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  1. Knives

    yes please the boy scout knife if still available
  2. 20 gauge

    Got a Lincoln ou if you are interested Leicestershire
  3. Decoying After Storm Dorris

    drove home past a field tonight that was full of them. with big flock circling in the wind and droping down in the field and trees. the wind and rain did not put them off.
  4. 20g lightweight over and under in Essex region ?

    got a Lincoln o/u ejector 28" barrel. want £250 I'm in Leicestershire though
  5. Remington 1100/11-87 wooden stock wanted

    where abouts are you located . and have you got some pictures of the stock you want to part ex. I have a mint stock and forend in leicestershire
  6. Wanted 28 bore

    got a 20 bore going nice and cheap. if not the bosher should be able to sort you out.
  7. Cartridges for sale

    are any of these fibre ?
  8. pioneer car hands free mic

    looks like a standard 2.5mm plug so any mic should fit. where are you located
  9. Fieldstick Ideas?

    how about adapting a hide pole
  10. is it collection only or would you post ?
  11. In-ear protection

    shooter aid are good value and comfy to wear all day
  12. New shape L200 Auto

    what year you looking at ? got a 2006 which has been good for the 12 months ive owned it. can get 32 mpg on a run,but your looking at 28 mpg average usage
  13. O/U 20bore single trigger ejector

    Lincoln no2 fixed choke looking for £250
  14. Winchester super x2 12 gauge

    Now sold Pleasure to deal with you gerron Hope you enjoy it
  15. 20 bore

    got a Lincoln no2 fixed choke not being used in the cabinet. pm me if interested