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  1. great picture . my new pup Millie is 6 months old and is still chewing my slippers.
  2. all points so very true. it did make me laugh out loud.
  3. AGRIV8 what a gorgeous looking dog. B725 same as , i cant wait for all millies sharp teeth to fall out, BUT i am so enjoying her company. ive even lost a bit of weight.
  4. hi ya . im having the same thing with mine , shes 13 weeks old and im nearlly 60 , shes off like a steam train . millie found something out on the lawn at work yesterday , it looked like a wet sock , no way was dad going to take it off her , when i finally prised it from her jaws , it was a dead rat that had been turned inside out and still sticky. yuck.
  5. awesome looking pup, now the fun starts again. looking forward to following his progress . maybe even see you at Bigbirds.
  6. hi. discobob , i attended the F1 challenge also , ended up with 73 , you beat me by one , we were in the same situation as you , we came into the room late , missed the raffle .and prizes . but on that note my squad reaaly enjoyed it. i think our squad came third overall. i just hope they sort it better next time.
  7. say hello to millie guys. she is absolutely full of it, so bold. 10 weeks old .
  8. i had a spaniel with cocker rage , if resting somewhere , ( always late at night ) if any of the family disturbed her she would attack. she bit me hard one day and i had the same thoughts as you in what to do , i decided to keep her outside in a kennel , putting her away for the night at 8pm. we managed to control this aggression thing for 3 years . no one got hurt. then one day late at night she was with my daughter , we missed the curfew , she bit my daughter hard on the hand. the decision in what to do was then very easy to make. sorry for the essay but i agree with everybody else.
  9. i do hope you get this sorted. best of luck.
  10. marsh man........ cheeky f______ . 🤣🤣🤣
  11. im getting older and everything seems to be getting heavier , so thinking i need a new something to get my gear to my chosen spot rather than my two new metal knees. so got busy in the garage , and just knocked this up , made from ally sheet , 360 mm dia wheels , it has a lid with a sponge seat attached , and fits nicely in the back of my truck . handle comes off or can be used as an extra hide pole . 800mm high just high enough to " perch on " i just cant hit anything sitting down .
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