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  1. Shame, because this tournament now, has put womens football on the map in a global way. Alot of var decisions. Right decisions though.
  2. i`ve had a shell that didnt go off and burn when i eventually opened the gun. unburned powder everywhere. on my reloads i tend to stick to maximum payloads for the powder. i do try and avoid lightening up shot charges and having heavyer and heavyer powder charges (or not). neither scenario can negate wet powder or poorly stored cartridges. luckily enough i`ve not had any issues. when i started developing subsonics, the real risk is having inneficient burn with light loads. now i tend to just use maximum payloads at very reasonable pressures and mediocre speeds. incidently i checked my barrels once after a wander, only to find a twig in my barrel.havent a clue how it got there.
  3. Youd end up with half ounce loads in 410 with bismuth
  4. just a public thanks to a great member here. its a bit late, but i`m very pleased. Cheese helped me (nb, he produced for me) a logo for my pool team, a highly unique request, but with the generosity of time and skillset. is there anything PW cant do? cook. x
  5. pumps are ace. i`ve a montefeltro too. they are real handy tools. very practical they are too.
  6. do you grease the hinge?
  7. Used to be rife with shift workers. Played a pool team and they were on something. They were useless
  8. cookoff013

    Growing lettuce

    Fertiliser really works best at the root.
  9. guys, this topic is a much-of-a-muchness. really it is. pro ones used to be the shell to have, now is outdated ("outdated- eh !") by the much POPULAR fastish cartridges. now, the names and shells that have been batted about are quite high quality. not to mention slightly different performance than some shells bantered about. now, comparing compx21 vs RC 28g isnt a great comparison. talking about smoothness isnt nessasary a help either. i say potato, you say putater. there are many lower recoil potions, there are also better performing options. just buy an equivalent shell from any manufacturer really. if you check the speeds, you`ll notice the slower speeds have less recoil. (pattern tighter too, almost through any choke) there are softer cartridges out there, "vlr / subsonics" which are low recoil even more (21g load subsonics- handloads.). maybe go for a club style cartridge in 24g, maybe 9s? club style would be 1250fps or so. great shells.
  10. any proper pro competition shell. i have a fondness for rc2. as for shell quality. 1200fps 1 oz loads are "nice"
  11. there should be tons of data out there. its been tested a bunch. reddot is a classic 1200fps 1,1/8oz powder in 12gauge. just dont step it out of its comfort zone. i`d reload it in a heartbeat. i did tons of research on reddot. i`ll have a google and find a fibre resource.... hold on
  12. hey, mac. csb5 is a fine powder to use. if you were inclined, you could wait until the game fair, pay £20 to get in and pick up powder there. i did this a few years ago. or, if you know a guy "local" who is going there ask them to "do you a solid", these are very economical options. if powder becomes such an issue (yeah, it will). as for hazmat purchases, you could ask BSS to recieve your package, if they are friendly enough. id doesnt get over the cost, but they would be open to recieve package. as i`ve reloaded, some weirdo loads, my local "shop keep" loved my reloads, and are open to me/ my developmental loads. https://www.hartleburyshooting.co.uk/reloading-powders they may have them
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