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  1. Might be a mistake on the FAC but mine is on an open ticket, like all my other firearms.
  2. I suspect you have traction control, mine is an old school 2007 Ranger that does not have that luxury. Having said that you do have to get quite enthusiastic to make the tail break away, and it’s really not made for that!
  3. I have the Goodrich AT on my Ranger. They are “interesting” on a damp road. It has been known to wag its tail if the right foot is applied to firmly. Dry and wet roads are fine, damp is the problem.
  4. Never used Peltors for any length of time, but my MSA are comfortable to wear over a full day at the range.
  5. I had the pleasure of sitting at the next table to him in a restaurant some years ago. He could tell stories all night. Another good one gone 😞
  6. I was on BT back in the eighties. We usually saw those boxes when we were taking out the old 232 and 332 phones and swapping them for something more “modern”.
  7. That is a really old connecting box, if I recall correctly it dates back to the days of open wires. The wiring that goes to the bottom of the fuses in your picture looks like the incoming drop wire from the pole. The top cable is the old 4-wire that goes to the phone and any other internal phone wiring you have. You can replace this connecting box with a BT80A box, but your 4-wire must connect to a master socket on the other end or else your phone line will have no protection.
  8. My Lanber is seven years old and is just starting to free up! Just the last bit of travel is still a bit stiff
  9. What a great looking dog! It is a privilege that we get to spend time with them, and awful that the time is always too short. As has already been said, all you can do is remember the good times.
  10. That JLC is awesome, I can understand why you are ecstatic.
  11. Ah yes, like a little Viking helmet!
  12. If you google 2 pin female din socket you will get a few to choose from.
  13. Sussexboy

    Excited much

    I shared a hotel with them at the Tuborg GreenFest in Bucharest back in the mists of 2010.
  14. One of our favourites is a kind of tandoori lamb. We marinate cubed lamb in yoghurt and spices for at least six hours (overnight is better) then stick the cubes onto metal skewers interspersed with onion and capsicum. The lamb is lovely and tender. This marinade also works with small lamb joints and chicken breasts.
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