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  1. Can someone explain to me: 1. What OP is? 2. How to calculate just enough penertration so we don't over do it. 3. If we do over penertration, how do we work out how much we over penetrates by so it can be corrected, assuming it needs correcting? 4. Could I be wrong in thinking is just another dumb expression like"overkill", I mean just how do you overkill something and just how do you over penetrates something? Help! Seems no logical explanation can be given to the questions above so I think I will continue believing it is utter nonsense. Thanks for the confirmation chaps, I ca
  2. Nice one, a well deserved break. No issues with over penertration then :-). Good that you admit to missing a couple to. However, the egotistical ones will boost their ego's over it but that is their problem hey! Good for you TT.
  3. That's commitment for you. Well done.
  4. I had a pigeon fly off the other day. I just walked in the direction it flew and found it. Funny how deer stalkers often have the deer run off to a perfect shot but they don't complain about it!
  5. And when that pellet passes through brain tissue how would you describe the effect on the tissue?
  6. The things we have to to avoid the telly hey. :-)
  7. Top marks on your triumph over the elements.
  8. Sorry, thought you wad after a recipe for wad gravey :-(
  9. If a pellet slows so fast as to stop within such a short distance in that short distance there will be next to no energy left. Organs will be able to move around the slow pellet kind of.Two holes always allow any blood loss to happen quicker. Relying on shock alone with airguns is a red herring. Any imparted shock tears blood vessels and the loss of blood supply to a vital organ is all that is required. Archery is very similar. A pointed arrow tends to not cause much heamorage and due to low velocity not cause much damage. Use a broad head and it's effects on blood vessels is awesome. Inc
  10. Lol nice squirming. Still a useless post and insulting to boot.
  11. Apart from being a marvel of creation they are a bird I struggle to warm too. No discredit to your work GG, as good as ever :-)
  12. Sorry matey. Still upset over my spaniel. It will ease as you know but right now it hurts. Best wishes. To Duchess, rest now girl.
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