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  1. Like the case, can you tell me what the dimensions of it are.
  2. My mate had one on the feeder, first one he's had since early February and saw another one but no shot, meanwhile I had a wander with the shotgun and saw three and got two which are my first ones since late February, they have been very scarce. We where pleased to see they have moved in again to give us some sport as things are very quiet on my perms lately. I put them out for the Fox and a local cat had the head off one of them before I chased it off.
  3. Two on a walk around with shotgun. Total 1301. first ones since 24th February. Mate and I saw 5. Makes a welcome change.
  4. Ampsplus 18650 3500mAh 10A Battery I got direct from Ampsplus. This one is highly recommended on NV forum and is the one I use with a Nitecore charger.
  5. With quite a few children from what I could see, families will not be sent to Rwanda.
  6. My licence is up for renewal in August and I received my reminder about 3 weeks ago. I put my ‘form’ in to the doctors and picked the completed form just over two weeks later (£15). On Thursday the 28th of April I completed the online application for Merseyside police and sent it in including digital copies of my old licence and also of the doctors form and my pic. Paid online and got an acknowledgment, hopefully all will be well. I may email asking if all info supplied is sufficient just to get confirmation that I have given everything that is required. The only complaint to date from me is that you have to complete the online application in one sitting and cannot do part and save it to return later. This was because I got thrown out whilst having a problem downloading pics and had to start all over again, a very frustrating moment.
  7. I still have a vhs tape recorder and bought a gizmo to convert tapes to digital. Had the gizmo two or three years but not got around to using it yet.🤔
  8. Is there no one at your club with a spare sub 12 who could lend it to you. Club shooters are usually very helpful in such situations.
  9. Why FAC is what I would want to know, in order to assist with your query.
  10. Last one I had was on 24th February this year, but it feels like last year. Very much in decline around my permissions. One can only try and I will be doing just that in the morning.
  11. Perhaps next time I go to Ikea I will follow your good advice and keep my eyes open.Another example of PW at its best. thanks.
  12. It winds me up (following the path taking me past everything in the shop) in more ways than one. I dread to think what the outcome would be in an emergency, it is like a maze in the local Warrington site.
  13. I totally agree with the above. It would resolve a lot of the immediate problems and hopefully a reaction from within Russia is imminent. However I am not seeing or hearing much regarding what the West is doing to get the truth over to the Russian population who only see what Putin wants them to see.
  14. Good shot?


    PM sent.
  15. Nothing wrong with his nose though, wind was from behind me and as soon as he caught the wind he was off.
  16. New link to video clip. Have any members seen Badgers out and about in daylight.
  17. There are several points he/she can get under nearby. Need someone to give me a lift over never mind the badger 😀
  18. I am posting this clip purely to highlight my personal surprise at seeing this Badger out and about and at least 200 metres from a sett during daylight as I have not witnessed this before.
  19. Just one on Wednesday, first one for ages. Must be doing too good a job. Total 456.
  20. Nat geo 5x50 digital night vision monocular now spare. Good for air rifle ranges and much further with extra ir . Asking £90 posted.
  21. Wind just picked up and raining here now. Bin day today and expect the wheely bins at least will go walk about when they get emptied shortly, our is going walkies already.
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