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  1. Basc does cover you for public liability and personal accident whilst shooting. What insurance do you want that BASC does not cover?
  2. CharlieT

    Forum change

    I like it. Clean, crisp and clear.
  3. I feel that everyone should be remembered not just those fighting in the front line. Everyone from the GPO telephonists and factory workers to the back room boffins. Without everyone pulling together we would not have come through. Whilst it is only human nature to single out those whose actions history has somewhat glamorized, everyone who did their bit should be remembered.
  4. The wheat was too moist when you stored it. To store it the way you did it must have a moisture content of below 13%. Most combined wheat straight off the field is 18% or more. Ensure that what you buy is dry enough, ie. no more than 13%.
  5. I've keep a very old Nokia in the tractor cab for emergencies for the last couple of years with a 1P sim in it. Costs £10, by direct debit, every 4 months to keep it active. If someone nicks or looses the phone it matters little. Works so well and is so cheap I have now put one in all the old phones I can find, so there is now one of most of the farm vehicles. No more excuses that staff couldn't phone me cause their battery was flat!
  6. You're beginning to sound like me, a proper chap.
  7. Generally, yes, except if you're an Exmoor bumpkin. Here everyone from time immemorial refers to sowing seeds as tilling seeds. A bit like antlers, they are always horns, only posh folks from up country say antlers.
  8. Correct, that's what we till in the fields by the hundredweight.
  9. There are a few restrictions Vince. The two major ones being farms can only store up to 150 tons, which should be stored in a secure well ventilated single story barn. If stored outside it must be stored securely and out of sight of public view.
  10. CharlieT

    New coat.

    That's simple, the one you were born with.........skin Everything else is a poor substitute.
  11. Or change his user name to Harlsden91
  12. You should drive down our lanes when we are slurry spreading or driving a few hundred sheep or cattle along them.
  13. No it's not. That's calcium, which is much softer, what they need for digestion a good hard grit which works in the gizzard to aid grinding up their food.
  14. Which is exactly why I ignored it. Mugabe at his best.
  15. I put a little corn down every evening on the grass at the front of my humble house to attract them and regularly shoot one or two from my bedroom window just before it gets dark with a rifle.
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