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  1. i shot some silly targets years ago with some pretty decent shells. they were RC2 24g #9 through full and full. and i whole heartedly believe. were i to make a mild adjustment i would even shoot 28 grams all day long if i had to. in 9s there is alot of pellets there. infact, when i designed some shells eons ago, those rc2s still give me fond memories. they were the shell to have at some point in time.
  2. price it up. infact if you were to buy equivalent shells, in the first 1200shells it would have paid for itself (12gauge.). plus no manufacturer makes 42g subsonics. letalone the fibre environmentaly friendly subsonics.
  3. With subsonic loading. You will make money and be better shells.
  4. been done a billion times. it can be easily researched. what isnt recognised enough, is shot weight comparison which is #4 shot lead vs #4 shot steel. the consensus of "go up 2 shotsizes" is to get over the density difference so the shotcount between 1oz is miniscule. but what time prove that increasing steel speeds 1300fps to 1500fps can prove useful. to maybe compensate steel poor ballistic co--efficient if you wanted a general rule, go up 3 shotsizes, if buying factory. if you are reloading exclusively, 32-36g of #2 at 1400fps for duck and maybe bbs for geese.
  5. i`d go 20, short one too. 24-26" fine.
  6. cookoff013

    GT 85

    i just bought some of this because i bought to use in a pinch. no ill effects so far.
  7. with the auto, dont forget to oil the return spring in the stock. easily done, dont over do it. it should make the action smoother and quiet. also should run longer between extreme cleaning sessions.
  8. do you know the differences between them?
  9. that tss will seriously cause damage. the original tss data in 12gauge calleed for 2 nontoxic wads to be used together. 20gauge and a 12, tucked in. use without a protective wadcup will cause you problems instantly. the only problem that might cause you issues. is a, not knowing what you are doing and using lead volumetric loadings with tss and burn through of black powder on nontoxic shotcup.
  10. Mr white. I tend to like when powders are running at there max payload. Usually 1200fps is doable. You wont see diddley difference betwix you normal loads. Research. Read the data. Dont just see it. It might be a "longshot" but the data is there.
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