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  1. Up date. my honeyed porter has just come into bottle condition. It tastes absolutely great. I tried it last week, but its just come good. My wine fermeted for 3weeks, its stabilising now and finings will be added soon. Kesersol and chitosan. My clementine wine was a bit pokey. It offered out of body experiences. I had to have a lie down. Flavour changed. Cant say it tasted bad. But there was something missing. I will try and do some more beer or a big vat of wine. Its storing the stuff thats an issue. Im having lots of fun actually. I have enough space for about 60bottles.
  2. Just dont push the speed hard. 1200 is very easy and nice.
  3. Im my previous job, it was crazy what management was doing. Hiring overseas employees that needed a visa, then forcing them to do 110hours a week. Only 37 paid. Thats slavery.
  4. People have the power to hurt other people. And they do. Alot.
  5. If that was closer id rip his arm off. 26"
  6. Dont forget, you can use a but of electrical / gaffa tape to give strength. Nb, put it so you can see the neck getting empty. saves grief.
  7. Um not quite right. There are thousands of powders out there. Ones we cant buy. Some cartridge manufacturers make there own. Like maxam. Its a big group that have energeics production. In mainland europe certainly some powders are more common for loadings. Take gm3. Designed for high throughput loaders. 32g lead in 12gauge. Very common for economy comercial loadings. I managed to see a shipping manifest of powders coming into the country. It was part of some research i did on powders. And there was some good discoveries. Such as powders / powder alternate names. Also powders i havent hea
  8. I got a trangia camp stove too. Runs on gas and alcohol. Rarely have powercut, but recently got some oil lamps.
  9. so the powder can do more than is advertised. it probably can do subsonic 32g tungsten, i would recomend the clcb wad or the gualandi tubo24 (its the same wad !) its tall. the often misunderstood part about shells is the volume or compression section the gas volume has to expand into, this can change everything. i had 2 loads with and without compression section. 32g bismuth vs 32g steel. the non compression wad and steel shot doubled the pressures. even 42g tungsten was less pressure ! csb5 has been used for 36g subsonics. probably can be used for tss. this brings me back
  10. Just started a nebbio wine by beverdale. 6 bottle kit. Its going very well. Got 40 pints in bottle, some dodgy wine about to be good. My next plans are a wine kit or beer kit.
  11. Hmm, Vectan A1, 42g tungsten, probably 70mm hull. Do able. Really easy though. Could probably squeek that to 36g payload with steel filler aka duplex. i wasAsked about this about 2 years ago.
  12. yeah it was 42grams subsonic, but with the drop in bismuth shotweight, it would easily make it transonic 1200fps or so, with the same powder charge. if the powder was slightly increased, it would easily do 1250 for the lighter bismuth. there is an estimated powder charge that really should be bang on the money. i know we are not supposed to change loads. i forgot what the charge was, but it was on the list to re-proof, with itx and bismuth. the load had a 20mm fibre 4mm powdercard, so uses target fibrewad components.
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