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  1. Would it be possible to have some pictures if this is still available? thanks
  2. Had the same in our 2010 model replaced the clutch slave cylinder thankfully under warranty and it was fine after that
  3. Have also said on another forum will do with scope for £475
  4. Could almost say this is brand new bought it a year ago and used it once, has sat in a dry garage ever since looking for £50 plus postage Post pics when get on a PC in the morning
  5. I lost one as well, emailed ziess and was sent one free
  6. Could this be sent to my rfd and at what cost please, any chance of a picture of the bores
  7. Just to add that was a recon pump too. Auto far safer bet
  8. Had a 53 plate shogun it jad to have fuel pump (£2k) clutch and dual mass fly wheel (£1700) they are a nice car to drive but when the go wrong they are very pricey
  9. Would be very keen but would need to rfd transfer would that be possible
  10. Having a look at a new car and was looking for advice regarding a 2008 pathfinder, do they use the same running gear as the navaras ie d22 or d40 engine and if anyone has had any issues
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