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  1. cookoff013

    Steel load for 28 bore

    i wonder why the filler? why not 17grams of steel shot?
  2. cookoff013

    Changing primers on a recipe?

    i`ve heard speculation the 616, isnt as strong as the cx2000. and there data to support the 616 isnt great for low pressure recipes. it all just depends on the recipe. with my experience thesedays, i would probably limit my self to running powders with the maximum payload of shot. thats not to say that other recipes are poor. but you rarely hear these loads fail, due to primer.
  3. cookoff013

    Midland game fair

    i went. i believe it will probably be the last time i go. for 20 notes, not worth it.
  4. cookoff013

    Midland game fair

    the fishing section was tiny. boo !
  5. cookoff013

    36 grm steel recipe for 70mm case

    maybe have a look for reloads that are 2.75" with a roll turn finish
  6. cookoff013

    Fibre shot cups

    I aquired some ages ago. My intention was to reload some 3" with lead, bismuth, steel, niceshot, copper, itx10 (awsome stuff bw) and t13. Just like I did with the last test
  7. cookoff013

    Steel load for 28 bore

    Dipper, It would be cheaper to buy a £50 baikal, and buy 100 shells, than to start making 28gauge steel shells
  8. cookoff013

    Powder measures

    Accuracy is in the eye of the beholder. If you want ultimate accuracy of your loadings, you will have to weigh every charge to the best of your ability. You can get powder measures especially for bulky powders.
  9. cookoff013

    “Green pellets”

    Is there some way tungsten shot. An be used in a plastic shroud/wad
  10. cookoff013

    Rubbish Rant

    I had the same thing, accused of littering, my concerns were on deaf ears. Even though the empties were a gauge I didnt own. The guys brother turned up and had the same gauge and shells. Rc sipe 20.
  11. Boggy, its well known that partridge in kent are extremely smaller
  12. cookoff013

    For Norfolk people

    Leeds were just on fire
  13. cookoff013

    Police find illegal 'gun factory'

    if i recolect a punt gun was made recently, proofed stamped and enetered on ticket.
  14. cookoff013


    I bought a cheap £30 combo.
  15. cookoff013


    We have to. cast by hand? Can't they be loaded? I think I can fit a couple of sprats in a 3" magnum. Ill just buy some for ease of situation. So this will be my super low tech hobby, minimal spend, maximum fun.