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  1. Aye, seen them there a few mornings on the way to work. Not been on there for a long time, deffo would be coming in from Wrotham Park lake, I've had a couple off there in the past but motivation isn't high due to them tasting like cardboard
  2. Are you having a separate senior conversation or are you talking about the same thread?
  3. I know i'll **** a few off here, but I've not known many people outplay Issac Not my music at all, as you've indicated, but the raw talent with the instrument seems to easily transcend that for me. If it's impossible I want to see someone doing it
  4. I thought I'd put one in that followed the wanky pretext What that is more to do with is availability of quality live video's on ewutoob of the man doing great things, perhaps a bad choice of links for a talented man... I think the point is that there are numerous talented individuals who've done great things, ignoring being able to prove it with ewutoob Except Nuno Bettencourt, who's a total **** faced nobend and has done nothing to make it any better
  5. A man in the know, well, at least someone who agrees with me largely" I've a special place in my heart for echos, I can't really go into why but it was life changing
  6. Jimmy Page, stairway to heaven Hendrix, All Along the Watchtower, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCwCBh0z3Hs Kirk Hammet, One, Master of Puppets, The thing that shouldn't be, Battery etc, but check http://www.metacafe.com/watch/yt-hrKaWqmAt...rk_hammet_solo/ Slash gets a mention for Nightrain, Paradise city and others, but he's basically a session musician with no writing credits so a performer not an artist Doesn't get better than that
  7. I've not lost any ability to offend or provoke reaction in my lay-off then Joining in, I'd say you'd be hard pressed to beat one of the all time greats, Sir David Gilmour performing comfortably numb by the Floyd, as in
  8. Depends on the criteria for "best" There are plenty of really long rambly "guitar *******" type solos, and there are really well thought out and tight "fit the tune" type solo's. It would be too easy to get carried away with the "hendrix did a 3hr solo, setting himself and the rest of the band on fire whist drinking snake ****" type solo's with didn't really do a lot for the songs that spawned them. For pure aesthetics, feeling and originality I'd have to say Clapton, Layla.
  9. Indeed, statutory entitlement is now largely 28 days for someone working "full time". Most will be less than 28 days but not include bank holidays which are assumed as not being worked...
  10. http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Employment/Emp...ays/DG_10034711 " If your employer wants you to take holiday Your employer can decide when some or all of your holidays must be taken. For instance, they may require you to take some of your holiday to cover the bank holidays, or may require the whole company to take holiday during a Christmas shutdown. This may be in your contract of employment, or it may be normal practice built up over time. An employer has to give the same amount of notice as you do. "
  11. At that range? You'd have it away with one of those corks out of a gat
  12. I say we contract him to bring them close in and POW, lets the reds have a chance
  13. I'm an employee too, I see both sides equally. I only say from experience. If I want to and I can stand up to questioning I can make people take holiday when I want, it's not easy and its not something I like doing, but I have to sometimes. Most often it comes up around xmas, ignore the statutory thing, just about everyone wants to take xmas week off. I run an engineering function, they can't all be off so someone ends up being forced to NOT take the holiday they want. Take that to the extreme and you can all but force people to take time off when YOU want. Here's that word again, "reasonable". Employers have to consider all reasonable requests - to justify choosing when people take holiday the whole business would have to be in it and be willing to stand up to an employment tribunal - if they line up properly it CAN happen. I wouldn't want to work for a business where that happened, however I do hear from a lot of people who get bullied and end up agreeing to something because they think they have to, once you agree (unless you are prepared to take it to tribunal) you pretty much have to live with it.
  14. All holidays, depending on contract, are at "management discretion" Whilst unpalatable and possibly annoying, it all comes down to the definition of "reasonable". If management think they can present a case which supports their view, ie "forced" holidays", then they can probably get away with it. As Gully says, the precedent has been set many times by factories "encouraging" people to take time off during factory fortnight. Any holiday request I consider takes into account the needs of the business, if I think I can manage without the resource, I'll approve it. In practice no manager wants to have to deny holiday, but if he's clever you'll probably have to fall into line, or fall foul of the definition of "reasonable". If the only time management are willing to consider "reasonable" and also "meets the needs of the business" is a time you don't like, its all about the definition of "reasonable" again. What a lot of people don't realise is what statutory rights to time off they may have, to see a doctor, to deal with sick or dependent relatives etc. More often than not the savvy employee can get what they want, without having to knock on the front door
  15. Eyecup things are like Marmite, you either love them or hate them. They can be of use in adverse lighting conditions as well, I've tried one and hated it There's no substitute for practice, however some wise words elsewhere in this thread, use just enough mag to get the job done.
  16. Point taken. Nobody said focus... I simply said, if you zoom 20x and move your head, you'll miss. If you zoom 4x and move the same, your a lot less likely to miss.
  17. Normally your right, I'm not saying you are wrong.... If we were talking about 5 shot groups, change mag then 5 more, rested on a range - I'd agree... If we are talking about a nights shooting, however comprised, changing mag at the same time as changing mount, makes more difference than people will admit. Parallax is all about accuracy of the line of sight of the eye. If you line up perfectly behind the scope every time, no problem. If you tend to have a slightly different head position due to shooting out of a truck, off a gate post or whatever - parallax is the ERROR you induce compared to when you zero'd - nothing more. The distance of the object you are shooting at is inversely proportional to the parallax error, ie the further you are away - say double, you basically multiply the parallax error by two.
  18. Just playing devils whatsit... Just because it's a leo (you don't say which or how old or what life it's had) doesn't make it a sure thing... As most would say, it's not usual for a quality make like leo to behave like this. If you can consistently move from one group to another, and back, rested, at different mags, I'd be worried. If you can't, I'd be more worried. If you can repeat groups at the same POI, at different mags, that pretty much rules out mounts, creep, well, just about everything apart from the scope or you, the only reliable way to take yourself out of the equation is repeat off a rest, ignoring POI compared to you shooting it (assuming you can be sure the rifle still shoots well in a mount, ie not clamping it too hard, twisting it so it affects harmonics etc)..
  19. Fair points, and all valid... If you can group well with the zero'd magnification, consistently, from different positions (ie not get comfy and do 30 shots from prone) - then it's fair to assume that your head, and therefore your eye is coming back to the same place, and therefore your eye is in the same place. Parallax will come in to it, as rightly said, for example if you zero at 4x and try the same thing at 20x - your error will be, pardon the pun, magnified, considerably.
  20. As mentioned you can get sample packs. Try Pellpax. No idea what they include these days but they used to give you a bloody good assortment to kick you off.
  21. Depends on the scope, and how its made. If it's cheap the POI will move with the magnification, if its really cheap it won't be back at the same place when it's back at the same magnification as the zero.
  22. Bang on Nothing, save common sense, to stop you wandering about the whole time with a box of No6 in your pocket. Total over reaction by the plod, whilst firearms law is complex, so is traffic law. It's not an excuse for a qualified bobby to do something because they don't know the law. Whilst I wouldn't wander about with shotgun carts if I didn't need them for a lawful purpose I wouldn't expect to be arrested if one was found stray in my boot when I wasn't engaged in lawful shooting activity. Different matter with FAC ammo, completely different matter. I'd expect to be asked serious questions if I had a couple of 60grn .223 live shells in my pocket and I couldn't explain why.
  23. On the way to MondayMadness last year me and StealthStalker set eyes on the biggest flock we've ever seen. Using a somewhat scientific method we estimated 6000+ birds. I know people say "the sky was blue", in this case it literally was. Kept seeing huge numbers for about a mile. Never seen anything like it before or since!
  24. PM Axe about it, he's offered to host it I think..
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