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  1. i do hope you get this sorted. best of luck.
  2. marsh man........ cheeky f______ . 🤣🤣🤣
  3. im getting older and everything seems to be getting heavier , so thinking i need a new something to get my gear to my chosen spot rather than my two new metal knees. so got busy in the garage , and just knocked this up , made from ally sheet , 360 mm dia wheels , it has a lid with a sponge seat attached , and fits nicely in the back of my truck . handle comes off or can be used as an extra hide pole . 800mm high just high enough to " perch on " i just cant hit anything sitting down .
  4. dan, wheres the black swan ground ,
  5. WARESLEY CLAY GROUND , ( near st.neots , cambs ) a lovely little shoot , very friendly , 60 / 70 bird sporting . DTL stand. skeet . TUESDAY EVENINGS and ALTERNATE SATURDAYS / SUNDAYS. 60 clays about £17 . tea and coffee . GREAT FUN.
  6. the old saying , too good to be true.
  7. yes, messaged him a couple of times, even supplied my mobile number. he read my messages. got no reply,
  8. Hi everyone. pigeon shooting wanted in cambridgeshire and surrounding area for 2 guns. Fully insured with NGO . All our own kit with transport ,, respectful for our surroundings, Young gundog in training. Weekends at the moment only. ( run out of work holiday ) hope someone can help. thanks.
  9. hi, 2 guns,possible 3 , we live in st.neots, can only do saturday im afraid, insured with NGO. GOT ALL OUR OWN KIT , + 4 X 4 . THANKS. LOZ ROBERTS.
  10. wow. armed with my infomation i have just been plinking at work, what a difference a proper hold makes.
  11. hi, as the title says , is there a bipod for a hw77 underlever .22 air rifle, thanks in advance
  12. thanks guys for the replys. will get it sorted. which spring kit would you guys recommend. i even made a proper spring compressor .
  13. thanks for the replys. the gun has been underpowered for ages , i have since fitted new ox spring , top hat and washers , new piston seal , barrel seal , polished the piston . i was expecting it to be over 12 foot pound but it is still not as powerful as a friends standard out of the box HW97K. Thanks. i matched the seriel numbers with the right size piston etc. i am taking it to a shop in letchworth tomorrow , to get it looked at.
  14. has anybody on here used "stutley gun" near Royston to service / repair their hw77k air rifle. any reviews.
  15. dont forget the most important thing , LOTS OF PRAISE ,
  16. hi fellow gundog trainers, over the weekend i did a check up of commands i use. 4 pips for recall ( with lots of molly,molly,molly ) 1 pip for turning left / right with hand signals and lots of excited here molly , here molly . 1 hard 2 second pip , MEANING STOP NOW, usually followed by SSSSTTTTOOOOOPPPPP , and trying to then run like a 6 foot, 16 stone lump with 6 inch legs. BACK for a retrieve .any retrieve. DEAD to let go of a retrieve. HUP to sit and stay sat . usually followed by another 2 /3 HUPS. OVER to clear an obstacle. GO FIND EM , WHERE IS IT , GO FIND EM to start her hunting, which if i dont HUP first she will go hunting anyway no need to tell her to start. GO PEE for the obvious when your trying to get to bed at 11pm. have fun everybody , its not that bad. lol. loz and molly
  17. i have a 1 1/2 year old springer named molly. i use , GO FIND EM ------ to hunt, quarter her beat. HUP ------- to sit and stay sat. BACK ----- to retrieve. 1 pip on whistle---- to turn left or right with hand signals ( she quarters well on her own so dont use this much ) 1 long pip ----- STOP NOW. 4 quick pips ------ recall back to me. we have been working full on with all the above commands to get some sort of control , although , she has heard the gun in conjunction with hunting , flushing and retrieving. im looking forward to getting her out there and carry on with the next stage of training. good luck every body , and maybe see some of you at the beginning of march. thanks. loz and molly.
  18. hes a handsome chap. happy days.
  19. its only the mud thats keeping my rav4 94 plate filler pipe intact, im sure if i scrape the mud off it will start leaking.
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