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  1. I like a bit of snow now and again. Less so as I get older I must admit!
  2. Nothing happened on the Sussex coast. Same as usual.
  3. I have a Viesmann combi, had it for nearly two years now, it has been excellent. I can’t say how much more economical it is than other combi boilers because it replaced an old Baxi Bermuda back boiler. Because of that I saw a huge saving on my gas bill!
  4. Sussexboy


    As I can’t get to the gym at the moment I decided to do a Joe Wicks full body workout on Wednesday morning. It certainly exercises different muscles than my normal gym regime does. It’s now Friday and the pain is starting to die to a dull roar.
  5. We frequently get skeins of geese flying over. I always have to stop what I am doing and just go and watch them. They stir the blood! I am also fortunate in that I have marsh harriers nearby that I like to go and watch. In between the harriers doing their thing it is amusing to watch the coots and ducks on the old gravel pits.
  6. Never thought of it for mincemeat, that sounds a grand idea.
  7. Just had an awesome Sunday roast with some rolled beef rib. The star of the show though was pudding in the form of a pear and blackberry crumble. I racked off the blackberry gin yesterday and we used the gin soaked blackberries to make the crumble. I can recommend it!
  8. Mine was a 1973, in the Mustard Yellow colour. It had a P5 coupé lump in it. Would love to have it back, some good memories in that car! When I checked the reg on the MOT website it is now blue with a diesel, and there is no history so I guess it has been off the road for a long time.
  9. We visited the Dominican Republic while on a cruise a few years ago. We went out on a tour rather than stay in the plastic cruise resort. The guide (while plying us with rum and coke) told us that there were two religions in the country, Catholics and Christians! I hope he meant Catholics and Protestants.
  10. I put salt licks in the wood and put up trail cameras looking at them. While they were hanging there the deer walked straight past with no interest. Once they had dissolved I got pictures of row bucks licking the ground where the salty water had dropped! I also put out some coarse sheep mix which contains molasses. That got some interest, and not just from deer. The badgers, pheasants and boar had their share to. The pheasants would follow me when I turned up with the bag to refill the feeder.
  11. Sussexboy


    Same with mine thankfully.
  12. Hahaha, there is never much to watch!
  13. You don’t get C4HD on freesat either.
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