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  1. The dog is in his run for now and not allowed in the garden. Keeps looking at me with his, "what have I done" eyes. I'll bite the bullet and replace the panels myself and leave the neighbour to karma.
  2. I have one neighbour like that, they're ying & yang! No stew unfortunately and I don't suppose I'll be borrowing a cup of sugar for a while.
  3. Laughed out loud much to swmbo's disapproval.
  4. I am tending to err this way for the easy life although it is totally out of character for me and I'd love to put him underneath his conifers.
  5. Minor dispute with the neighbour that has the potential to go pear shaped. The fence dividing our properties that is his responsibility is concrete posts & gravel boards with overlap panels and is approximately 13 years old. On his side of the boundary are conifers hiding the fence, whilst mine is flower borders. A few months ago I offered to share the cost of replacing his panels for featheredge panels, which he declined, as the fence is bowed and rotten in parts. Here's the potential banana skin. Yesterday my dog broke through one of the panels and killed a lop eared miniature
  6. Asa Bear

    The Tube strike

    I'm amazed at how many people have the attitude of "like it or lump it". Yes there might be a line of people ready to replace the underground workers, willing to work weekends and for less money to boot but as achosenman has said there is somebody prepared to replace every single one of us in our chosen profession for less money and not as many benefits. I don't like this race to the bottom one bit.
  7. We celebrated our first anniversary in Whetstone, Leicestershire. I played rugby in the day time against Lions and got my wife to drive over and meet me in the restaurant. I had already supped one or several beers, was still wearing my club tie and was sporting a fresh shiner! We celebrate twenty years this year. I've led a charmed life.
  8. https://www.aldi.co.uk/en/specialbuys/sun-2-aug/product-detail/ps/p/fishing-bag-4/ Back in stock.
  9. I agree. HE approached the police officer to report concerns of the nuisance youths. If he had any bad intentions why would he approach the police? The system has let this gentleman down, from the license renewal department, the police not protecting his family & property to society in general in not providing help & support to an elderly couple. WE should hang our heads in shame.
  10. Keep the details of the ones who leave bad feedback and bill them for more decoys when you're out of stock and have them listed at £999.99.
  11. That video highlights perfectly the difference between labs & chesies Fenboy. Very funny.
  12. And responsible for the best flip flop design ever.
  13. Still there... http://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/316765-old-2-stroke-bike-prices/?do=findComment&comment=2867642
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