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  1. Cheers all, when I looked a few years ago before we bred ours, lab pups were going from £350 to about £600 or £700;for fox red. Saw some not particularly well bred or attractive pups yesterday at £1200 and only 3 left!
  2. Where do people look when after a new gun dog pup? My last dog was family bred so I wouldn’t know where to start. Came across Pets4homes website, but am seeing pet black labs (as an example) at ridiculous money!
  3. I’ve read on some American forums that Browning have been offering replacements. It’s a known issue. I’ll see if I can find a link .... https://www.shotgunworld.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=502778 or... https://www.duckhuntingchat.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=907070
  4. Cheers all. Nice to hear some real accounts from people. Sounds like it’d be fine then. Have they sorted the bolt handle flying out on new ones, or is it still a rat tail file job?
  5. Cheers Lads. Pity as I feel like that’s the way I was gonna go. To be fair I rarely shoot clays anyway and could just use a 32 g for the odd pigeon day
  6. Thanks Holloway... I don’t really want 3.5 anyway but it seems to be the only option unless you go for wood. Also looking at the Franchi but think the sx4 seems more wildfowling friendly
  7. I’m deliberating between SX4’s and Franchi Affinity’s and keep going back and forth. Most of my shooting is 3” steel at wildfowl. I like the idea of the franchi, but am drawn to the SX4 as it seems they’ve thought about Fowler’s more (back bored, bottom threaded chokes, oversized controls). All the SX4’s I see are 3.5 inch apart from the wood stock which I don’t want. Does anyone who has one have any issues with ounce loads for clays or 1&1/8 for pigeons? i know I need to shoulder both really but just wondering....
  8. Thanks lancer, that’s great. Bang on too - it is the B&P S35 was and cx2000 primers I have. Sounds like they’ll be fine in any of those cases then. Just need to work out how much powder to try now.
  9. Cheers gents. I used to load mainly the Remingtons but with some American wads. I have different wads now, which seem to be the exact same wad used in the Gamebore mammoth 36g 1’s and 3’s so am just my trying to replicate their excellent load and improve it slightly if possible
  10. I’m trying to get back into loading 3” steel after a couple of years off. I have powder, wads, primers and shot and am trying to work out which cases to load. My plan is to get Clay Game to test me some loads, but I don’t know whether to use some Remington cases I have, or an assortment of others. The others are a mixture of Gamebore mammoth, eley bismuth and some express. Other than brass length, are these all Cheddite cases does anyone know?
  11. Thanks for all the responses guys. How much more noticeable is the recoil on the franchi? I’ve never shot an inertia gun...
  12. Cheers all. I didn’t think about fibre wads (and the likelihood that we’ll be having to use them more and more)... Also - great point about putting it in the right place. That’s pretty much what I was thinking...
  13. I’m looking at the Franchi Affinity and the Winchester SX4... General opinion seems to suggest the Franchi is the better choice because of better finish, easier to clean, made in Italy, 7 year warranty , but does it lack ability due to not having back bored barrels, bottom threaded chocked etc.? It’s like Winchester have thought about helping wildfowlers (which is what it’ll be used for), whereas Franchi have just gone for basic and reliable. Is there much credibility in back bored / over bored barrels? Is there that much difference in patterns?
  14. I know I mentioned lugging stuff across a marsh, but it’d actually be more often needed for on rivers where, sat on the mud below the high water mark, you stick out like a sore thumb without some sort of cover
  15. It had holes in like a normal hide net but still useful for a small shower if it rains whilst waiting for daylight..
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