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  1. cookoff013

    Rambo fbp1

    I cant spoil it. But the book ending probably been too much.
  2. cookoff013

    Rambo fbp1

    In the book was a different ending.
  3. cookoff013

    Rambo fbp1

    I read the book ages ago. Political. Very.
  4. cookoff013

    Rambo fbp1

    In tonight. Itv4
  5. cookoff013

    Csbo lead loads data

    What do you consider magnum?
  6. cookoff013

    28 bore v 20 bore

    I wouldnt poo-poo a 28.
  7. cookoff013

    Some like it fast!

    just what is 1450fps you are looking for? its a number, it means almost nothing. do your self a favour, forget trying to get "all" shells at 1450fps. just forget. make a nice decent shell 1250fps / 1300fps, use high quality components, such as good hard italian lead, good wadding and powders at the right burn rate (with the associated data) without being too silly. i would never trust anyone to reload for me, especially when you are pretty much chasing the high end of the speed envelope. with (assumed) very little experience of reloading. while i`m pretty confident you can actually make a shell, its not hard. maybe you shouldnt believe everything on the internet. its full of weirdos.
  8. cookoff013

    Some like it fast!

    Dude. Forget chasing a number that doesnt really shouldn't matter that much. Chase quality
  9. cookoff013

    Ammo Search

    thats a turkey shell you`s talkin` `bout.
  10. cookoff013

    Semi auto suddenly started not cycling

    have you ever oiled the return spring in the stock? its often missed.
  11. cookoff013

    12 gauge screw on moderator for my beretta urika

    would it be an idea to buy a "mandel" choke, cheap available in extended, and wouldnt care if it got mullered.
  12. cookoff013

    12 gauge screw on moderator for my beretta urika

    this is really interesting. keep me posted. i would also attach one to the under barrel. and block off the top barrel of an o/u. (snap cap or dowel) i never thought about getting a dedicated hushpower. but have designed a ton of subs for 12s only.
  13. cookoff013

    Making beachcasting rigs

    I just tied some shockleader to my main braid line. The knot I used to tie was an albright knot, I had a few practices before I went to the main event. Thanks for all the help folks. Its been helpful
  14. cookoff013

    Sickening attitude to Remembrance

    At the remembrance at my local church, the fighting spirit was still there. Some guy decided to have a telephone call in the middle of the silence. A guy said something along the lines of "cmon mate!". Then there was alot of f-in and blindin. People shouted to say keep the language down!. Silly disrespectful. He was about 60odd too!
  15. cookoff013

    Making beachcasting rigs

    This is going to sound silly. What knot do I use? The shockleader I have is fatish, and the braid is thin. Nail knot?