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  1. thats cool. looks like they are gearing up for steel only.
  2. cookoff013

    Have any of you seen this YouTube channel

    he used to be here on the PW. i helped him when he started reloading. he shot a fausti or some new designed sxs. cool guy
  3. cookoff013

    SSB 150 Load Data

    there are alot of loads thrown around here. take the manufacturers advice, 36g loads seems to be the middle load. and the powder charges are not too crazy throughout, the data they send. if you think of it like this, the shell will give out more energy as the heavyer payload needs more energy to start moving. it would be my first port of call.
  4. cookoff013

    Article on Fibre versus Plastic

    yes please. my assays are just testing general stuff, the last assays i keep going on about was pushing the powder hard, and working out how much energy is there, i should start testing again. but they cost a fortune.
  5. cookoff013

    ITX and fibre

    good post, there is a world of difference between itx10 and itx13 or extreme 13 if i was to design and build a load now, i`d try and find lead loads using the fsc- fibre shotcups.
  6. cookoff013

    ITX and fibre

    thats what i have always thought, and had great debate about. how soft is soft enough to use in specialised shotguns. when i did my testing of itx10, it was with the tubo24, gualandi wad. it fits about 30grams of itx10. a fantastic catrtidge actually that slightly performs better than comparable 32g niceshot and bismuth. with this itx 10 stuff i would easily try and load +2 shotsizes, compared to lead. nb, model used 1400fps loads.
  7. cookoff013

    ITX and fibre

    continental shooter reloads itx10 and fibre wads
  8. cookoff013

    My 1/6 scale RC Challenger 2 tank

    Thats bonkers. Bonkers good.
  9. cookoff013

    SGC/FAC with cautions

    just apply and see, we dont have crystal balls. some of us dont have history.
  10. cookoff013

    Beretta 486 parallelo 20 gauge

    what a sweetie.
  11. cookoff013

    Chamber / Case length ?

    67mm is recognised as a 65mm chamber. the minimum specifications for a 65mm chamber are 67mm.. if you look at the specifics of chamber length its +2mm minimum. so say you want to manufacture a chamber / barrel and have it cip stamped. to be able to have a 70mm chamber the manufactured chamber would need to be 70mm +2mm (minimum) to get labelled as 70mm, and then have to be proof pressure tested for it. you can check the cip to which europe adopts the firearm pressure / proofing standards. if you have any more concern, aka that your gun is very old and you still doubt the chamber size, you can get it measured, to see what the actual chamber size is.
  12. cookoff013


    It went off like a rocket, not much yeast lag. The levin-118x yeast didnt foam at all, but went amazingly good. It probably the best ferment I ever did. Strong, and went through the coldest nights this year. As for%. I dont know. But maybe 10% ? Alot of carbohydrates went in. As I sit at the airlock, it smells of apple and Alcohol. No sulphur. I now doubt how cherry it would taste. As that in hindsight, its a tiny amount that went in there.