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  1. Fairly obviously, the geese (in some areas anyway) aren't sufficiently reduced in number in the shooting season to make culling under the general licence unneccesary. David.
  2. In steel I wouldn't call #3 a foreshore goose load. There is little information on case size and load weight options either. David.
  3. They are boxes of 10 rounds I should think. So seven boxes. I wish I was closer. David.
  4. Where are you? Certainly our club in North Wales is very un-choosy (if the term exists) after all they have me as a member! David.
  5. The Germans use a huge amount of nuclear generated electricity. It is just that the French generate it and they buy it. So that doesn't count then! David.
  6. In my experience of wildfowling in North Wales, but not on Anglesey I must confess, you will farely be "crowded out" anywhere. David.
  7. "in the poop " That is part of the problem with these anti-lead people. Thwy assume that if you eat a pellet of lead, you absorb all that lead. Theyhave never bothered to subtact the weight "in the poop" have they. David.
  8. Someone should mention to Waitrose that steel shot is much more likely to break the customer's teeth so they might get sued. David.
  9. We have propane cylinders with ours. Two cylinders with auto switch over and when the flag shows just get the empty cylinder swapped out. David.
  10. As an aside, have you thought of a gas hob? It does mean that you have heat when the electrity goes off. David.
  11. To be fair to JRM Esq (see what I did there) he has left the wealth management ompany and put all the assets he has in it into a blind trust while he is a member of the government. Not really the actions of a dishonourable man. David.
  12. Kalahari

    Wasp nest

    Didn't one of our famous makers make a tiny shotgun for shooting moths for one of the Kings? Perhaps you could borrow it from the royal collection. David.
  13. I am not advocating not using the safety. Just saying some people learn as part of their routine to put the safety on as they take the gun out out their shoulder. The thing is if putting the safety on is part of your drill you are actually safer than an auto safety as the safety is on before the gun is broken. David.
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