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  1. Felt like I was there..good one.
  2. Totally agree with your comment.Rottys owner totally irresponsible for accepting his dogs behaviour..
  3. Food and shelter!!!Remove as much of both as possible.At least disturb or flatten shelter.
  4. temperament & inside leg also have a part to play.
  5. http://www.gunwatch.co.uk/guns/69-Air-Arms-s200-for-sale
  6. 'Extremism' is around us in many guises.It is this in all its forms that is the problem. We cannot live and let live any more without someone telling us what we can and cannot do whilst we try to live a decent, honest life.
  7. Hi, As Darren says 'AVG' free is ok and has served me well for several years.Got 'Norton Security' with new PC and could'nt wait to take it off and go back to AVG free. Just make sure you load the free version.
  8. error (don't know what I am doing yet.) :unsure:
  9. Recently joined PW.Did quite a bit of rough shooting years ago (rabbit,pigeon & fox etc).But sold up and let my SGC go.To concentrate on fly fishing. PW has brought all the enjoyment back.Got myself an Air Arms S410 PCP. Have never tried one (new innovation to me) used to springers. But I can see myself getting back into shotguns again having read loads of PW posts pigeon shooting etc.
  10. Hi, Not kept Air arms long, according to posts you only just acquired it having asked what could you get for Weihrauch HW97 K. Or am I mistaken???
  11. Biggest 17lb 8oz Rainbow trout on 4lb tippet from Stocks Reservoir. Best 2lb.8oz Roach from River Lune.
  12. 17lb 8oz & 13Lb 9oz Rainbows on fly at Stocks reservoir..
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