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  1. Any decent traditional cartridge. 1200 to 1250 max. And good quality loadings.
  2. cookoff013

    1917 film

    I agree. Jojo rabbit was way better
  3. I buy whatever in price bands. I bought a box of shells from a shop once. 25 shells for £10. I then decided to make them. As for loadings. Its whatever i can get. My go to shells are not under an ounce
  4. those premium plus / economy benelli are the old sl80 designs. i have a montefeltro nice.
  5. To have a 65mm chamber, the minimum length of chamber must be 67 mm.
  6. Cip specs mean a chamber minimum size is +2mm.
  7. £2.20 a shot isnt that bad really. it probably could be reloaded, you may even see economic advantages if reloaded with premium nontoxic. in this instance, the point of reloading would be to have the available shotsize. dealers buy in minimal amounts of expensive nontoxic. unless you go to a specialist, jforsey to name but one. i did some HP loads and testing, 25g loads of steel did alright apparently. sub £200 / or thereabouts. i know it can be done with csb5, A1, and AS
  8. hevishot can be reloaded. apart from cost, its good stuff.
  9. The list is probably around bluedot. Longshot data to 1,1/4oz and 3" . Its kind of a very good start. Its great start.
  10. yeah, its finding the time. i do alot in my annual leave time, i ended up putting my reloaders in the kitchen and just press out 100+ test loads. then a month wait until i get to brum. they just sit there in bags and i pass them over when i can afford it. those tests are expensive. i`m just screening so i do 5 shot strings. but for quality data i`d bang off 10 or more. its the s2n the 2 standard deviations upper limit that really screws some of my loadings. when you fire more than 10 shells you have better stats. because there is more chance of having loads that express the whole pressure range. infact a few of my loads that failed, probably should have passed, because they failed the variance s2n test. if i shot more data points they may have passed. (i re-calculated using the criteria for 10 datapoints.) data, is data, i`m confident that the loads were fine. but data / variance says no. i`m sure the data is correct. if only i loaded 1 grain less powder !
  11. i am trying to achieve the same thing i did with the 12gauge, one powder, one wad, many shot types. with credible data. fibre wad, nontoxic options. maybe 3" maybe HP1050. i dont know, not sure. i`m just rolling ideas, the data i created last time was quite handy. i can fire any nontoxic shot below a density of 12, or fire reduced nontoxic payloads upto 36g of (probably) any shot material available. my goal is to do the same in 12gauge again fibre. but also with the leftover shot to do the same in 20gauge. i got the 12 gauge test covered. i`m looking at options for the 20gauge powders. i cant use a powder for both, but the shot types might be itx10, niceshot, bismuth, lead ,maybe copper shot? that might be it for the test as its fibre wad. as little gun is a .410 and maybe 28 gauge powder it could be impossible to get it burning right as those powders .410 style burn rate, need to be run full throttle to work well. my tests will mean i`m adding less payload with the different densitys shot. it may kill the load if its not efficient enough to start with.
  12. Im more thinking about the efficiency. When i tested a load of 12ga nontoxic i used vectan A1 and 36g lead load to abuse. Running near ish to the 740 limit. 750 actually. thats the limit to that powder .But wondering because the limit for 20 is 800bar or so. That was pushing a powder hard. If i do something similar in 20 just wondering how peaky it can get. If i run something like that. It is predictable to what it does because it is efficient. Or i can step into Hp1050 bar teratory. 250bar between 800 and 1050. Variation and limited stats might kill the fun/data
  13. what pressures do you guys 20gauge guys tend to reload to. i hit some paydirt, and got some data for ssb150 in 20gauge, lead and steel data. it gives me a start to throw in some itx10, niceshot, bismuth, lead. etc.
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