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  1. Hello, how many and which chokes and what constrictions? David.
  2. Get one of the plumbers long tubes for copper pipe and put it on the roof? David.
  3. Mind you if I had put "n" in instead of "nn" in annus I would have been bottom of the class! 😉 David.
  4. Actually nothing wrong with this bit of latin spelling. Sorry to disappoint you. 😊 David.
  5. Nobody in their right mind sells a BPS!!!!!!!!!!! 😁 David.
  6. The man is an idiot. He said on R4 that today was his "two week anniversary" !!!!!!!!!!! Anniversaries only come up once a year. The clue is in the name, from the latin annus a year. Why did he get the job if he can't comprehend something as simple as that. David.
  7. I use MacWets all the time, thin ones in summer thicker ones in winter. David.
  8. The trouble is if the traffic is very heavy the system enriches the mixture for every start, so if it is happening very frequently it may actually be more polluting. (Please don't ask mw where the line should be drawn because I don't know) Some of this stuff actually seems to be voodoo science, like the push for diesel espoused by ignorant politicians, because the greens wanted it even though people were warned at the time about the risks of NOx emissions. People say they weren't warned but they were, it is just a smokescreen pushed out by the ignorant but loud mouthed. David.
  9. The premium on a new one seems to be between 4 and 6 thousand! David.
  10. I am just back from my holidays and have had a look at the candidates for the current election. I am not sure who to vote for, but I must say I am very dubious about the way BASC is currently run! So my question is, why elect someone who has been on council before and therefore has had a hand in getting the organisation to its current position? David
  11. You could do worse than to do your DSC1. A good course in my opinion. David.
  12. At the moment Wales against Ireland is a long way off and need not/should not be thought about. We have to get past Scotland first. One game at a time is Gatland's mantra and he is right in that respect. David.
  13. How many would have turned out in the middle of the holidays? Just asking you understand! David.
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