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  1. What is the energy loss of your pellet at 70 yards?
  2. Hmm, well, my tables say this if I zero at 8 yards: On a .177 8.44 grain pellet with a BC of 0.022 there is half an inch drop between 45 and 48 yards. At 33 to 38 yards the drop is just under half an inch too. The flat..ish range is between 15 and 33 yards which means a rise of .55 inch at 15 yards, a peak of .8 at 23 yards and down again to .46 at 33 yards but that is still a variance of a quarter inch. Quarter of an inch on a pigeon headshot plus a little bit of trigger pull and/or wind makes for an easy miss, even if it is at 30 yards. So I think, ranging is crucial whatever the r
  3. Hmm. Agreed. I am a newbie and I am still learning to correct many mistakes, handling especially, as the recoil exaggerates holding and trigger faults. Well, on me it does . At HFT comps the sporting class requires good shot to shot consistency. I entered one at Newbury and my score was pants Best way to learn though eh?! Would people agree that learning to fire a springer at a club, accurately and consistently ...and safely... is probably the best entry level platform before moving on to other disciplines? Dicky
  4. Hello harv, i'll have the knives if they are still for sale. PM sent. Dicky
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