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  1. If you live in Wales please email your AM. I emailed both my constituency AM (clueless useless) and my regional AMs which made a total of 5. Every little helps. David.
  2. Kalahari

    Waste of tax payers money Eugenie wedding petition

    It was bound to be expensive. Our head of state was there. Not good to let people bump off the head of state! Anybody ask what the security would have been like if the President of the USA, Chansellor of Germany, President of France (I could go on) had been there. We live in quite difficult times. David.
  3. Kalahari

    9.3 x 74r

    Quite an "emphatic" round on impact. The 9.3 x 62 was very popular out in Botswana when I was a kid. Worked well out to 200 and you really should be able to get that close in my opinion. David.
  4. Kalahari

    Pump Club

    Nice watch! David.
  5. Kalahari

    Any thoughts?

    The risk of having children when not married, is that the father has no (as in none what so ever) rights in respect of the child. For example in an emergency can't even give medical consent for an emergency operation! David.
  6. Kalahari

    Shakespeare switch Rods ???

    Switch rod, Inever forget seeing my son at 16 and built like a brick outhouse casting a 15 foot #12 single handed because "it's easier than learning to spey cast" but he was being cheeky to annoy the ghillie! Still he managed it. David.
  7. Kalahari


    The problems of pheasant shooting in Wales, will almost certainly move onto banning wildfowling as well. BASC is already on to this! Problems in the North of Scotland as well with wildfowling. David.
  8. Kalahari

    Modern life.

    You never drove aggressively when young? I have to admit that I just might have, but only on very rare occasions. 😉 David.
  9. Kalahari

    Leather Boots

    I haven't tried the boots but I have a pair of Grisport walking shoes. Well made, easily as well made as Brasher, and watertight until you go in over the tops. David.
  10. Kalahari


    Unfortunately, you say you are a United KIngdom body and make no real mention of the situation in Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales. Only England. We are out there you know and part of the United Kingdom. David.
  11. I live in Wales and sent an edited email to four AMs. So far only one has bothered to reply. People might be interested to read this. https://basc.org.uk/blog/nrw/an-open-letter-to-hannah-blythyn/ David.
  12. Kalahari

    Bob Tempest

    People who have been on the Snipe and Woodcock days with Marco (Highbird 70) over near Pwllheli might remember Bob Tempest. Regrettably we heard he died in his sleep yesterday morning. He will be sadly missed on our shoot. David.
  13. Kalahari

    GREY SQUIRREL KILLS list your 2018 kills HERE

    One more this morning in the garden. 1366 David.
  14. Kalahari

    CORBYN's Leaders Speech

    I am afraid we were in the EEC/EU years before Mrs. Thatcher. David.
  15. Kalahari

    Zeiss Duralyt 2 - 8 x 42 Scope. Excellent

    I have the illuminated version of this on my 223, excellent glass and that bit smaller on a smaller rifle so it looks good. David.