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  1. That's just pure class.
  2. 'Off Air'

    banned or a holiday? how does one go about getting banned ?
  3. thats cool. doubt it would fit in me cabineret savignon
  4. Another Golden Eagle death!

    there is a simple approach. it is quite clear. put up signs banning eagles from attacking eagles.
  5. steel shot sizes

    well not really, if you take a 1300fps model, to have the same performance at 35yards in energy retention, you would have to use 3 shotsizes bigger. so lead 6s are equivalent to steel 3s, lead 5s are equivalent to steel #2 thats the 1300fps model. the problems compound this are steel shotsizes are graded in size like lead, and there are some discrepensies with shotsize via US and UK. this is all about the density difference, 11.2 vs 7.x something. while the shotsizes do seem large, its the fact that its less dense. on the 1500fps model you probably could get away with using 2 shotsizes bigger. but it would take a whole heap of energy to get it there. and not much different from comparing 1500fps vs 1300fps energy wise. most are quite comfortable with the "go up 2 shotsizes rule" and that physiologically means that a lead pellet#6 weighs the same as a steel #4. shoot them and they will be very different energies at 40yards, the steel lacking in energy. the "go up 3 shotsize" rule was something to overcome the ballistic inneficiencies of steel shot and was something i do campaign for. afterall, all shots are critiqued at 30-40 yards, not what is put in the shell. whilst tungsten being very dense, and comparing the hw13 for instance it is very concieveable to go down 2 shotsizes to be near like for like for lead and still with the 1300fps model. so a lead 6 could be replaced with a hw13 8# or some such. you catch my drift?
  6. Reloading for Shotgun

    did you know, you could actually reload and use factory at the same time ? you can buy a lee reloading machine for "not much money" as a hobby, i am never ever married to the reloader. ever. if you want to waste say 100-150 on a set up and components for the first say 250 shells, its well within the realms of achieveable. just dont be pressurised into buying whatever is around. the only universal component that can be bought off of a whym would be lead shot.
  7. BASC Council Elections.

    i couldnt agree more.
  8. BASC Council Elections.

    well media is now a tool and a weapon.
  9. BASC Council Elections.

    this post really.
  10. BASC Council Elections.

    This thread is really disturbing. we are in the 21st century. what bad representation of our sport. what have we become.
  11. one size fits all

    That's fine if you want to shoot £4 of powder and 10p of shot. I've loaded 32g loads and couldn't get the stuff to burn. 1450fps is easily achievable with normal powders, just not at really low psi. Alliance themselves only publish one load near 1oz and 1450fps. The next is nearly fifty. (50) grains of powder.! That is an abomination! That's getting so close to blackpowder volumes. It just doesn't burn right unless 36g + loads. It was designed for ! The weight seems to just allow more energy to be taken. Just because something leaves the barrel doesn't mean it's any good. One and a half ounce seems to settle alliant steel at 13000psi with only 33grains and a whole heap more energy and way more energy per grain of powder. I can get vectan A1 to shoot an ounce at the upper end of HP pressures. Maybe I should rephrase, alliant steel really excels when 36g steel used. No shell should need more than 30grains of powder
  12. one size fits all

    I was being critique of the internal ballistics. Not the fact anyone can shoot 5/8oz at a billion fps.
  13. one size fits all

    alliant steel really should be 36g +
  14. they were the gamebore supersteel clay load when i was shooting an obscene ammount "we" had to make a choice and we shot billions of them. that was when they first came out. in hindsight we should have ordered a trillion.
  15. i used steel alot. ~ £88 / k was fan tastic