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  1. ya wanna get summat thats handy to grab. If ya mix the food up, they will s** thru eye o needle for days & cause problems. keep it simple on 24% protien & plenty oil in there.
  2. Thems look grand, whos father?
  3. Thats great, so it is. Wish my beggers would keep that still
  4. Ya gotta get em to understand yes & no. yes is good ,bad is no. Dont over feed em, & miss a day a week. ya be supprised how obedient the get. Dont forget the teats when good.
  5. I second that. I got an old B80 same thing, heavy thing it is, but reliable.
  6. I had a spas franchi last year, nowt but bother, jam after jam .Itt went back t shop , traded in for a u/o . simplicity best.
  7. look for the nests now, whilst ya can see through the trees. Tis good bet they be there.
  8. I been told there good eatin, av ya treid em fella.
  9. I seem em used, seem a fair do . the easy clean thing got me.
  10. I grabbed a set today, real handy on that hook thing. £26
  11. Do they really make a diffrence fellas? Like draw em in.
  12. ello chap, ya never know Yorkshire a small place, we may meet up.
  13. Just popped in t'say ello.
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