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  1. Update. The guy wants to use csb3 ( gualandi say its good). He has mec38 bushing. He needs to know how much csb3 with. He needs. Recipe 70mm. 2 powder charges available
  2. LCYL is left handed cylinder choke. it can be used by a righthanded person, during alternate moon phases.
  3. tss is impressive. doubt anyone intentionally go for 70-90 yard goose. but if they did with tungsten 18, they probably are on to a good start. the one thing i did state, about tss18 #9 and lead #1 / #2 being similar, is the the energy retention at x yards, i think i had a 40 yard number. either way, silly impressive. i still have the old data for this back in the old days. it was super sabot, 1.5oz and about xx grains of longshot 1300fps
  4. hmm, still want to bang this off in a pressure barrel. might have a flutter. would 1.5oz be overkill?
  5. Its good to see some british manufacturing. Its a nice product.
  6. Duck oil or wd40 to clean and dry. Plus a cleaner. Thwn grease to lube high wear. Oil for other
  7. Ill buy 2! Pieces of shot. Saying that, i wouldnt mind shooting it through a pressure barrel. I think i still have a kilo of A1 somewhere.
  8. Clay game now stock tungsten shot. T18 and T15
  9. cookoff013


    I spent years reading and reloading and corelating data. Not to mention designing my own loads. And having stuff tested. You are right. The cheapest most effective way to get shells is to buy "ready made" I do not live in that world.
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