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  1. Thanks for all the responses guys. How much more noticeable is the recoil on the franchi? I’ve never shot an inertia gun...
  2. Cheers all. I didn’t think about fibre wads (and the likelihood that we’ll be having to use them more and more)... Also - great point about putting it in the right place. That’s pretty much what I was thinking...
  3. I’m looking at the Franchi Affinity and the Winchester SX4... General opinion seems to suggest the Franchi is the better choice because of better finish, easier to clean, made in Italy, 7 year warranty , but does it lack ability due to not having back bored barrels, bottom threaded chocked etc.? It’s like Winchester have thought about helping wildfowlers (which is what it’ll be used for), whereas Franchi have just gone for basic and reliable. Is there much credibility in back bored / over bored barrels? Is there that much difference in patterns?
  4. I know I mentioned lugging stuff across a marsh, but it’d actually be more often needed for on rivers where, sat on the mud below the high water mark, you stick out like a sore thumb without some sort of cover
  5. It had holes in like a normal hide net but still useful for a small shower if it rains whilst waiting for daylight..
  6. A few years back, i was fowling and someone had a kind of rectangular umbrella that was realtree - ideal for weight and portability instead of lugging poles and nets miles cross a marsh. Also useful whilst waiting for the dark if raining. As it got light, he tilted it towards the flighting geese. any ideas where you could get such a thing - I’ve looked for years and have never found one...
  7. I've sent you a message KemnJoe.. It is Dave Beard at Westwoodside. Used him years ago and he was great and very reasonably priced...
  8. Will try different cartridges. .. I was shooting gamebore velocity. Might even try fibre wad as well. ...
  9. Thanks all. Had another go with some wd40' more brass brushing and a pull through or two with the bore snake and it's finally shifted. I'll remember the hair drier trick though. Is Clenzol that good then?
  10. I know it's September the first tomorrow and my mind should be elsewhere, but this is doing my head in!! I have a Winchester select over and under, fairly new. I shot about 80 clays yesterday and the bores got filthy. I know that could be cartridge choice but it seems to do it with whatever I shoot and even if i only have a few shots when wildfowling. Onto cleaning, I've used Napier for years and on my escort it cleans all the crud, fouling etc. very quickly and without the need for excessive scrubbing, just a squirt, soak and boresnake does the job. With the Winchester, I squirt loads of Napier, leave it ages to soak, try the bore snake, more spray, bronze brush, more spray, bronze brush with pot scrubber wrapped round it, more spray, more scrubbing, get bored and there's still some plastic fouling after the chamber! This is in a newish gun with normally mirror shiny bores. Any ideas? The only thing I can think is it's a back bored barrel which I believe are slightly oversized?? Therefore, is my bronze brush or bore snake not quite making full contact with the bore? Any tips? Any alternative cleaning products?
  11. I'll not admit to having read all 39 pages of this thread but I've read enough. I've been a member of BASC for nearly ten years and all I seem to see them doing is spending money on multiple million pound buildings, glossy publications, organising cookery classes at perfectly kept expensive shooting grounds in the South. Oh, and taking MP's shooting ( which on the face of it makes sense but let's face it, it's probably riddled with corruption and expenses claims). I've been watching some American duck hunting vids on YouTube lately and whilst I don't like how they slaughter geese at about 5 yards over decoys, I think BASC have a lot to learn from organisations such as Ducks unlimited and delta waterfowl. They have worked with State bodies to secure land, install flood mechanisms, improve breeding habitats and provide real opportunity for real people to go shooting. It seems BASC are basically moulding themselves into a political faceless body that are only interested in willy waggling with other toffs based on the vast amounts of money in the bank. I'm going to research how the wildfowling club I'm in can move away from BASC and to someone else to provide insurance, because I'm sick of paying for all this glossy unnecessary *****.
  12. I use vet medic to buy drontal. Cheap and quick delivery.
  13. Ok. Quick update. After being too busy to walk him for a couple of days, I got the dummy out the shed earlier and was pleased to see he was excited by it. So, I tried lying down in the garden as soon as I threw the dummy. He sprinted to the dummy, picked it up and carried it all the way back, jumping all over me with it still in his mouth! Tried it twice more with the same result so left it at that. Gave him loads of praise. I did suspect that the eye contact thing was bothering him so will try next time to stay standing but with my back turned. I've just thought as well... when pigeon shooting he brings pigeons all the way into the hide to me so it could just be a bit of dummy boredom thing. Might try a rabbit skin...
  14. Some good ideas chaps.ill try some this weekend. The moving backwards doesn't work, he still drops it short. Also, he doesnt come in the house so there'll be no telly watching together! I have reservations about balls as I have two kids and don't want him harassing them when they play with balls in the garden. I'll try it if necessary but am also worried about getting him over excited. Another problem I didn't mention was that despite his timid nature he gets very excited and I've had to introduce clicker training to try and stop him spinning in circles. So, abit of a catch 22 isn't it. I need him excited to retrieve well but don't want him spinning like a fu@@@@g idiot! I think I'll try no eye contact and / or laying down first..... Thanks again all.
  15. Ah. That's a good idea. He does seem a bit funny with eye contact so that could be worth a try
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