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  1. brewing success well. after i did the cider champagne it went in the bottle for a few weeks. i tried it and it was dire, absolutely awful. i waited a few more weeks, infact more than 10 weeks in the bottle, and tried it, again as i just wanted a drink. it came out way better than i ever thought. there are no hints or tasted of the added flavours but the final result is a dry cider, it has that champagne taste, and is a delicious drop. it was lightly carbonated though. (i planned that.) well worth a go. i thought it was doomed.
  2. the black panther i think was donald nielson? the big case was the kidnapping of leslie whittle. awful. just awful.
  3. bismuth is about 0.88x the density of lead. when i did my density proofing the lead 1,1/8oz bar dropped 1,1/8oz of bismuth. cook.
  4. Modern shells are manufactured to a standard where they have been economised. Plastic gets less and less dense, less polymer is a massive saving over 10s of million shells. They are not good to re-load. Barely surviving the first loading. I bought a joblot of hulls. The older ones are tough. New, not so good.
  5. He obviously wanted to get caught
  6. He is even stopping corbynism getting to no 10. What a guy!
  7. maybe you shouldnt feel overkill using the 10 on ducks, alliant have loads of 36g, and 42g in the 10. 36g seems optimal for alliant steel in the 3". its mega efficient.
  8. Cheers guys. I thought about stepping UP to being a normal member, but thats silly!
  9. what PW? its alright. wouldnt move there myself, its a bit digital. i never thought anyone can live online anyway.
  10. i do it because i like to play. i had quite a few projects that really-really were alot of fun. subsonics, nontoxic shot, pressure curves, brand new "old powder " new uses (subsonic 28gram), econo steel, 1000 shells per kg of powder, the list goes on. the best one that was very successful was a volumetric assay. and essentially i chucked 26 grains of powder, then loaded, 25g steel, 28gram pure copper shot, 29gram itx10, 32g niceshot, 32g bismuth, 36g "classic lead" and 42g tungsten 13. had them pressure tested, then i loaded 32g steel in a new wad. 1, i found out how much energy is in that charge of powder, about 2300ftlbs woth of energy, confirmed by 2 seperate tests, 2, there is not much difference in 28gram copper, 29g itx10, 32g bismuth, and 32g niceshot. 3, there were some jolly nice chaps on here who sent me some copper shot, for this test. the power of PW is amazing. 4, the powder has an optimal load of 36g lead, efficient, and performance. 5, powershot is amazing, not that scary either. that extracts energy really efficiently at that charge. 6, i have a pressure traces for that same charge without a compression section. that extracts the all (assumed 100%) energy at the hi pressure that is double that of its counterpart, aka 32g steel vs 32g niceshot. 7, itx 10 is a fantastic medium. it really is. 8, i have a guestimative assay for loadings, if any new shot appears with any density between 7 and 13g/cc3 i have a potential load to use. 9, i have the secrets with that powder. 10, when powders work out of there comfort zone they will fail statistics, even though the pressure appear quite sane, 11, doing tests like this cost a fortune and i cried. the total cost was a fortune, 12, i have a donor load for multiplexing shot types. aka more varied nontox loads available. 13, shot weight has a huge influence on pressures, 14, with that powder charges, only 200fps drop from 42g tungsten (failed by statistics) and the fastest 25g steel shot. 15, the tubo 24 is a fantastic wad. 16, more than likley i can stuff it in a 12/70mm /rto. the original load was 76mm. 17, thats why i reload. this was the result of some imagination, a few conversations with tons of people, and myself. 18, after doing all this, xx g powershot t13 is a very achievable option. and "some" fps isnt at all too shabby. thats the golden nugget. 19, i ran out of bread puns, they went stale too fast.
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