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  1. i do hope you get this sorted. best of luck.
  2. marsh man........ cheeky f______ . 🤣🤣🤣
  3. im getting older and everything seems to be getting heavier , so thinking i need a new something to get my gear to my chosen spot rather than my two new metal knees. so got busy in the garage , and just knocked this up , made from ally sheet , 360 mm dia wheels , it has a lid with a sponge seat attached , and fits nicely in the back of my truck . handle comes off or can be used as an extra hide pole . 800mm high just high enough to " perch on " i just cant hit anything sitting down .
  4. dan, wheres the black swan ground ,
  5. WARESLEY CLAY GROUND , ( near st.neots , cambs ) a lovely little shoot , very friendly , 60 / 70 bird sporting . DTL stand. skeet . TUESDAY EVENINGS and ALTERNATE SATURDAYS / SUNDAYS. 60 clays about £17 . tea and coffee . GREAT FUN.
  6. the old saying , too good to be true.
  7. yes, messaged him a couple of times, even supplied my mobile number. he read my messages. got no reply,
  8. Hi everyone. pigeon shooting wanted in cambridgeshire and surrounding area for 2 guns. Fully insured with NGO . All our own kit with transport ,, respectful for our surroundings, Young gundog in training. Weekends at the moment only. ( run out of work holiday ) hope someone can help. thanks.
  9. hi, 2 guns,possible 3 , we live in st.neots, can only do saturday im afraid, insured with NGO. GOT ALL OUR OWN KIT , + 4 X 4 . THANKS. LOZ ROBERTS.
  10. wow. armed with my infomation i have just been plinking at work, what a difference a proper hold makes.
  11. hi, as the title says , is there a bipod for a hw77 underlever .22 air rifle, thanks in advance
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