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  1. I've got one in 12G. Had mine 30+ years and I wasn't the first to own it by a long way. Nice enough gun, I've always liked mine.
  2. I was in Bangkok on holiday, minding my own business in a roadside bar watching the world go by. I was approached by an oldish woman and assumed she was just another trying to peddle me something. I was horrified when I realised she was offering her granddaughter! The girl must only have been 12 at most. This was on a busy street with many other folk around, there was no secrecy involved. There were countless extremely seedy things going on but that one haunted me for some time. No doubt it’s part of “normal” life out there and much worse besides. My naivety surprised me as much as
  3. I want to put French doors/patio doors into a wall where there aren’t any. Currently a 9” solid external wall, no openings at all. Old house, two storeys and there is a small window upstairs above where I want to create the opening. First of all is it possible? Anything is possible but not necessarily sensible. What sort of ballpark figure would I be looking at to do this? I can find the price of doors and fitting them but that’s into existing openings. The layout of the house is very old fashioned with many small separate rooms, doing this would enable the ground floor to be l
  4. Has nobody else noted that the knighthood comes from two women?
  5. 39TDS


    Just got over my second bout of it. Didn't go to the doctors, just got some Novirox over the counter when it got bad. The pain isn't terrible but it gets to you and wears you out. I am 55 and first bout was 20 ish years ago. First lot knocked me about more than this one but too busy to slow down.
  6. Very surprised at that. see them in the daylight quite regularly.
  7. I don’t make it any more. I guzzle too much.
  8. Farmer should flag the whole field to keep them off along with bangers, kites etc. He shouldn’t let you shoot over it because of the lead shot, supermarkets would have a meltdown. His farm assurance would prohibit it anyway. (ex cabbage farmer)
  9. I used to go to RIAT regularly 25+ years ago, get there early and have front row seat which seemed at the edge of the runway. I was there when those two Migs hit each other, no surprise because they were putting on one heck of a show! There was a Hercules sat on the tarmac and to me seemed to be revving pretty high. Then he did rev the engines up and those trails came from all the propellor tips. Only time I had ever seen it and it was quite a spectacle. Nice pics. 👍
  10. Shooting seems to attract an extra amount of lunatics.
  11. 39TDS

    Wasp nest

    Does that guy not know dead wasps can still sting? Nippon Wasps Nest Destroyer is very good. Comes out of the can like silly string and you can get the nest from about 10' away. Completely dead within hours. In past years I have strong suspicions that a nest killed late in the season can still hatch queens.
  12. It’s a damned sight better than starting every sentence with “so” and repeatedly using the completely pointless phrase “going forward”.
  13. The earlier X-trail with the clocks in the middle was a T30, the next model with the clocks in the "right" place was a T31. Don't know what the latest one is called, Dacia at a guess.
  14. Good to hear it. Mine are far from a full crop but are looking better all the time as they get bigger. Damned birds are starting to take an interest and are eating my Discovery. Fingers crossed for no more hail storms at the end of this hot spell. Hoping to pick 30 tons at least. Haven't figured out how or where to put them yet.
  15. How is your crop this year? Mine is poor apart from Grieves, Discovery and Spartan. Heard similar tales from others too I’m blaming it on last years drought.
  16. 39TDS


    Not much value either. A quick way to devalue land is to plant trees on it. Doesn't mean you shouldn't do it but don't expect a return and don't expect to ever be able to turn it back into farmland because you can't.
  17. How and why did we get here? Has all common sense finally evaporated.
  18. Based on the footage I’ve seen I think his actions deserve to be commended. Suspension Is the opposite of what should happen.
  19. Grass is so tall here that the target would have to be up a tree for the prone. Wouldn’t see it otherwise.
  20. Waiting to be fixed.? Isn’t that the rest of the stock stood upright.
  21. The pic is a graip and a pikel, or at least that’s what they are called here. Still use both.
  22. 39TDS

    Ebay rip offs

    I quite like eBay. Buy and sell regularly and rarely have a problem. For example, my last new iPhone came off eBay and it was a much better experience than a similar transaction in carphone warehouse. First place I look when I am after something but you do need your wits about you.
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