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    Holes in lawn ???.

    Rats squirels or the latest animal on the lawn last night digging about was a fox, turns out they like peanuts and it was after some fallen ones from the bird feeder! take your pick without a trail cam then who knows.
  2. rovercoupe

    First Aid Kits when shooting

    Was talking to our trainer the other week and tourniquets are now being tought on first aid courses so there must be some evidence of them being useful for major trauma. celox and others have there uses but there is some evedence coming out that standard gauze stuffed into a wound has similar results. Still carry some though! carried a massive kit for years and now scaled it down to a few choice bits of kit and a second travelling kit for ouchies and boo boos.
  3. rovercoupe

    Letter punch set FREE!

    Another thing saved from the bin at work, a old letter punch set the box maked 3/16 which might be the size. Free to a new home but there is a catch, its missing the letter C cannot find it anywhere! could angle the O and do it that way! can post at your cost or collect from the pudsey ghettos
  4. I have a velo dog pistol that fires .22 short blanks, think the max I would want to pay for one is £40 but I have seen them go to 90-100 mark if in obsolete calibre
  5. rovercoupe

    Letter punch set FREE!

    Provisionally taken pending address to post to! dont worry there are more goodies that i will be putting up when I get a chance to sort through them.
  6. rovercoupe

    Bolting aloy to steel?

    Get decent quality ones as some of the chinese ones are absolute rubbish and will rust in no time!
  7. rovercoupe

    Charts wanted for arc welding please

    Its a bit of a dark art really, there are alot of variables involved and even how old the steel is and who made it makes a difference. 2.5mm rods i think are 70-90 amps 3.2mm 80-130 amps 4mm 130-160 amps then you have to take in the following, the thickness of the steel, what type of weld you are doing, what type of steel, how hot the work is if its a multi pass weld and probably a ton of other things too! I was carp at welding untill I did a big job and burned alot of rods and then understood when people talk about the feel of how its welding and watching the pool. Im sure someone with more experience will chime in but thats about all I can give you really!
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    de pinger

    Tap washer shoved in the tube works a treat too
  9. rovercoupe

    Engine ignition wiring old school fire pump

    Bah during testing today the water pump for the engine has started to leak on the shaft seal, more bodging required.
  10. Firstly I have to admit I was a clot and have slightly wrecked things here, in my defence I have had a fair few of these pumps and they have all been negative earth so why would things be any different............ so I hooked up a battery and proceeded to fry the wiring and who knows what else. Yeah its a positive earth variation. it starts and runs just fine (phew) but there is nothing going to the battery in the way of charge and this is where things get real kooky, I think it has a generator thats putting out 6v but its a 12v coil and battery??? The rectifier seems to be off a bike and then there is a load of parts that are related to the coil but I have no idea of what they are or do. The plan is to change this over to negative earth and use a alternator in place of the generator and then be able to run aux power off the unit as well as pumping. Most of the other units have been super simple but this one has go me stumped, any ideas as to what all these electrical parts are?
  11. rovercoupe

    Tools tub of allsorts Free!

    Had to clear out a old boys gear the other day and he left some tools and I cannot bear to bin them so if anyone wants a lucky dip tub of assorted then let me know. collection from Pudsey or I will be in norwich next saturday and can collect from there. Price, A thank you.
  12. rovercoupe

    advice on milling...........

    Bit ot but reminds me of being back in school where some dillard came and asked me for help on the lathe and when I got there they had put a bit of round bar in the chuck and not tighened it up and set it running, some poo came out of me when i saw it, another time some clot started the pillar drill with the chuck key in it and it shot over the room into the brazing area and made a decent dent in the extractor!
  13. rovercoupe

    Jimny headlight lens

    Went through this a couple of months ago with some headlights so bad the outer layer of uv protection was cracking and chipping off, bought the phillips kit which was not cheap but seemed the best. Took a couple of hours but they look like new now. Beam pattern is far better and it seems much brighter now. they key is to have a good uv treatment once cleaned off as they will fog up in double quick time if left un protected. buy some full sheets of wet and dry if there bad it makes life alot easier than the crappy little bits in any kit, i ignored the advice and did it wet through all grades given the amount of **** that needed to come off.
  14. rovercoupe

    £180 for a recoil pad fitted?

    Last time i bought one from the local gun shop they told me to go to the cobblers down the road and they do them for £15 fitted and ground to match the stock.
  15. rovercoupe

    advice on milling...........

    If you change your mind im heading to norwich in a couple of weeks time, could bring it down with me.
  16. rovercoupe

    advice on milling...........

    Yeah think thats the limit, steel would be slow going!
  17. rovercoupe

    Engine ignition wiring old school fire pump

    All gone! New distributor installed, alternator installed and converted to neg ground. Fired up first time and even though its not timed in it runs really sweet. The downside is the heat exchanger has a small hole in the side so need to get that welded up now.
  18. rovercoupe

    advice on milling...........

    Before i got offered the mill I watched one of them videos on the youuutube and a guy used a ryobi pillar drill and cheapo press and it worked better than expected, would not be stupid accurate but for small jobs it might be worth the few quid for a couple of end mills.
  19. rovercoupe

    Early PCP air rifles

    Have a look here be warned you will be sucked in for a hour or so! http://orro.net
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    You might even get a free daaag with it.
  21. rovercoupe

    Scotland Firearms Amnesty

    Pleas dont let it be destroyed, its a classic that will go on forever and sounds like it has good memories and could make some more. Oh and i own a few of them and love them even the creepy trigger!
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    Dyke dipping?
  23. rovercoupe

    Scotland Firearms Amnesty

    give it to someone down south
  24. rovercoupe

    Engine ignition wiring old school fire pump

    Things have gone from bad to worse, the new coil is producing a pathetic spark straight out of the coil so there is something else going on, to top things off the distributor is a factory electronic ignition and the points will not fit so i need a whole new distributor. A evening of research shows its a lucas mg ignition system with a american control unit and a bike charge system, its allmost like it was made from whatever was lying around in the factory! Time to rip everything out and build a system from scratch then I know what's going on and how it works.