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  1. I’m sure you won’t mate 👍 il find a few for us 😉
  2. I had a drive around I’m lucky in the fact I’ve still plenty of rape to go at but as already stated I’ve found birds but all in small groups of 40/60 and plenty of rape for them so I’m struggling to pin them down Stu
  3. It’s great that you managed a few and got out mate keep it up 👍👍
  4. A nice few hours shooting steve wherevin wales are you shooting ??
  5. Sorry to hear you have been unwell mate like the others say stay positive 👍I’m finished in London working now so il be pigeon shooting this year come down again and see if we can break the ton again 👍
  6. Male sparrowhawk great images
  7. What a great offer of a days shooting from a very experienced pigeon shot indeed
  8. Just had some work carried out on my old miroku by lucas and watts based in Grosmont ( welsh Herefordshire border) just to say the services offerd by gunsmith chris watts are exceptional, a quick turn around, all round nice guy, who obviously knows his stuff can't recommend them enough stu
  9. Sounds good to me 4 days game shooting, and all year round pigeon vermin etc.. Ive joined something similar this year , really looking forward to the casual approach of the small syndicate and the banter!
  10. Great result motty well done mate
  11. and years of experience, skill, dedication
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