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  1. I understand that there are collectors out there who like this sort of thing, but............... Can you imagine the damage that some eejit could be do using this .
  2. Graham M

    Are side by side guns obsolete

    Well I have given it to a member of the syndicate for his son to use. He is a big lad and wanted a S/S so hopefully he will like the gun. Apologies to the lad who thought I was criticising his semi-auto. It wasn't a criticism of the type of gun, just the styling of those that I saw on the wall of the gunshop; very aggressive looking things with 8 shot magazines. If you can't hit it with the first two shots what use are the other six (yes i know that they are used in practical shotgun comp's) I suppose it's going on through all types of shooting where tradition seems to be pushed away in favour of modernity........ nice wooden stocks being replaced by plastic. Don't get me wrong a composite stock can be better in a rough environment, but some of the nasty plastic articles that I see on some rifles are nothing more than money saving rubbish that are fitted just so that the manufacturers can say that they actually come with a stock. Most people replace them with something better. Now, looking forward to that nice English S/S.
  3. Graham M

    Are side by side guns obsolete

    Sad. I have one O/U and the rest are hammerguns or S/S's. I am going to take the advice given and offer it to someone for free, and if that fails I will be back on here to see if anyone knows of a lad who wants a nice safe gun.
  4. Like many shooters I find that I love the old hammerguns and side/side guns, but just lately I am finding that some dealers are simply not interested in them. A while ago I attempted to sell an old BSA side/side gun on PW but was not successful, so, as I need to empty a slot in my cabinet for a new English side/side, I decided to see if my local gunshop would sell it for me on commission. Took it out of the sleeve and without even looking at it he said "Whoa not a chance............................can't sell any side/sides as nobody wants them......BUT, I will take it off you for scrap if you want to get rid of it". Now this is a really nice gun with very good bluing and mirror bores. The action is a tight as a ducks doodah and there are no splits in the wood. Why the hell would I want to scrap it? I would rather give it to someone who will use it for £50. What the hell is going on. Do all new shooters want a Rambo type semi-auto with a dozen shots in the magazine or what
  5. Said this before..................................................and had my post deleted 🤐
  6. Graham M

    West Mercia and Warwickshire Police

    But West Midlands are already paired up with Staffordshire.
  7. Graham M

    West Mercia and Warwickshire Police

    Not counting the City of London police Warwickshire are the smallest force in the UK with only 823 officers. So I would imagine that West Mercia have been paying the lion's share of the expenses.
  8. This is interesting. Wonder how it will affect renewals/grants etc. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-coventry-warwickshire-45800073
  9. Graham M

    Best Wood Preservative

    I always thought oil rotted wood. It certainly doesn't do gun stocks any good.
  10. Graham M

    Removing a Winchester SXP Magazine Tube

    They make things so overly difficult these days
  11. Graham M

    Mauser knife

    Bought mine at the Midland Game Fair some 25 years ago. They don't make them anymore which is a mystery to me as they are really nice little knives.
  12. Graham M

    Removing a Winchester SXP Magazine Tube

    My old Mossberg had a 1" tube that I wanted to remove. Thought for a while then just fitted a couple of 1" scope rings onto it and used them as a leverage point to unscrew the tube. Worked very well and didn't damage the tube.
  13. Graham M

    Scope mounts

  14. Graham M

    Scope mounts