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  1. Just like everything else, the variation must be due to global warming. The varying levels of carbon dioxide affect the pattern! 😁 David.
  2. Actually a lot of the beef sold in restaurants in Switzerland is Botswana. David.
  3. Anyway if you have a "posh" pump you flush out Salmon, not Carp!!!!!!!!!!!! 😁 David.
  4. The SNP has been around since long before the 1950s, look up about some of the attitudes of the SNP in the period of the second world war. David.
  5. You can always come up for a bit of 'fowling and get to play with a Mossberg 535! David.
  6. You just want to go to the Botswana Beef Festival where the portions are measured in in kilograms of beef per serving! Individuals may have more than one portion. David.
  7. I am afraid it would leak. Probably at great speed. We cannot even be sure that some BASC members are completely opposed to its aims and pay the subscription for the inside information. David.
  8. Putting advice like that into the public domain would be giving information to the enemy. Sorry but how smart is that. David.
  9. Kalahari

    Poor old Elizabeth

    Just because you don't like someone, doesn't make them guilty of a criminal offence. David.
  10. I think it was hoped it would become the NATO round but the USA decided on the on the 7.62 and then the 5.56 so I guess that was that. I believe it was an efficient round in all respects. I am sure somebody better qualified than I will fill in more details. David.
  11. Pistols are 6 foot pounds limit in UK AFAIK. David.
  12. The beef is good too. David, (again)
  13. Well, Nicola Sturgeon isn't. David.
  14. ECCO corned beef is the way to go. Made in Botswana, which is a real democratic member of the commonwealth and therefore is worthy of our support. David.
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