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  1. I have an old ryobi strimmer that is now at least 8 years old that has been run on aspen most of its life and is still going strong. The hedge trimmer was rubbish though and got replaced with a Stihl some years back.
  2. https://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/45651-mondeo-mk4-duratec-fuel-pump/ ‘tis indeed a tank out job on the mk4, but this link provides some information on a possible loom issue which you may find useful.
  3. Is there not a bolted down access plate in the boot floor? There seem to be a few YouTube videos about it. I cannot see them as I am at work on mobile data.
  4. Mitsubishi is pulling out of Europe, not just the UK.
  5. He already tried the live feed and that really didn’t end well 😂
  6. Did you notice the bit about the estate used to be managed for deer stalking and the deer used to eat the young tree growth, but now the deer numbers have been reduced.....did that happen by chance, or did somebody shoot the deer, and how will they keep the deer population down?
  7. I ended up on the co-codamol 30/500 and naproxen after I did my back in last Christmas. No hallucinations, just instant knockout after each dose, which ended just before the next dose. My niece and great-niece came to visit and I don’t remember them being there. Took days for the fogginess to disappear.
  8. My last Audi A4 was an auto and also had stop/start. You will not escape it 😁
  9. I read an article in my local paper last week that claimed Mitsubishi may be pulling out of Europe due to low market share here. Anybody else seen anything?
  10. We always skin them. Not bothered about crackling anymore, too many dodgy teeth!
  11. I used Oponeo when ordering tyres for my truck, even after paying for fitting by my regular mechanic I saved over £200 on a set of four BFG All Terrains. They arrived from Germany by courier in about three days.
  12. What a cracking last day that was!
  13. I think there are more butterflies about. We are seeing lots of peacock ones in the garden at the moment.
  14. Alongside the right to free speech comes the responsibility to use it wisely. No harm in reminding people of those responsibilities.
  15. I won’t link too it, but there is a “story” in the daily wail that this vehicle is possibly going to be built in France rather than Wales. It seems Daimler are offloading a factory there.
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