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  1. According to my quick research on this I present the following. In 1948 the average annual salary was £202, therefore at £450 the Land Rover was 2.5 years average salary. In 2021 the average salary is £38600, therefore at £45000 the Land Rover is 1.2 years average salary. By direct comparison £450 from 1948 is worth £17700 today. There are of course questions to be asked about the comparability of the methods of calculating average salary. First conclusions: Is it affordable compared to 1948? Yes, based on the limited data available so far. Is it more expensi
  2. I know people like to complain about BT, often with very good reason. Indeed, some of my own previous experiences have been less than positive. However, yesterday was a pretty good experience. Around 1pm the memsahib informed me that the phone line was down and the internet was slow or non existent. I phoned 150 at 1:45pm, spoke to a very helpful jovial chap in Stockport, 5pm I had a call from the Openreach engineer to say he was working on it, 5:40pm I had another call to inform me he had fixed it and what the problem was. I thought that was pretty good service for a Saturday.
  3. And therein lies the problem, the huge numbers involved. If everybody in the NHS got a 1% pay increase, that would be close on 300 million pounds, just to cover a pay rise that satisfies nobody. If the 12.5% came to pass you are looking at over 3 billion pounds, just to cover a pay rise. That is money that cannot be spent on equipment, drugs, essential staff replacement etc. So the question has to be asked. Given the perilous state of the national finances, what services do you want cut to pay for this?
  4. I dragged the sportster out of its winter wrappings on Saturday to give it a shake down ready for riding to work this week.
  5. I had the Luger when I was in my early teens, I think it was an LS kit. I spent a lot of time trying to get it to cycle some 9mm cases that my brother got from the ranges when he was in the ATC.
  6. I used cheap toilet cleaner on some hard to shift mould in our bathroom. It is thick and sticks fairly well. In places where it wouldn’t stick under its own viscosity I used kitchen roll soaked in the toilet cleaner that I then stuck in place with masking tape. It worked very well for us. As mentioned in a previous post you do need to leave it for at least 30 minutes before rinsing off.
  7. We have Bogdan from DPD, always on time, always what passes for a smile from an Eastern European, and sometimes even a hello. We like Bogdan. Mind you, with a shopaholic daughter living at home he visits so often he is almost family!
  8. If you have a joint account I believe you get a double allowance, so £170000. NS&I are government backed and guarantee your entire deposit. They are the only institution to do this.
  9. Sad isn’t it. The real story is probably much more interesting (and much more important), but not action packed enough.
  10. I enjoyed the dig. I think I have a crush on Carey Mulligan! OK so it wasn’t exactly strictly true to actual events or people, but documentaries play fast and loose with the truth according to their agenda. This was entertainment, and very finely acted too.
  11. Sussexboy


    Well, I have watched prequels 1 and 2. They were pretty much garbage. However, they were redeemed by Natalie Portman in a very tight costume! The robot C3PO was quite amusing as well.
  12. Sussexboy


    Thanks for all the advice. I shall stoke up the fire later, pour a glass of something and give it a go.
  13. Sussexboy


    Ladies and gentlemen, I have a first world problem which is causing me a dilemma. Let me first confess something. I have never watched any of the Star Wars films. My youngest daughter (aged 25, still living at home) has now got a Disney Plus subscription which we have installed on my nice new TV. I notice that it has all the SW films available. So here is the dilemma. a) Do I even bother to watch them? b) If the answer to “a” is yes, which order do I watch them in? First one first, or later prequels first? As you can see, a tricky issue. Over to you guys........
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