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  1. Spent many a happy time in Colin's shop. Nice man and a very good barrel blacker. Came as a real shock when he passed away.
  2. Hopefully Ken. I have just received a letter from /Staff's/West Mid's Firearms dep't telling me that my application has gone through and that further investigations will now be under way including asking my Doctor for any "RELEVANT" information. Nothing was mentioned about a Doctor's letter and it appears that Staff's/West Mid's are still applying the Home Office Guidance and only asking for a reply if something is flagged up in my records that would be of concern to them in a FAC application. You are under Staff's so you should be under the same conditions.
  3. In February I had to go to the Doctor to see about a sebaceous cyst in the corner of my eye as it sometimes feels a little sore and can affect my match shooting. I explained this to the new female Doctor who was quite interested in my shooting and referred me to the eye clinic I have just sent off for my coterminous tickets and have not had any request from West Midlands/Staffordshire police, so fingers crossed that if I do, my new Doctor will be OK with it. When I renewed 5 years ago my Doctor was contacted but didn't reply to the letter and my renewal went through without a hitch. Why the change from what the government first intended; it worked then why not now.
  4. Graham M


    My son and his wife have just received that $1200 each as well. The Democrats are whinging like mad because the illegals aren't getting it too. Jeeze this payment is based on the taxes paid over the last years and as the illegals don't pay tax why the hell should they be entitled to it?? Not as if they were living in the UK is it.
  5. You're going to shoot some sheep???😜
  6. For those who haven't seen this https://medcert.co.uk/
  7. Still standing Ken although Sandra is a bit more wobbly these days. Bought myself a nice Mortimer .54 cal flintlock and have been trying to frighten paper targets with it 😅 Saw this "Medcert" link on the web and thought it looked like a bloody good solution to any Harold Shipman supporter who didn't like the idea of anyone owning a firearm. Makes one want to cry doesn't it; more people murdered by a Doctor than any legal gun owner over the past 100 years.
  8. https://www.agwoodcare.co.uk/products/rustinspaintdryers/ Just add some to a clean rag and wipe it all over the stock. Then rub vigorously to produce heat. Do this for two or three days and once the oil begins to harden you can then add some to your linseed oil and use it as a stock oil that will harden as you rub it in. You really do need to produce some heat though and I have even used a polishing mop on a polishing lathe to get a stock hardened off. Be careful though as you can burn the wood.
  9. Hypocrisy at its worst https://www.celebritynetworth.com/richest-celebrities/authors/chris-packham-net-worth/
  10. Not to put a damper on things...............but does anyone remember the debacle when shooters applied for a licence to cull badgers, and some of them had their names and addresses leaked to animal rights organisations by someone in the ministry.
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/gds/Spring-Assist-Knife-Laws-Legal-In-US-UK-CA-AUS-/10000000004238620/g.html
  12. Now that is just what I mean. How can an O/U under compare with that for class.😍
  13. I understand that there are collectors out there who like this sort of thing, but............... Can you imagine the damage that some eejit could be do using this .
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