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  1. Loaded subject. At 40 yards #9 Tungsten18, and #2 lead have the same energy. Great selection of shells. Im not too fond of steel 4s.
  2. There were alot of identical guns for sale.
  3. That guy must sell alot here. he almosts posts exclusive in sales
  4. I wanted my name tattoo on me. "Just in case"
  5. this is a can of worms. look, it seems the world is going lead free. might it be worth trying steel shot cartridges? for skeet steel 9s are beyond exellent. for sporting 28g #7.5 is the ticket, but i`ve used these interchangeable
  6. cookoff013


    i bought a coleman with a blackout, its not light / backpacking, but its good. if you could handle the extra weight, that is. 3.2kg. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Coleman-Technology-lightweight-waterproof-groundsheet/dp/B01M31N9FS/ref=sr_1_10?crid=2DHOJB0NBJ3BV&dchild=1&keywords=coleman+tent+2+person&qid=1600692922&sprefix=coleman+tent%2Caps%2C167&sr=8-10
  7. There are some great people here.
  8. i`ve fired these. sadly not at stuff
  9. yup. i loved all the zombie stuff anyway, zombie reloaders too from MEC. also believed to be used for "burglar" doing B&E or up to no good. Home defense stuff.
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