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  1. All the police require is the doctor fills in a simple tick box pro-forma request stating yes or no to the following questions about the applicant • Acute Stress Reaction or an acute reaction to the stress caused by a trauma. • Suicidal thoughts or self-harm. • Depression or anxiety. • Dementia. • Mania, bipolar disorder or a psychotic illness, or a personality disorder. • A neurological condition: for example, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s or Huntington’s diseases, or epilepsy. • Alcohol or drug abuse. • Diagnosed with a terminal illness in the
  2. You are far better to write a new will. The cost won't be much more and it will save hassle should the codicil be misplaced or become separated from the will.
  3. When I do mine, I heat the coat up on top of the Aga then apply the wax, then go over it with a hair dryer. Comes up a treat.
  4. A truly magical coat, mine could stand up on its own with no human help whatsoever !
  5. Not had repairs done for some years, but their website states Re wax only £35. Repairs when having the £35 re wax done are. Replace zip £29, new pocket £35, bind hem £12, new collar £25 etc. I sent my very old Solway Zipper that was an absolute disgrace many years ago and they took the job on, so based on that they will repair anything ! https://www.barbour.com/uk/repairs-service-quote
  6. She's only asking the equivalent price of good farmland.................jump at it.
  7. Pleased to hear that. Good to have you back.
  8. Just read my profile..................heavens above, I joined in 2006. No wonder I feel old!
  9. CharlieT

    Fair Play

    Most regrettably this type of trendy woke nonsense is becoming more prevalent, but then, what else does one expect from Exeter's labor council and its horrid MP. It's really time these people were put back in their box. I also note that the council leader is highly vociferous supportive of BLM, so expect the council to turn its attention to every other aspect of colonial history Exeter has. If they get away with this, it won't be long before they question the actions and motives of those fighting at Rokes Drift.
  10. Firstly, pigs will route up any growing plant or tree. Nuts cross pollinate easily. Just make sure you have similar varieties, so that they come into flower at the same time. The bushes have both male and female flowers but require another bush to pollinate. To stand any chance of fruiting they need light pruning every winter. With luck you'll get a small bucket of nuts per bush, so not a lot of feed produced for pigs, which is why the old nut growers grazed sheep in their nut orchards. The only way to make it work would be to graze the pigs in the orchard for a couple of
  11. And don't you ever sell it or you'll have me to answer to. I stupidly parted with my Charles Lancaster in 1972 to get one of the much hyped, hit anything you aimed at, highly fashionable over and under thingies.............regretted it every day since !. Stupid youthful folly in following fashion and believing all that is written. Thank the lord I didn't part with my W&S 700.
  12. You are correct. See section 2 of the Game Act. 2 What shall be deemed Game. The word “game” shall for all the purposes of this Act be deemed to include hares, pheasants, partridges, grouse, heath or moor game, black game
  13. Looks like you are gradually ticking off all the hurdles. Just to confirm, I'm happy to help, so if you need it, just message me on here and we will sort it.
  14. Welcome to the forum. As has been said, have a chat with your FEO and find out from the horses mouth what you can actually do. I don't know where in Somerset you are but I live on Exmoor, just over the Somerset border in Devon. If you are not too far from me, I would be more than willing to act as your honorary uncle and buy and gift you a shotgun.
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