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  1. It might help if you said for which rifle and how high. Best wishes, David.
  2. The SNP was formed before this and certain influential people in it supported Hitler as a route to independence for Scotland. David.
  3. If you stand in the middle of the Makarikari in Botswana you can see the curve whichever way you face. (When you have paid to get there you could fit in a very good holiday seeing some of the greates game viewing Africa), From this you might have gathered that I am a tiny fan. Tsala sintle, borra. David.
  4. Well, Bisley offered their facilities, but this was "too far from Birmingham" obviously India is far closer than London is to Birmingham. Geography not a strong point there! David.
  5. Before we all go down the road of slagging off BASC look at the signatories on this statement! https://www.gwct.org.uk/news/news/2020/february/a-joint-statement-on-the-future-of-shotgun-ammunition-for-live-quarry-shooting/?utm_source=All+Contacts&utm_campaign=9ec9b5b0b4-Morning+Briefing+240220&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_dd843c5cb6-9ec9b5b0b4-21861007&mc_cid=9ec9b5b0b4&mc_eid=596bcb1286 David.
  6. There seem to be a lot of people who say these shows are very expensive. I don't think that is fair. The post above is right. We went to a classical music concert the other day, good orchestra, but £50 each for two hours. Makes £20 for the whole day seem quite reasonable. David.
  7. The real trouble was (if I understand the papers correctly) is that the government encouraged the draining of moors which brought about many of our current problems because of rapid drainage from the moors. This meant that there was also a large vegetation load which increased the risk and intensity of fires. The elephant in the room is that the antis won't accept that the moors that were managed for grouse were not extensively drained (which meant that when there was a lot of rain the moor got very soggy and drained slowly, reducing the risk of flooding) but the fact that grouse moors are ecologically good, species rich environments, which reduce the risk of flooding must be lied about because of their strange beliefs. David.
  8. John Norris has Hunter Balmorals in the sale. About £80 I think. David.
  9. Actually, I have no time for NRW, but the Welsh Assembly Government have gone against NRW's advice and ruled with the cuddlies in the past. David.
  10. I really like mine. They are ambidextrous because of the bottom load/eject. The safety is on the tang so that is ambi too. You need to see if it fits/suits you but I really like mine in a pigeon hide. Seems to hit stuff as well. David.
  11. The 725 is a slightly lower profile action. David.
  12. When you are shooting you can't see the gold anyway! David.
  13. I am sorry David, but I feel that youand BASC are being either naive of wilfully obtuse. I have been along term supporter of BASC and even stood for council twice, but was not elected, but as long as one side are willing to use the courts and the "government", I include QUANGOs in this, rolll over at the first sign of a lawyer we have to use the same tactics. BASC must get some teeth. David.
  14. To be fair, the royal family don't allocate gongs. The politicians do it. David.
  15. I thought all Grizzlies were fairly large!!!!! 🤣 David.
  16. I find the army goretex quite noisy. Use it for wildfowling but not for stalking. I guess deer have better hearing than people. David.
  17. Take the bulbs out of all the interior lights for a week and see if this fixes the problem. Carry a little torch with you. If this fixes the problem you know where it is. (It is probably the delay on the circuit not shutting off the current completely and allowing the battery to bleed energy) This test will tell you if this is the case. David.
  18. It is interesting but there is another democratic deficit for England here. Under the Act of Union and its amendments the only country which cannot vote to leave the union is England. Just like they don't have a devolved government. (Mind you I think devolution has been more trouble than it is worth. When the devolution referendums came about I thought that there is no question t which the right answer is "We need more politicians!") David.
  19. Just like everything else, the variation must be due to global warming. The varying levels of carbon dioxide affect the pattern! 😁 David.
  20. Actually a lot of the beef sold in restaurants in Switzerland is Botswana. David.
  21. Anyway if you have a "posh" pump you flush out Salmon, not Carp!!!!!!!!!!!! 😁 David.
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