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  1. six nations

    Actually there are huge numbers of Welsh and Scots people living in England and they are mostly made very welcome. David.
  2. Decision time, help me choose .223

    You can easily get a 1 in 9 twist in a 527 and this will shoot heavier bullets. David.
  3. Merc G type

    They have gone all girly! Can't get a real gearbox! David.
  4. action not opening all the way .

    Might just be that it is bit stiff because it is new. A small smear of grease on the jointing won't do any harm either. David.
  5. new petition

    True in part, but and it is a big but, business likes to know what is likely to happen so a decision now might not neccesarily be a bad thing? David.
  6. GREY SQUIRREL KILLS list your 2018 kills HERE

    1 yeaterday. Total 37. David
  7. All Change at Astley Gun Club

    Gosh, you have really moved things along John! All the very best for 2018. David.
  8. Silver pigeon vs browning 525

    Thing is they probably both wouldn't fit. One would be better than the other in that department. David.
  9. Poland next to leave

    Trouble with polls is they aren't a real result. The guesstimate they make seems to get less and less accurate. David.
  10. Giving Blood

    I used to be a donor, but they won't let me donate anymore. If you have had a transfusion they won't let you donate anymore. I am eternally grateful to the people who gave me the 25 units I needed when I was a bit poorly a few years ago. The only thing is I guess I am square on is I had donated that much before. It really is a worthwhile thing to do. David.
  11. Who for shooting insurance?

    BASC is more than just insurance. When I was looking to be elected to council I spent a bit of time looking at what they do and they do a huge amount behind the scenes. I am sure this also applies to the CA and NGO. So my take is that if you do field sports for goodness sake support one of the organisations. An ordinary insurance company will not fight for your sport. David.
  12. Browning Twelvette

    I haven't seen them for a long time but you could get 2" 12bore at one time which would be about 50 - 55 mm. David.
  13. What's the most expensive gun you shot with?

    Drop lock Westley Richards 600NE double. Don't know how much it was worth but in 1968 the cartridges were £7 each! David.
  14. Can people please look at this and contribute. You don't have to be a BASC member. https://basc.org.uk/wildfowling/wildfowling-advice/wildfowling-consents-consultation/ Many thanks, David.
  15. Shortening an O/U

    Isn't 24" barrel the legal minimum? Think so but check. David.