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  1. Well, it sounds exactly what has happened when I have mentored. In fact, it's what I've been doing for keen people new to stalking for the past 40 years and what others did for me 60 years ago, long before the word mentor had been invented.
  2. Sorry, I should have read your post a little more thoroughly.
  3. Have you tried it on the moles yet !!!
  4. Incorrect. A certificate can be immediately revoked by the chief officer of police if he no longer considers you to be a suitable person to be entrusted with a firearm. If this happens, they would lawfully be seized.
  5. Or just stay within the law and abide by the conditions of his certificate, remembering the fact that failure to do so is a summary offense punishable by a maximum penalty of 6 months imprisonment or a £5000 fine or both.
  6. CharlieT


    Often spot one in one particular valley here on the farm. Fantastic little bird.
  7. Your calculations warm my heart. Based on your calculations, I capture far, far in excess of carbon release. So much so that I can save the sweat and tears of using logs in my multi fuel burners and switch to silage wrap. Now all I need to do is calculate the KWh output of a ton of wrap.
  8. How can there be. The dog's either dead or it's not. Are you suggesting the dog isn't dead.
  9. Well said that man. No excuse whatsoever for this disgraceful act. Sheer stupidity.
  10. It would be free. A variation is free when the number when the total number of firearms held is not increased.
  11. I have indeed. One would imagine that their largest customer base for domestic gas is rural users, quite extraordinary that they failed to recognise this fact.
  12. Thanks for posting, I have now changed my supplier. They'll get no more money from me.
  13. I tried asking my wife what date once, foolish mistake .........she was not amused !
  14. One of the greatest idiosyncrasies of British culture is our love of tradition. Our dress code, manners, etiquette and dare I say it, the choice of the accepted gun for the job in hand has, over many years become accepted practice. Of course, exceptions are made. An ageing of infirm gun would always be accommodated whether that be in his choice of caliber, clothing or peg placement. However, that should never be the norm. A formal days game shooting is something special, steeped in tradition and etiquette, a day to be truly savored, whether you shoot 1 day a year or 100. If an aspiring game shot doesn't wish to conform then the answer is quite simple, don't shoot driven game.
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