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  1. Yes it would, especially if there is fuel there too. Regularly used in bomb making by terrorists over the years. Also a big problem with transporting it, quite a few trucks blow up in aus from it iirc.
  2. Very difficult if not impossible to cure at this stage, the damage is already done. One of those moth traps as above should help next year. For gardens they use them to control the moths, in big plantations they count the moths caught daily and when a certain number is reached they spray the whole field.
  3. Infections like that usually get in through wounds. I am no expert on them but plum moth might be causing the damage and the brown rot a secondary infection.
  4. Send someone to shoot the cow. Just like anyone else would, what the hell is the matter with this country right now? Nobody has any balls any more.
  5. 39TDS

    Wasp sting

    Nippon Foam Wasp Nest Destroyer Amazing stuff, like kryptonite to wasps nests. Completely dead within 30 minutes max and no angry swarm in that time either.
  6. It's surprising how they are almost rare these days. I have wanted one for years.
  7. Everyone is different and has different reasons to quit. Mine was because I wanted to be fit enough to play with my grandkids. Didn't even have any at the time! My advice is to just be damned stubborn about it and refuse to start again. I haven't touched one in nearly 10 years.
  8. I found a couple of rabbits that looked particularly healthy apart from the bit about them being dead. Diagnosed as the same on this thread. Never dented the population though, there are loads of them here.
  9. Loads around here, never seen so many.
  10. 39TDS

    3 mobile,

    Recently did the complete opposite. Best advice is get a PAYG sim for whoever you like and see for yourself what the signal is like. I was with Three for years but the signal is rubbish at my new place even though it is only a few miles away. Sim free phones usually work out cheaper so do a lot of research before committing.
  11. Besides all the above, check that rainwater isn't being sent into it. New extension or replaced gutter system being sent into the septic tank is quite common.
  12. From experience I'd say you have made quite a big impact. Keep at it and there will soon be a very noticeable difference in numbers.
  13. 39TDS

    cash payment

    There already is, the seller pays it.
  14. 39TDS

    BBC again.

    I am surprised they haven't been sued for harassment. Those letters are quite horrid and they alone are enough to keep me from paying.
  15. Polecats aren't rare around here, see them quite regularly. Often dead ones on the roads too. I have caught several in traps and let them all go. Yes they do stink!! Only ever seen a mink once, black as coal and that really was fearless.
  16. Try a few makes, I have a gun that like Winchester subs but looks more like a shotgun pattern with Eley subs, I have another gun which the complete opposite is true. Each to their own but I would very much advise against cleaning it. Worst thing I ever did to my gun and won't be doing that again (22lr)
  17. 39TDS

    Sharp innova

    They make hardly any noise and a silencer would unbalance the short little gun that they are. Just my opinion of course. Any recommendation of a reliable person to refurb mine? Seals etc.
  18. Even when the ground is soft it serves to move stones away that could potentially rub the pipe.
  19. Drag the plough through a couple of times before you do the run with the pipe. And yes, the ground is as hard and dry here that I have ever seen. Rock hard dust down to 2'6", possibly deeper but I didn't look.
  20. A friend who is a MOT tester is concerned that if everybody waits until October there won't be enough capacity to do them all. I was looking to buy a car that was claimed to have an MOT until October. When I checked it turned out the MOT had really expired but the 6 month extension took it until October.
  21. I genuinely feel sorry for moles at the mo. The ground is so dry and baked hard they must be having a really hard time of things. Found a dead one last week, I assumed he couldn;t get in the ground it;s too hard. I was digging with a mini digger last week and the soil is baked solid dust down to 2' 6" and beyond, I have never seen it so dry. Having said that, Jasper's method has always worked best for me. Close your eyes though, or wear goggles.
  22. Was sent a renewal for £487 so went online and got the same elsewhere for £196! That has saved enough to pay for next year too.
  23. That is what I thought but it does say the one shot in the shoulder had the bullet go right through and another witness said they heard several gunshots so looked out of the window. The type of gun does make a difference but unbelievably callous no matter what.
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