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  1. csb5 will do just the same. word on the street, csnb is also stellar for 36g subsonics. very low powder charge, alittle more lead, meaning its actually cheaper than the 32g version because it saves on more expensive powder !
  2. I bought 50 a3 sheets. Dunno where they are though
  3. Its not only thickness that matters is polymer density, to stop pellets rubbing through.
  4. What cartridges are they? Must be special?
  5. I dont use a baffle. But i use some small grain powder
  6. One could argue, with all these extra costs on top of a 2nd hand reloader, would it have been better buying new?
  7. The Standard charge bars are almost calibrated for #6 and low antimony shot. This means it will drop a little light. They are worked to drop light, the skeet special bars have a tighter cavity for small #9 shot and low antimony lead for usa legal skeet loads. i would not over think it. Just grab the right bar. Rock on.
  8. subs are not hard to make either. they are just like normal shells but slower. you just need data, and the exact same thing happens you pull the trigger and it happens. every time.
  9. Same applies to 2 different shells in respective barrels. Ie #6 in open and #4 in choked. but for decoy, not relevent
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