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  1. Yes please. Will do for my son. PM sent.
  2. A standard 2008 would be a 2.4 Tdci with 6 speed box.
  3. Should be USAAF [United States Army Air Force] jackets although the ANJ is more navy. B-3's & ANJ-4's seriously warm. Shearling B-3's etc were obsolete by the time the USAF came into being in 1947 having been superseded by the B-10 & B-15 fabric and alpaca flight jackets. Vintage Leather Jackets forum will probably get you some bites.
  4. Unfortunately no payment info received so I'm out.
  5. Confused. Did the tweed Musto sell to me? I messaged saying I'd have it if it was still available and was told it was?
  6. Thanks, I couldn't see the smaller pic Too big for me I'm afraid.
  7. I've got one and it lists a range of foreign sizes as well as UK. Is 50 the UK size please?
  8. What make? Any photos please?
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