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    Benelli M2 issue

    What length are the cartridges? Some semi autos are a bit temperamental on less than 70mm shells. David.
  2. Kalahari

    How reliable are cvt boxes

    My wife's Subaru Forester ('67 plate) has one and it seems fine. I hate autos but this one is very smooth and doesn't do that silly auto thing of changing just when you don't want it to because it is totally seamless. They also put this gearbox in the reasonably quick 2.5 turbo version so they must think it is strong enough. (Subaru don't use a belt in the 'box but a rather sophisticated steel chain) David.
  3. Kalahari

    GREY SQUIRREL KILLS list your 2018 kills HERE

    I in the garden with the '77K. 1326. David.
  4. Kalahari

    Hilux radio sat nav off

    Ring a local auto electrician and ask if it is a problem they can fix for a reasonable fee. David.
  5. Kalahari

    It’s here

    The thing is, does the start of the shooting sharpen up the wildfowl's survival reactions. If this is the case they are going to be equally unconcerned at the start of the season whenever that is. David.
  6. Kalahari

    It’s here

    My shooting pal, his son and I were out on Saturday Morning, met at 4:30 and a little gentle walk out across the marsh to the side of the estuary main channel. It seemed oddly mild and calm. My pal ended up with three teal and two mallard, I missed a teal but was fortunate enough enough to manage a left and right (if such a thing is possible with a semi-auto) on a pair of Canadas. All told a pretty good start to the season. (Or it is all down hill from here) David.
  7. Kalahari

    HMRC Blocking the Honours List!

    In fact she now voluntarily pays tax which is wrong. A past government accepted the income from the Crown Estates in lieu of all tax. Tony and his cronies held onto that and blackmailed her into paying tax as well. David.
  8. Kalahari

    TVP Renewal and doctors letter

    "David" was subjected to so much unfair criticism that he walked away and I don't blame him. There are some real keyboard warriors out there who are very rude. David. (but not BASC)
  9. Kalahari

    GREY SQUIRREL KILLS list your 2018 kills HERE

    One this afternoon with the Grand Vitara! 1258 David.
  10. Kalahari

    Pump Club

    At least with a BPS one can shoot it off the correct shoulder!!!!!!!!! David.
  11. Kalahari

    Chain saw sharpener

    It isn't tempered, it is heat hardened. David.
  12. Kalahari


    They left Ireland because the Republic of Ireland reall tightened up on the law and enforcement. David.
  13. Kalahari

    .22 WMR or .17 HMR??

    The 22 WMR is a lot less likely to have problems with the ammunition so I would go for that. David.
  14. Kalahari

    opt out organ donation

    It might seem a good idea, but in Wales where they brought in this type of legislation transplant rates have fallen! I believe the same thing happened in Spain when they brought it in there. Be careful of what you wish for, what on the surface semms a good idea isn't always so. David.
  15. Kalahari

    Driven Snipe & Woodcock Shooting

    Your best bet is to email or text Andy. I would do it fairly promptly as some people will have just gone straight to this. Days are usually arranged to suit. David.
  16. Kalahari

    Driven Snipe & Woodcock Shooting

    How good are you at shooting snipe? I am not being rude, they can be very difficult but we usually give everybody a chance for some. I beat most of these days and we really do work for the guns. You could ask Bakerboy for an unbiased opinion. David.
  17. Kalahari

    Browning X-bolt mount bases

    If you have a problem your contract is with the dealer, so he must be your first port of call. David.
  18. Kalahari

    New BASC wildfowling officer

    I am sure a number do, but when you consider how many wildfowlers are members of BASC (almost by default) they could flex their muxcle more. David.
  19. Kalahari

    New BASC wildfowling officer

    Well certainly wildfowlers don't vote for people who are wildfowlers to get onto council! David.
  20. Kalahari

    Spalding Wildfowlers

    Great offer this. Chance to meet people and talk about taking up wildfowling. A great sport, if just a tiny bit tiring and uncomfortable at times but the challenge is wonderful. David.
  21. Kalahari

    Windows 10 driver issues

    Apparently Win 9 was like Win 8 in spades with added slow layers. So Win 10 was a rebuild on Win 7. David.
  22. Kalahari

    Loose on face.

    Just out of interest, is a gun that is "off the face" out of proof? David.
  23. Kalahari

    Moorland fire in Manchester

    This is worth a read. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-44648348?utm_source=All+Contacts&utm_campaign=d923eab68b-MB290618&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_dd843c5cb6-d923eab68b-21861007&goal=0_dd843c5cb6-d923eab68b-21861007&mc_cid=d923eab68b&mc_eid=596bcb1286 David.
  24. Kalahari

    Moorland fire in Manchester

    Perhaps a dose of regular moor burning would reduce the risk of big fires and improve the situation for wildlife. David.
  25. Kalahari

    Would you take the shot?

    If you have to ask the answer is no. David.