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  1. So this year, if im good. Santa might get me a boiling vessel to start all grain brewing. Main activity. Hobgoblin clone. Brew in a bag etc.
  2. Err. You guys do realise that when any shell is fired, the wadding / obturator /wad is fireformed with the pressure to the dimentions of the chamber. This is about 800thou.
  3. i want to slightly sideline this topic. i`d like to say thanks to all who input and converse with me about my testing and ballistics. i want to thank the guy who is on here for giving me some copper shot to test. it added about 15 extra datapoints i wouldnt have been able to without the kind generosity here at PW. i`m sorry i forgot your name, and i have to delete my messages quite regular..
  4. in a way, everyone has an opinion. some opinions are backed up with hard data. some with soft data, some with no data. my test has started to get some recognition. with a good solid assay, even skeptics turn to have a look.
  5. cheers graham, its been a few years. this thread seems to be headed for a "u" bend some time soon. there is way too much sniping. here is the thing thats really really frustrating. bpi keep on publishing odd and unique loads. at first glance a reloader can say, that they are fine they have numbers.. but reloaders in the states are getting mega frustrated with the "way" over pressure loads. loads that dont fit, problems etc. when re- tested. if its written down it must be true? right? please, reloading is very much opinion based. everyone is entitled to their opinion. everyone can input. seriously. you can catch more flies with honey, than vinegar.
  6. You know you can make subsonics right?
  7. i guess this is just using enough materiel to have a case that can just survive 1 firing. i bought a job lot of old hulls ages ago. infact they were a random purchase old hulls that were un fired. the plastic was amazingly thick.
  8. cookoff013


    we didnt even accept the euro. there were skeptics then. the uk has always been slightly to one side.
  9. cookoff013


    if by some bizzare instance we rejoin. i guess we`ll loose the pound.
  10. i pretty much air on the side of caution and have full cup wads and such. the niceshot contains tungsten to and is suited to lead shot wads. i think there is credible data .
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