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  1. CharlieT

    European bison

    Never did get round to those adding up lessons, father always had me working on the farm. I always wondered what it would be like to be educated and able to add up like you clever people.
  2. CharlieT

    European bison

    3 Bison in an enclosure is not rewilding, we used to call such things a zoo.
  3. At least he's not furloughed, if he was, he'd be sitting on the beach swilling beer and quite happily be roasted to a shade of dark mahogany.
  4. Devon Air Ambulance Trust state it cost £7.5 mil to run in 2018.
  5. I ruddy well hope so. This wretched virus has turned into an excuse for everyone to shirk responsibility and pass the buck. I had a FABLE inspection and they wanted me to do it via Zoom on my phone, they really couldn't grasp the fact that we have no mobile signal anywhere on the farm and accused me of being obstructive. I really do despair. Enjoy your break and keep safe. C
  6. You would be more than welcome, except Mrs T is still shielding.
  7. I suggest Dorset................don't want germ ridden people from up country in North Devon thank you !
  8. That would pair nicely with your "Special Forces" 300 AAC Blackout................ Sounds like a great name for a film - rouge warfare in the lambing shed
  9. Of course you could carry the lamb outside the shed to shoot it if you felt so inclined, that's what I've been doing for 60 years. Truly, a .410 or a .22 rifle will deal with just about every eventuality. On the very rare occasion I've had to shoot a cow or a bull I've used a 12 bore, and that's when they've broken a leg, otherwise it's off to market with them to get a few quid. I wouldn't want to use my .32 on a bull thank you !
  10. CharlieT


    Great post. There is, I think, an upsurge in the number of people doing exactly what you describe. In past times a huge proportion of the working population in such "trade", think of the numbers working in weaving, shoe making, clothing, cutlery, cabinet making and of course the gun trade, to name just a few. I can see a time, in the not too distant future, that such gainful employment will be common place.
  11. An extremely well written post, my thoughts exactly.
  12. Exactly, and that from the very same Chief Constable who was, until recently, boss of the Firearms and Explosives Licensing Working Group, the very body that implements and advises all CC's on firearms licensing matters.
  13. Just a few snippets, which you all may find interesting, from the statutory guidance on firearms licensing to chief officers of police. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/818022/Draft_firearms_statutory_guidance_-_16_July.pdf 2.14 All records found relating to the applicant should be recorded on the case file. This will include instances where the applicant is a victim, witness or associate rather than a suspect. Assessing the relevance and weight of any records found is covered in Chapter Three. 2.16 Home visits should include an interview to discuss any issues relevant to suitability as set out in this guidance, permit the inspection of security arrangements, and allow the firearms enquiry officer to meet any other individuals living at the address. Guidelines on security are set out in the Home Office Security Handbook. 2.43 Chief officers should carry out additional checks if, following the initial enquiries above, they believe them to be necessary to assess suitability accurately. 2.44 These checks may include, but are not limited to: (i) checks with other agencies, such as health professionals other than the GP, social services, probation services or multi-agency groups; (ii) checks with other licensing or regulatory bodies or enforcement agencies; (iii) a drug or alcohol test; (iv) credit or other financial checks; (v) information obtained from open source social media; (vi) interviews with individuals other than the applicant or their referees, for example, neighbours, partners or representatives of shooting clubs attended by the applicant; (vii) background or medical checks on partners or other individuals living at, or with unsupervised access to, the applicant’s address; and (viii) checks where there is an indication of domestic violence or abuse, as set out in paragraphs 2.45 – 2.50. 2.47 An applicant’s partner or family member is not required to give approval for the issue of the firearms certificate and this should be made clear to them. However, a request from a partner or family member that the applicant should not hold a certificate should be taken into account. The responsibility lies with the police to make the decision based on all the evidence available.
  14. Folding stocks are legal as long as when in the folded position the rifle complies with the legal minimum overall length
  15. The problem being that Derbyshire Wildlife Trust decided to poke their nose into the BTb issue and vaccinate badgers therefore putting a spoke in the wheel of the farmers application for a cull. So we have now ended up with an acknowledged hot spot area where a cull should have taken place being denied a cull because DWT decided to vaccinate a few badgers. You couldn't make it up if you tried.
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