clean it up, had wheelbarrow issues today!
  14. rovercoupe

    Dug this up today, metal thing but what is it?

    Yeah my first thought would be to make something out of it but I think your right and it might just be a big lump of rust! Will give it a clean tomorrow and see what's there.
  15. rovercoupe

    Dug this up today, metal thing but what is it?

    Having googled for pictures of horse drawn cultivator a pic did come up of a plough with a knife type thing that did look a bit like that. any thoughts on what type of metal it would be? You might joke but the builders did bury a sprit level when they did the extension on the house and whilst digging I started to uncover this really posh level thinking I was onto a winner untill I got to the part where it was bent 45 degrees!
  16. rovercoupe


    Don't know if a car coil will do it, I have had a good shock off one and nearly fried my willy but didn't cause any real damage!
  17. The only 70mm 21g load I know of is the amber cartridge, plenty of 24g cartridges in 70mm and some feel like they have less recoil than the 21s my 1100 will run 21g loads with only one fail to cycle in every 50 or so but 24g work perfectly.
  18. rovercoupe

    Professional jump starter battery pack

    I bought one of those cheap lithium power packs and it has been amazing! Multiple starts off one charge and so small and light. it will not cold start a 2.5 td with a spanked battery but has never had any issues on a normal jump. I do keep a huge leasure battery and leads for big jumps and that's linked to a solar panel to keep it topped up.
  19. I have some of that black builders plastic left over from some building work done here so think that's going to line it but will do it after Christmas Day once I have given it to her.
  20. Decided that my significant other needed another present for Christmas so instead of playing with guns I have built her a compost bin in the style of a beehive, who says I'm not a romantic eh!
  21. Diana 52 bsa spitfire gunpower storm and a few others........... Christmas present to me!
  22. Whiskey box is just too small, I like the ammo box idea, I have some old pallets that could be made into some old style ammo boxes. and I bought a lot at the auction!
  23. Off to the auction tomorrow to hopefully buy myself a Christmas present so will have to see what junk I can bring back then I will be back on the Diana.
  24. Yeah that's the plan, went and bought a few wedges and metal rings to go in and hold them firm, it all went ok will need to do a bit of finishing work on them as the wedges were a bit crappy and some broke but there all held nice and firm. Just getting a last few coats of oil before there done. Would like some kind of nice presentation box but a bit lost for what to use.
  25. Bit more progress, mmm shavings, it's been so long since I did any woodwork and was quite satisfying Ready for oil and test fit, sample one painted and oiled, the rest getting oiled, hopefully today I will get the rest painted and start final fit, just need some wedges, might have to buy them!