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  1. I won’t link too it, but there is a “story” in the daily wail that this vehicle is possibly going to be built in France rather than Wales. It seems Daimler are offloading a factory there.
  2. Another vote for Bourbons. They are excellent dunked in champagne as well!
  3. The problem I found with the lens inserts is that they are just not big enough. I ended up looking past the edge of the insert all the time.
  4. Sussexboy

    Wet shave.

    I just shaved off my lockdown beard, my face looks really small now😂
  5. If you need the instruction book it can be downloaded from Argos support. I don’t know which model you have but there are several available.
  6. I think Labrador also. It does appear to be wagging it’s tail at a couple of points in the video.
  7. Feathers optics also sell Opticron equipment as well, so I can compare directly.
  8. Just had a look at optics-trade.eu. I have feathers optics near me and their prices are just as keen. I think I know what I will be doing once lockdown ends.
  9. I watched the video and found the testing methods unconvincing, there are some other videos on their channel that I will be adding to my watch list though, so thanks for the lead! I found another video by Rokslide where he tests the Swaro, Vortex and a Zeiss side by side at daybreak using a resolution chart. No surprises that the Swaro was best, but only by one level of resolution. I guess I will have to be patient and wait until I can look through them for myself. Vortex seems the sensible choice at the moment. Thanks for all your comments.
  10. Thanks Figgy, I will have a look for that.
  11. Now that I have had early retirement forced upon me by company closure my thoughts have turned to getting a decent spotting scope. I have looked through a Vortex Razor that a friend has and I thought it quite good. The question is, how much better is the Swarovski ATX? Is it really 2 or 3 times as good as the price levels would indicate? (I am talking top of the range in each case). I am fortunate that I have somewhere reasonably nearby where I can go and compare for myself once they are open again after lockdown, but I am impatient and need some input into my thinking. Thanks
  12. Good luck! Sounds worse than the Pampas Grass we inherited with the house and that was bad enough.
  13. Might be a mistake on the FAC but mine is on an open ticket, like all my other firearms.
  14. I suspect you have traction control, mine is an old school 2007 Ranger that does not have that luxury. Having said that you do have to get quite enthusiastic to make the tail break away, and it’s really not made for that!
  15. I have the Goodrich AT on my Ranger. They are “interesting” on a damp road. It has been known to wag its tail if the right foot is applied to firmly. Dry and wet roads are fine, damp is the problem.
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