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  1. Have you looked on Amazon? They seem to be in stock on there.
  2. It’s an interesting topic that’s for sure. Personally I think it’s great that these different gene pools are being used for the reason they were set up for. Surely a logistical headache though, how do you transport something as large as a full grown elephant safely, especially when conscious? Safely as in safe for both elephants and handlers and the aircraft. How do elephants cope with turbulence? Given that elephants are incredibly intelligent will the UK born animals “speak” differently to the native bred ones? Will they communicate effectively with the natives once released from observation into the wild? So many questions, some of them probably nonsense!
  3. Well at least it shouldn’t be a cold bath in the workshop!
  4. Just thinking out loud here as it were. If your gun is stolen, I presume you would report it to the police. Said police may then ask for any specimen cartridges you have kept. They then have details of the stolen gun, and are in possession of identifiable material from that gun. Should any cartridges turn up at a crime scene, they can be compared for firing pin, ejector claw and breech marks. There are still gaps in it for me as the stolen gun could be used anywhere in the country and we do not have a national police force, so knowledge of these specimen cartridges may not be shared.
  5. Hear, hear. I agree with the honourable member from Essex.
  6. Of course they are, it’s lunchtime! 😁😁 Off home for three courses and a soupçon of vin rouge.
  7. I have a 2007 Wildtrak. All I have added are some BFG all terrains and some mud.
  8. I am a big fan of the Parker 50 Falcon. I managed to pick one up for £3 at a bric-à-brac stall a few years ago. What a stylish smooth writer that is, if only my handwriting lived up to it.
  9. According to my quick research on this I present the following. In 1948 the average annual salary was £202, therefore at £450 the Land Rover was 2.5 years average salary. In 2021 the average salary is £38600, therefore at £45000 the Land Rover is 1.2 years average salary. By direct comparison £450 from 1948 is worth £17700 today. There are of course questions to be asked about the comparability of the methods of calculating average salary. First conclusions: Is it affordable compared to 1948? Yes, based on the limited data available so far. Is it more expensive than the original model? Yes, if you base that on price alone. Would I buy one? No. I cannot invest that much into a depreciating asset as my money has to work for its living rather than me!
  10. I know people like to complain about BT, often with very good reason. Indeed, some of my own previous experiences have been less than positive. However, yesterday was a pretty good experience. Around 1pm the memsahib informed me that the phone line was down and the internet was slow or non existent. I phoned 150 at 1:45pm, spoke to a very helpful jovial chap in Stockport, 5pm I had a call from the Openreach engineer to say he was working on it, 5:40pm I had another call to inform me he had fixed it and what the problem was. I thought that was pretty good service for a Saturday.
  11. And therein lies the problem, the huge numbers involved. If everybody in the NHS got a 1% pay increase, that would be close on 300 million pounds, just to cover a pay rise that satisfies nobody. If the 12.5% came to pass you are looking at over 3 billion pounds, just to cover a pay rise. That is money that cannot be spent on equipment, drugs, essential staff replacement etc. So the question has to be asked. Given the perilous state of the national finances, what services do you want cut to pay for this?
  12. I dragged the sportster out of its winter wrappings on Saturday to give it a shake down ready for riding to work this week.
  13. I had the Luger when I was in my early teens, I think it was an LS kit. I spent a lot of time trying to get it to cycle some 9mm cases that my brother got from the ranges when he was in the ATC.
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