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  1. Davyo, much of what you say in this post I can relate to. I'm 8 weeks into CBT and I feel more positive than I have done in years. I'd got to the point where I wasn't talking to anyone, including my wife and family. The feeling of isolation is awful, I got to the point where I didn't feel anything. I get private healthcare via work and though their mental health cover I saw a therapist within 48hrs of the initial psychological assessments. One reason I didn't do anything for so long was worrying about my SGC and what flags have been put on my medical records. My renewal is due in May and I'm completing the paperwork at the moment. I'm hopeful it won't adversely affect my renewal. I agree that you don't fully recover, for me it's a case of using the techniques CBT has taught me and staying vigilant for the signs and triggers and taking care of myself. Im talking again and I find myself opening up to people that I never would have in the past. Talking definitely is the best medicine. All the best.
  2. I went roost shooting on Saturday afternoon, after a dozen or so shots I had a failure to cycle with the bolt stuck half way between rearward and battery. After I cleared the mag tube of the other two shells I tried some gentle coaxing of the bolt to no avail. I packed up and when I got home pulled the forend off, at which point a piece of metal fell onto the dining table 😳 followed by a second piece as i eased the barrel and push rod forward. Close inspection of the piston revealed two broken ears. Que much panic from me as to how I’d get another one, a quick internet search later revealed its not an uncommon fault on early 391s to the point that the piston was redesigned, they’re held in stock in the Beretta e store and a new one arrived this morning. Has anyone else had a similar issue with a 391? ive fitted the new piston and hopefully normal service will resume this weekend.
  3. @jbk, interesting videos, thank you for sharing. Have you considered using cyclinder and 1/4 chokes in your 20 rather than 1/4 & 1/2? I've been using them in my Beretta 690 20 bore over the last 12 months and its killed consistency with 25/25gm 7's and 6's. At the ranges the birds appear to be at in your videos I would suggest than cylinder and 1/4 would do the job perfectly.
  4. Wymberley, I’ve used cylinder and quarter with 26gm rc JK6 or sipe no7 for pretty much all my driven shooting this season, verses the 12 I was using last year with 30gm no7 hull hp cylinder and quarter. The 20 has been either hit or miss, fewer runners which I’m happy about. Whilst I haven’t yet patterned the 20 I have the feeling that it throws a tighter pattern against the 12. The 12 is a briley Mobil choked 686. The 20 a 690 with standard optima hp. I also have an al391 in 20 bore which I used on our walk about day this weekend, with 26gm no5 sipe through half choke everything in the pattern was stone dead. My feeling was the UK 4.5 shot size would need slightly more choke to keep the pattern together, it appeared to be very similar to my al391 12 with 32gm 5s through a 1/2choke.
  5. Have you tried opening the chokes up? You may be surprised at what cylinder and 1/4 does through a 20 bore.
  6. Have you tried RC sipes in 26gm? I use them in 7s, 6s and 5s as the season goes on, the 5s (U.K. 4.5) need slightly more choke to hold the pattern, they're definitely the sweet spot though My beretta 690. I've tried 28 and 30gm and didn't notice the difference at the receiving end other than More recoil. I have a 12 bore for 28gm plus loads anyway. The sipe 5s through 1/2 and 1/4 choke are pretty decisive.
  7. I been using these this season, warmer and harder wearing than Macwets, stretchy enough to feel whats going without being too bulky; https://www.tuffaboots.com/product/wroxham-gloves/
  8. I've always found hull cartridge pretty smooth shooting. Verses RC for example which I perceive to have more recoil in a similar load.
  9. I'm in Essex, my SGC runs out in May so I delivered my GP pro forma to the surgery last week, upon receipt the receptionist informed me that the surgery were due to agree their stance on it in the coming days and they would inform me of their decision. I took a call from the surgery this evening informing me that the surgery won't be responding to or completing/auctioning any gp pro formas. Im going to call my FEO tomorrow to let them know and ask them their advice as to how to proceed, Essex FEOs have been good at helping others in a similar situation. As a basc member I'll also call them to see what my options are.
  10. The vittoria versions, or something with a monte carlo stock?
  11. We've had them on our syndicate in the past, not frightened of vehicles, worn claws. spates of rarely seeing a fox on the shoot then picking up 5/6 the following week. We were certain they were dumped but never caught ayone in the act. Not had as many in recent years.
  12. It will be different christmas this year to the one we expected. We moved out of our house in May to have an extention built, it was due to be finished by mid December and both of sets of parents were coming to us. The house is nowhere near finished, we're now looking at mid feb before moving back. Had to tell everyone the bad news a month or so ago. Now me, the wife and kids 6 and 9 years old, are now going to my parents for the day. I'm also now at risk of redundancy with the process due to conclude on 23rd December. Its been a pretty stressful year all in all. On a brighter note after years of suffering I recently started Cognative Behavourial Therapy for Stress and Anxiety, whilst it's early days and despite the house and work issues, I feel more positive about life than I have done in a long time. Im really looking forward to Christmas now. I hope you all have a good festive period with whatever you do.
  13. The nearest Hull Cartridge make these days is pro-one 7.5 24gm. They stopped making HP in no7 about 18 months ago. The 26gm RC sipe fibre in italian 7 (uk 6.5) is very good.
  14. I tried a few boxes and they were ok, I'm not sure what makes them the ultimate 20 bore cartrige. I struggle to see past Hull Cartridges frankly childish marketing these days. I ended up sticking with RC as my 690 seems to pattern more consistently with those as opposed to Hull.
  15. I'm really lucky with Neighbors, our house extension has turned into a complete gutting and refurb, which has been going on since the end of May, a few people in the street have complained about the lorries coming and going, the neigbors either side couldn't be more understanding. Last sunday night I got a call from the attached side saying they had damp patches appearing on their wall from where the builders had opened part of either roof to join our new roof too it. I popped straight around, had a look over a cup of tea, agreed with them that the builders would make sure its watertight the following morning, then once the roof is finished and it's properly water the builders would come in and make good as required, everyone's happy. I dread to think what it could have been like.
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