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  1. Agree 100% with the above comments, a genuine open minded honest competitor, a true gent & a very knowledgeable individual. As a local shooter/ground owner within the E/M region.......i welcome his input for the good of the sport. Best wishes for the future Philip
  2. 7 hours return.......Really !!!! We are 2 hours from Herne Bay.....Scott Collett, Kevin Howland & Henry Arnold travel all from Kent. Not a lot of time for quality
  3. Travel to Barrow Heath in Suffolk, its 1.75 hrs from Caterham for a varied, testing round !!!!
  4. Nice event, just like they used to be like.........well done to everyone involved
  5. 12 stands & 25 target sportrap layout as a pool shoot coming soon
  6. Hi, im interested in joing a syndicate local to Bury St.Edmunds/Newmarket area's.... Not looking for Biggggg bag days, just a nice day out with friendly, like minded, safe & respectful shooters. Any input/recommendation would be helpful
  7. Hi all, After recently relocating to Suffolk, i am interested in joining a small game shooting syndicate, ideally local to Bury St.Edmunds/Newmarket area's. Not overly fussed on big bags, the emphasis is quality over quantity, to share the day with like minded safe people who show respect for the quarry & like to enjoy some banter.........my partner would also like to join the beating line too !! If anyone knows of any vacancies, please reply or message me
  8. Its a once a year fund rasing event as far as i am aware
  9. If you have any flyers i will post them around the club house at Barrow Heath...........this should boost your interest & entry's
  10. There are a few makes of auto traps on the market, Promatic are in most peoples eyes inc mine the very best !!! Othr makes that are also popular with clay clubs are Bidwell, Bowman & Laporte...........you only get what you pay for, Ed has a new Bowman which he is happy to release for a sack of Silver !!!, PM him & i am sure he will give you the info on it
  11. You only want to buy a auto trap once, buy the best, buy promatic......Nuff Said !!!
  12. Be good to see you Nick, do you know where we are ??
  13. We post our results on our facebook page by Monday night, the results are sent to the CPSA at the same time & they post them when they see fine. There are plenty of other grounds who do not send their scores in until a lot later & there is a cut off date of 2 weeks after the event, so a few days after the event is hardly late by others standards. A new website for Barrow heath is under construction & will be coming soon !!! www.barrowheath.com Thanks for the comments Ed, shame you run out of time & see you in 2 weeks
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