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  1. 28g 7's are fine just get them in range and in the middle of the pattern stop reaching out for long birds especially pigeons
  2. I need to change my statement!! I like mine for shooting pigeons but I went shooting crows with mine the other day and it was awful. They were spotting me from 150 yards away side on from along the hedge
  3. Try not to upset yourself when you start missing the clays it only makes it worse If it bothers you just take yourself off to the clay ground where you can pay for and pick your targets, take a slab and practice one target till you can hit it time after time and then move on to the next. You can't be expected to be a great shot on clays if you don't practice it is a common problem.
  4. There is a video on youtube where the guy puts camo strips on the back and it looks pretty good. I use one of these and it's pretty good but like in the the above comments. A good solid back drop is a must
  5. Bin them I saw an old side by side the other day that hadn't been out of the cabinet for 30 years in a cocked position and lo and behold ....., it fired perfectly Bin them
  6. Look for a slightly second hand sx3 or a browning fusion. It will be great on price and perfect for pigeons
  7. Super torch loved mine and lost it gutted
  8. I just want one for the od bit of fun rabbit shooting and clay busting
  9. Im looking at one of these at the moment. Has anyone bought one and if so what price and where did you get it
  10. Mmmm. Shouldn't be encouraging 21g for anything with a pulse...... Many unclean kills me thinks Especially not 7's
  11. I had the same deal and didn't think it was that bad
  12. What could you possibly want one for?
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