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  1. cookoff013

    Steel Shot or Wasting My Time?

    7s are ok for close work. Go to 4s or 5s and see. There was a guy here who uses steel 24g 7and it was close work.
  2. yeah, gamebore especially have been at the pinicle of steel shot and tmx loads. they listened to customer needs and produced modern shells.
  3. cookoff013

    Pump or Semi?

    buy a pump. cheap-(er). and really fun to shoot. after a while its like your left leg.
  4. cookoff013

    ear muffs

    peltor optome 3 big earmuffs. like wearing an armchair in ya napper
  5. cookoff013

    Reloading near me

    what mec did you buy? the only add on that i recomend would be to purchase the "extended length crimp punch" after i installed it. the loader was better with european hulls and produced quality crimps. cook.
  6. cookoff013

    ITX 10

    motty, thats the way to do it !
  7. cookoff013

    Doing what we are Told

    How do you get them to sleep in such neat rows? Cracking job pc
  8. cookoff013

    ITX 10

    At the shotsiizee retrofitted too.
  9. cookoff013

    Lee Loadall 20g cost?

    I think the negativity is due to ppl signing up and just using it to sell stuff. The community spirit here is diminishing. I wouldn't take it personally. It's the internet after all.
  10. cookoff013

    cheaper lead

    George, that was short and sweet!
  11. cookoff013

    ITX 10

    thats 4.54kg or about 126x 36g loads or 141x classic 32g loads.
  12. cookoff013

    ITX 10

    i did a nontoxic pressure test to basically buy one powder and wad-hull and swap the shot out. overall the test gave up some useful information. one being the powder. i suppose its not too silly to chat about powder or the overall package of a shell. i reloaded lead, steel, bismuth,niceshot,copper**** hw13 / powershot and itx10. the individual shells say very little and compressing the dataset in statistics really do it justice. i would whole heartedly replace any lead shell with the same volume of bismuth. thats calculated using 0.888 as a difference. take a 42g lead load, take out the lead and add about 37g of bismuth. when i did this in my test that was 36 lead load and 32g bismuth. the actual pressure dropped. hardly groundbreaking but its what i did. infact as the wad i used had to be steel rated when replacing the same volume ie 36g lead vs 25g steel, 28g coppershot, 32g bismuth,32g niceshot, all the pressures were lower than the aforementioned 36g lead. now i did load 42g powershot aswell but it failed on statistics. that was hard luck. now i suppose you guys are wondering what am i on about? well i can shoot nearly all nontoxics with one reloading dataset. except for the aforementioned 42g powershot load that failed. there is nothing stopping me now loading up 36g of powershot with a bit of packing lifting the shot. ie 20gauge hard card at the bottom of the wad. i can even load up a total amount of 36g of powershot / steel shot (in a special ratio, maybe steel 7s to act as a retrospective filler / buffer). this was the most interesting concept of using steel shot as a buffer to fill the volume so the load would be something like 30g powershot with steel shot on top. i`d have to do the calculation though.... am i off my rocker for thinking like this? i did all this with a mediocre powder ie vectan A1, because we are always told to use 381, alliant steel, sp2 bm50 powder or c4. 1300fps powershot is a viable goose shell. the rest were designed for ducking.
  13. Try 36g steel shot and upwards, alliant steel really shouldnt be used for loads below 32grams of steel shot. there are many published loads, but the 36g + loads perform alot better. As for the other comments, i cant really say much, i`m nearly always only interested in the 1" in the chamber. My research and testings have "lead" me to believe powders nearly always perform better at the maximum payload, under a 1250fps model. the inclusion of steel shot partly follows that trend, but a need for speed (well, 1400-ish). with other nontoxic stuff, a big pinch of salt required. but that itx10 stuff and powershot rock !
  14. cookoff013

    ITX 10

    its expensive with anything over 32g ! so it really expensive in the 10.