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    Ginsters are quite edible but they are sure as heck not a pasty. Philps or Anne’s if you want a proper one, Anne’s are slightly better imo. Making your own doesn’t need any special recipe, steak, swede, onion and potato plenty of pepper and some salt. (plus pastry, obvs)
  2. Made up nonsense in my opinion. Most accidents happen in your own home don't they, so reducing theoretical risk by going out.
  3. They migrate at this time of year from Africa to Scotland. The extra daylight in summer gives them more opportunity to hunt so it is better for them when raising chicks. A few years ago they were putting satellite trackers on them and you could track their whole journey.
  4. Me too. That's the thing about knives for me, the look, the feel and the funcionality of them. It's a terrible shame they have so much negativity attached to them by some. Just the craftmanship in many of them is astounding. Mine are mostly cheapish Rough Rider knives but that one cost a bit more. I regularly look through Hennie website and think ooh that's nice, and then see the price and think maybe not that nice.
  5. https://www.heinnie.com/magnum-rangebuster-damascus
  6. Pros and cons with all of them but I think Hilux are probably the best. Doesn't mean the others aren't worth having.
  7. 39TDS


    Have counted 13 at one time here. Quite like to see them but not so keen on them taking my youngstock.
  8. A SAK SS Farmer Alox RR money clip Robert David Laguiole The top one is legal in public Sorry about the size 😳
  9. I must have at least 50 folding knives. Ranging from the Swiss Army Knife my Dad gave me for Christmas 1975 (I was 11 and did lose the tweezers and toothpick) to one I bought a couple of weeks back. Haven't left the house in months without 3 in my pockets. I really like knives and find them a thing of beauty, it is a terrible shame they have been demonised they way they have.
  10. I think I am more concerned about C-19 in cats than rabbits. If a tiger can get it why not domestic cats? I was hoping my rabbit population was going to be my meat supply, not much good if they all die.
  11. Got a nice few rabbits about (never thought I’d say that!) but this morning I found a dead one in field. This was my goose field which is stock fenced and electric fence too, so no dogs or fix to blame. One of this years young that live under the goose shed. Only fault I could see was a lot of white snot, eyes were Ok so not mixy. Later in the day there was a dead one in the road too, probably from same litter and I doubt it was a car that killed it as there aren’t any.
  12. Everybody laughed at me when I stockpiled for Brexit. Well ner ner ner ner ner.
  13. The difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut? About a fortnight. Cut my own for 40 years or so now. Used to look like a big pile of hair on the floor, now looks more like an old badger has had a minor RTA.
  14. He will get crowdfunding instead. Doesn’t seem to put his hand his pocket
  15. Seriously, if pre emergence sprays kept pigeons off farmers would be absolutely delighted and spray every field. Just because there were pigeons on one field and not the other proves nothing, it's what pigeons do.
  16. I expected everyone to have been panic buying cartridges and bullets last week, weren’t you?
  17. The yellow spray is pendimethalin. Not sure why you call it nasty as applied at the correct rate it would be entirely safe according to all research and tests done with it. No doubt there is an increased risk if regularly exposed to significant amounts for a significant time (ie applying it day in day out for years) but pigeon shooters can consider themselves safe. No experience of it keeping pigeons off and no reason to think it would. If it did do that farmers would use it a lot more.
  18. Mine cleaned the telly, mirrors and pictures with wax polish and couldn't figure out why none seemed to come clean. I assumed she'd had the littlun wiping his hands all over everything.
  19. Fair does, my missus hasn't ruined any pans that I know of. Even with her signature dish of beans on toast.
  20. My missus could make a vindaloo bland. Blame the cook not the dish.
  21. Isn't crow pie just made from the young rooks as they leave the nests and anything more mature is pretty rank? I suspect it's not a good idea to eat scavengers like them Rook pie is nice enough and think it's where the "four and twenty black birds baked in a pie" comes from.
  22. 39TDS

    Random Finds.

    Blow up doll, used and complete with hairy bits. Still traumatised by that 30+ years later. Trailer A-frame off a big trailer in the middle of a field. My field, not off any trailer of mine. Sold it for £150. Artificial leg. Used to find live .303 rounds quite regularly, left over from war training. Used to cut them up and light the cordite.
  23. 39TDS

    Tow ropes

    Or buy a length of nylon rope cut it up and get the scouts to splice the ends. Plenty of good vids on Youtube on how to do it. I expect they'd find it quite fun.
  24. 39TDS

    Tow ropes

    Have you looked at new ones on ebay? I appreciate it's for scouts etc but very little money for new ones.
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