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  1. hi guys, i`m looking for powder, that will shoot 36g loads. i`ve been out of the loop for a few years. whats everyone using?
  2. lyman. after reading lyman seek out specialised data and books for the exact calibre you will load.
  3. Much as im a mec man. This is a great machine. Way better. Good luck with the sale
  4. All chambers are made longer than published. To have a stamp saying 76mm must have 76+2mm i think. Its in the cip chamber spec.
  5. benellis choke and stutter on 21gram / 65mm loads. intl 24gm 1400-1450 loads it loves. but any less punch, dont bother.
  6. Supprised not much done about bolts being shot at you. i knew someone had her french windows shot out several times. Local scrotes were firing .45acp at her large french windows. police called, Insurance paid up. Couldnt stop it. .
  7. The maxus fires fast. Im a benelli man.
  8. you may want to research into a true pistol powder like ba10. i read up alot about it and its burnrate is very fast. probably faster than bullseye and is made to compete in the faster burnrate powders for pistols like .38spl, it burns clean and its burnrate is as fast as alliant extralite. it meters better than any other powder i have ever used. (its designed for high volume loaders.) there is data for it (official) have a butchers. i put about 4 different (12gauge) loads through proof. it is amazing. (silly economy too).
  9. Can someone drop him a test?
  10. cookoff013

    ENG v DEN

    That was an awful penalty.
  11. The key with these subsonics is to have 1050fps and low powder charge, as not to saturate the moderator with gas upon equilibration. Its about or under 17 grains powder for 12gauge. also it should clean burn. there are some on here who say it is nonsense. But actually is too true. The ba10 powder i used for 28gram 12gauge subs, i used 13 grains and the shells are very quiet. Also, go up a couple of shotsizes. Slow loads pattern well, but lack punch if you are shooting normal shotgun ranges. nb also buy the long crimp punch for your mec. Its good.
  12. Go to sitsinhedges. i just do 12gauge. But ive done subs in 21gram to 42 gram
  13. Cheers guys. dpmr might be an option. I found some that have vox. And i can set them up so my mates can just yell at the unit. not ideal but sub 1km is ideal
  14. mellors. with any reloading recipe, i would get all reloading data, sit down and read it. assessing wha tis the max payload, and minimum and its pressire and speed with all weights and wads and compression section. nb, also dont like BPI data as its derived from a computer. i break down loads, analyse the data and then form a decision based on those "" ** DIRECT PARAMETERS**"" i havent had many loads go bad. i also do a breakdown of ftlbs / per grain for nearly every load. infact thats my way of finding **** E Data. as every powder has a certain KJ/Mol of energy and you cant extract more energy than is available. 80% is "exceptional extraction." also gauge means nothing to these calculations. so get lots of data.
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