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  1. Thanks Scully, great to compare real world experiences. These were hull hp 32gm 5. I’ve used their 30gm 6s bird shooting as long as I can remember through 1/4 and 1/2 in my 686 and it kills as far out as I’m confident in shooting. . These rabbits were shot off the polaris at night between 20 and 30 yards using my al391 and my mates 1100. No real science just a general feeling after over a number of weeks that out of the slabs the farm were supplying for the job, sometimes plastic sometimes fibre, the better cartridge to kill ratio came on the nights we used plastic. I borrowed a friends 20bore for roost shooting last Saturday and I used a box of 28gm RC T3 (plastic) followed by a box of 28gm HP Extreem (fibre) I felt the RCs hit harder than the hull regardless of the difference in felt recoil. Although I believe in that case the difference in brands accounted for much of it. Every RC cartridge I’ve tried has felt hard hitting in comparison to pretty much every other brand I’ve used.
  2. I've had a similar experience with rabbits, same brand/shot size/weight cartridge, the only difference being plasic or fibre wads. I definately had more runners with the fibre, plastic seemed to hit harder and stop more the first time. I assume the plastic holds a slightly tighter pattern giving the impression of more choke. I use fibre exclusively for game and I believe slightly more choke helps with fibre.
  3. shalfordninja33

    How many Grey Squirrels are killed in 2019

    2 last night roost shooting 202
  4. shalfordninja33

    How many Corvids are killed in 2019

    Four more crows last night roost shooting. 20 bore had a run out this time. 1/4 & half choke though the sp1. 28gm RC T3 6s and 7s 👍 25
  5. shalfordninja33

    What Carts for Crows??

    Had another 6 roost shoot lasting night waiting for pigeons. In that situation I find hiding behind a tree best, then shooting them as they fly past, so satisfying watching them fold up! I used my 20bore last night with 28gm RC T3s in 7 or 6. Furthest was around 35yards. RCs certainly hit hard. 😁
  6. shalfordninja33


    I’ve seen more this year on our syndicate in Essex than we have for a long time. Used to have a shoot on site policy to help keep the coursers away, we stopped that about 3 years ago and they’ve recovered really well. The coursers are back as well 😢
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    I treated myself to a Seiko SKX007 for my 40th Last year, very reasonably priced from creation watches direct from Japan. It onyl took about 5 days to arrive after ordering. Jewelers over here only seemed to stock the kinetic or quartz movements. Really pleased with it.
  8. shalfordninja33

    What Carts for Crows??

    Had two crows last night with 32gm no 6 hull HP though 3/4 briley extended choke out of my Urika. Folded them up a treat 👍
  9. shalfordninja33

    How many Grey Squirrels are killed in 2019

    One last night roost shooting 173
  10. shalfordninja33

    How many Corvids are killed in 2019

    Two crows roost shooting last night. 32gm no 6 hull HP 3/4 briley choke. Good night 21
  11. shalfordninja33

    How many Grey Squirrels are killed in 2019

    Only 6 picked up today after walking through 5 woods on our walk around day. Disappointing, I would have expect 6 out of each wood. Still roost shooting for the next month or so so hopefully will catch up with the little *******!
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    Winter Watch.

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    Busy with the kids

    I had my girls out on Sunday morning laying patches of nut hazel down to help with bramble growth. Better than sitting indoors the morning after our beaters day dinner. They love it when they're out. Its great showing them around. We've got a partridge pen to burn and replace in the spring, they're be well up for it! Fire and children!
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    I avoid the big franchises where possible. I’m with you the quality is of the food and coffee is poor. Im almost always able to find an independent that serves a better product for not a lot more money. The only one I tend to use if I have to in London is Pret.
  15. shalfordninja33

    The Field Magazine

    Tollerman, you have PM.