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    Would you take the shot?

    If you have to ask the answer is no. David.
  2. Kalahari

    GREY SQUIRREL KILLS list your 2018 kills HERE

    + 1 in the garden yesterday. 1030. David.
  3. Kalahari

    GREY SQUIRREL KILLS list your 2018 kills HERE

    Four in the garden in the last week. All with the 77K. 731. David.
  4. Kalahari

    BASC Council Elections again.

    The results were announced today. I didn't get onto council but if you voted for me thank you for your support. David.
  5. Kalahari

    BASC Council Elections again.

    Thank you John, but no twice is enough. Someone else needs to try next time. Looking forward to meeting up with you next season. Best wishes, David.
  6. Kalahari

    Suzuki Grand Vitara EPS fault

    I know this sounds weird but this can be caused by a dodgy brake light bulb/circuit. Worth a check. David.
  7. Kalahari

    Parker Hale High Mounts

    I might have a pair of CZ (I think these fir Parker Hale as well) ones which take a 50mm objective. Which tube size? David.
  8. Kalahari

    Wildfowling anglesey

    There is still wildfowling on Anglesey. BASC will give you the contacts. David.
  9. Kalahari

    RSPB - nonsense again

    https://www.gwct.org.uk/policy/policy-reports/hen-harriers-and-the-joint-raptor-study/ Here you go. David. PS not much more time to vote for me for council.
  10. Kalahari

    What would you do?

    And if you did that you could arrange shooting parties to get right up his nose! David.
  11. Kalahari

    Pump Club

    All God's children need a BPS!!!!!!!!!! David
  12. Kalahari

    Getting into wildfowling

    Not my experience of a few clubs! I have always found people are very willing to help. David.
  13. Kalahari

    BASC statement on Home Office proposals

    Well said John. David.
  14. Kalahari

    India got it right

    Certainly Albert Pierrepoint said that he didn't think he prevented a single murder. Make of that what you will. David.
  15. Kalahari

    28" or 30" Barrels

    All things being equal. Go for the one that feels best when you swing it. Trendy long barrels don't suit everybody's style and ballistically there really isn't anything in it. David.
  16. Kalahari

    Badger cull

    bTB aside, there is a good reason for reducing the badger population. They do a huge amount of damage to ground nesting birds! This includes the RSPB's very own "iconic" Hen Harrier, though they won't admit to the problem. David.
  17. Kalahari


    AFAIK Browning han't had an Italian Connection for many years, the medallist which wasn't meant to be a Browning at all. BPS shotguns are made by MIroku in Japan and you can see it in the build quality. David.
  18. I have decided to put my head above the parapet and stand for the Welsh seat in the forthcoming BASC Council Elections. If you are entitled to vote (BASC member living in Wales I think) I would be very grateful if you would read my pitch which appears under my real name of David Seager. I would like your vote as well but that is your choice. Voting papers will appear in the next "Shooting and Conservation" or you will be able to vote on-line, when voting opens, if you are registered for access to the members area of the BASC.org site. Registration isn't too onerous and is worthwhile for the other information that is accessible there. Many thanks, David.
  19. Kalahari

    BASC Council Elections.

    Slightly sneaky Easter Bump please. David.
  20. Kalahari


    Keep an eye out in your local auctions. (Don't know why I tell people this it will put prices up for me) I got a pair of used but optically very good Leitz trinovid 10 x 40 for £28. Lots of other stuff there as well. Saw some 8 x 40 Pentax in mint condition go for £35 the other day. (All prices don't include buyers premium whch varies.) David.
  21. Kalahari

    Fox pro sounds

    I think you should be careful about the legal problems of using an electronic caller for birds. David.
  22. Kalahari

    scope mount advise

    Thing is the mount height isn't just dependent on the objective diameter, barrel thickness at the position of the front bell, how high the bases for the mounts sit and also bolt clearance under the ocular all play a part. Even someone else's experience with the same rifle and scope will only be a guide because youe eye position will alter how far forward or back the scope sits. I hope this helps. David.
  23. Kalahari

    BASC Council Elections.

    I'm still here guys, years of fieldsports activity, although I can guarantee I would never call myself and expert in any of them. I do have a wide range of interests, all at the lower cost end of the spectrum. But I do know what it is like to beat in the freezing cold with the mud half-way up tall wellies, get out on the foreshore in an icy wind and stalk in hard conditions. I really don't think negative campaigning is all that good a thing in the long run. David.
  24. Kalahari

    BASC Council Elections.

    Thanks John. David.