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  1. Where is the leak, in the cylinder or in the pistol body itself
  2. Just used Best Fitting for the connection filler valve(the one that fits to the pump) and although they had the part, the delivery was very slow. Ordered on the 7th November and it arrived on 18th. They reckoned they posted it on 9th using Royal Mail 48 (2-3 days delivery) Ordered a small spring from Chambers, the one that fits on the top of the bolt, and a new metal bolt handle from Rowan Engineering on 9th and they both arrived on 13th so I'm not convinced that BF sent it out straight away. Even with this Covid19 I have been getting stuff delivered within 4-5 days from everywhere else,
  3. Well I've ordered one and will fit it and see. Love the thought of being able to shoot an air rifle without the jump of a springer, and will be able to use it on the top end of my local farm without disturbing the neighbours.
  4. Yes I know. I worded it wrong. I meant I had the older version but wanted to show the brass valve that fits into the cylinder. This is the part I am wondering about. https://www.airgunspares.com/cz0852airarmss200fillvalvebody.html Is it a valve or just a straight through tube with no internals. If so can I just buy a replacement one of these
  5. I actually have two cylinders and the one seems OK so not desperate. The air is escaping through that nipple at the front of the connector. Was easy to remove from the gun once I had taken the moderator off. I am a poor old duffer now so I took my time pumping and pumped around 20 pumps and then leaving everything to cool. I bought a Hill pump with the moisture remover fitted Mk5?? Which does seem to fill quickly. This is the cylinder (the old style though) I am going to chuck some bar-stock in the lathe and bore out a removal tool but really need to know what's inside the end of tha
  6. Graham M

    PCP virgin

    OK, I have been shooting all sorts of firearms since 1971 including pistols and CF semi-auto rifles, BUT!!!!................. I have never owned a PCP. Couple of weeks ago I was given a AA s200Mk1. Had to send off for a female connector to fill from a pump, but when I finished filling and disconnected the hose I could hear a hissing as the air was escaping from the front valve. The valve is like this one. I took it off the front of the cylinder, but is this the whole problem, or is there another valve in the front of the air cylinder. The filling adaptor is th
  7. Think we are moving away from the OP, so perhaps it's best to put this one to bed.
  8. Absolutely correct. A deer should be completely unaware of what is happening until it gets hit by what is basically the hammer of Thor. If the shot has been taken carefully it will drop on the spot, or at worst run for a few yds and then drop. I have found that most of the deer than run for hundreds of yds are the ones shot by shooters with too much adrenalin flowing and a bit of a tremble. Surely it's better to stalk slowly and then settle yourself for that all important shot, rather than work yourself up into a state where you need to get the shot off regardless. I have watched dee
  9. This isn't about taking a follow-up shot, this is about filming a bodged job and then having a good laugh as the poor animal struggles to swim to land as it is dying...................... And then putting it on the internet for all the world to see. Earlier this year I botched a shot at a fox. It moved on the shot and I hit it on the front leg. As it struggled to run off I managed to put another shot into it.... I was absolutely mortified by the situation and certainly didn't see anything to have a laugh about, and if anyone had been videoing it I would have demanded that the vi
  10. Can't get my head around this. As if the original video isn't bad enough some eejit then decides to air it on TV for all the world to see. Do some people in the stalking world actually think that something like this is a normal conclusion to a deer stalk (or ambush). If they do then perhaps they are not the sort of people who should be gun owners.
  11. I was offended by it let alone someone who doesn't shoot. I have shot many deer over the last gawd knows how many years, but I couldn't watch that video. Absolutely appalling.
  12. Just read this and it seems to be what they want, so why do different FEO's ask for different things? 87. Where the place of storage is not a secured room or other suitably secure place the enforcing authority is likely to be satisfied that the physical resistance to attack is adequate when boxes used for the storage of shooters powder meet the following requirements: Guidance on Regulations – Firearms Users and Associated Trades Page 17 have securely fixed, robust steel hinges; have a secure hasp used with a security grade padlock; and suitable arrangements have been made to frustrate a
  13. So here's a question for you. When I talked to my FEO last week she pointed out that my box, that was used to store my black powder in, should have been chained to the wall. This puzzled me because in the event of a fire the firemen (or should that be fire persons?) wouldn't be able to grab it and throw it out of the house. I have also spoken to someone who has been in contact with the fire service and they themselves have raised doubts about this. Anyone else received this "advice"?
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