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    Pigeon shooting, astronomy, fishing
  1. Male sparrowhawk great images
  2. What a great offer of a days shooting from a very experienced pigeon shot indeed
  3. Just had some work carried out on my old miroku by lucas and watts based in Grosmont ( welsh Herefordshire border) just to say the services offerd by gunsmith chris watts are exceptional, a quick turn around, all round nice guy, who obviously knows his stuff can't recommend them enough stu
  4. Sounds good to me 4 days game shooting, and all year round pigeon vermin etc.. Ive joined something similar this year , really looking forward to the casual approach of the small syndicate and the banter!
  5. Great result motty well done mate
  6. and years of experience, skill, dedication
  7. Only just seen this pc amazing result , I'm in awe of your pigeon prowess
  8. Will be fine use a big back on hide , also try to dress the hide with either straw, or some branches,
  9. Acorns around my way look to be on for a average harvest, but as noted by others beechmast looks like a bumper harvest, but also less rape this year grown around my patch (south Herefordshire, monmouthshire)
  10. Brilliant result in hot weather always hard work !!
  11. stuy


    Looks close to pound jdog! !!! Without doubt my favourite fish to catch
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