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  1. copper pellets are a load of carp!! stick to what is tried, tested and has stood the test of time! all copper pellets are good for is the person who wants to tell all his mates that his air rifle can shoot through both sides of a metal bin!!
  2. the longer the barrel the more more time the pellet has to speed up as it travels down the length with the air behind it, so the more length the more power but then you have to consider the practicality any weight of moving the rifle about.
  3. a small bag of sand works well, no ricochet, absorbs all the energy so no chance of gettin a stray pellet, breeze blocks also work well.
  4. good arrows mate, 1st kill is always summat to remember! i shot mine when i was 11-12 in scotland on a weekend hol shooting it on a field i should not av bin on! it made that much moise i ran back as fast as i could and cryed cos i thought i would get in trouble!! lol
  5. maybe remove all poison and get a couple of tough farm cats boy and girl that may mate, they will kill plenty and if they have kits will kill even more?
  6. the land I shoot on is riddled with footpaths! so long as your not a complete idiot and shoot in the direction when people are near you will be fine! i'v shot for years round them and never had a problem! as for a lamp i would go for a led lenser p7 they shine as far as you need them and more, its a universal handheld, the battery lasts hours and there easy to mount on any air rifle.
  7. matt's looks like a good set up! very similar to mine apart from my night vision being a cheap bresser of ebay (£51) as new! attached by a 2 1/2" hard rubber waste pipe with jubalee clips either end (£3) from b&q, a 2 1/2" - 30mm converter from the local plumbing shop to attacth the other end to the scope (£2.50), and a 37mm infrared camera filter that i have put on my led lenser torch that is mounted to the rifle (£8.99), i'v had many a rabbit in the past month i'v been using it! and you dont always need a px adjustable scope as you can manualy adjust the px on most scopes by unscrewing the front lens and winding it out, will pop a pic up later.
  8. Dexterboyz

    new stock

    whoever made that certainly knows his shizzle! would be very interested to see how the super10 stock comes out! :good:
  9. Dexterboyz


    I'll swap ya for a ratcatcher? is it a slim ps3?
  10. they will do it for you, they also lube your rifle back up and give it a mini service.
  11. nice vids m8, just wonderin though... where do you get the rig for holding your camera behind your scope? or is it something you have made?
  12. at standard rattys put out about 8ft/lb! however if you remove the barrel and and get a 24" from a rabbit stopper, it will fit straight on and up the power to about 11ft/lb very easy to do yourself and the barrels cost about £35 new from a gun shop! this will not reduce your shot count like a power adjuster will.
  13. hi all, i'm after a .22 rabbit stopper barrel for the customising of my ratter if any has one? please pm me if so.
  14. just tried the winding out of the end of my scope, it worked well and the picture became clear but the crosshairs were still hard to see, thanks again!!
  15. cheers mate, that about sums it up then. :good:
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