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  1. Enjoy.....such a nice area, usually visit once or twice a year and do Poldhu Cove, Church Cove, Kynance Cove.....
  2. About 30 mins from Fairford you will find 'Francis Lovel & Co' in Witney. Have used a few times and always great service and a lot of knowledge.
  3. Hey, anyone here got the sept/oct 2017 basc magazine and have a problem with pages. Mine gets to pg10 then jumps to pg27-42 then back to pg27. missing pg11-pg26. Am I missing the best pages ever??
  4. I dropped you a message earlier through Gun Watch.
  5. How much of each did you use and how did you make it please....i got a few to use and no one wants them! Cheers
  6. Will have a closer look at the fruit tomorrow, don't appear to have the sort of veins that show on Google images and the green gooseberry. Cheers all.
  7. Never heard of a black gooseberry till now, there are green hairy gooseberries also, these red/black ones are not furry and feel similar to grapes.
  8. Help from the experts needed! Just took on an allotment and has many fruits on it but can't identify this one, any help please?
  9. I would recommend this place for a hunting experience.....did an experience last year, walking and beating local fields/woods for quarry and even had time to use ferrets to flush to the birds later in the day and do some handling. http://milletsfarmfalconry.co.uk/falconry-experiences-2/
  10. I don't even get a temporary Certificate....a week before expiry mid august I was told all was renewed in the tvp system so just had to wait for certificate, 1 week ago it was waiting for printing.
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