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  1. https://easternsporting.com/product-category/shotgun/?filter_mechanism=semi-auto&subid=shotgun Have you tried eastern sporting in Great Baddow ?
  2. Same here, cylinder top barrel and 1/4 bottom barrel in my 20b with 26gm No7 (UK 6.5) RC Sipe.
  3. I delayed seeking help for years as I was concerned about loosing my tickets. My situation was slightly different in that I was diagnosed with stress and anxiety, which was putting a stain on me and my immediate family. i started a course of CBT last September and my tickets were due to be renewed in May 2020. I got the medical referral completed, which contained my referral information, put my renewal in and waited for the call. When it came my FEO was very supportive, we had a long conversation about my circumstances, the treatment and when it was likely to conclude. He congratulated me
  4. Yes, l looked at them for a while a bought a scuba dude. The Nite is easily readable throughout the night. I paid less than £80 for it and it’s been very good.
  5. Some nice collections on here! Here's a few of mine. @Lord v I have a Vostok, that I wear as my suit/some different watch, I bought it off Etsy from Ukraine last summer for about £30.00. I love the face designs an will definately add a few more to the collection. I also have an Seiko SKX007 which was a 40th birthday present from my family and a Nite MX10 that I paid next to nothing for from the stand manager at the Shooting Show years ago. The G-Shock is my exercise / outdoor / daily wearer, for the money they're great, £25.00 from ebay, barely used with the case and original
  6. @landy georgeEssex have certainly raised their game, mine runs out on 9th May. FEO did the renewall interview over the phone including a discussion on a recently diagnosed mental health issue, confirmed the renewal at the end of the call and it arrived in the post last week. Around 3 weeks from paperwork going in to ticket being recieved. Contrast that to my renewall 5 years ago which took around 8 months! if this is the new world of GP Pro-formas i'm all for it! The biggest ball ache was by GP who refused to complete the pro-forma, I then had to submit a formal request for my medical re
  7. once I'd made them in a pan I could never go back to the microwave.
  8. Good News Steve. Essex also renewed mine over the phone last Thursday, my ticket runs out on 8th May. I got a usual questions about any changes and some historial confusion which was used as a potential catch me out. The FEO asked me about the circumstances of my refereal for CBT, congratuated me for getting help and approved my renewall! Only problem is my guns are currently in storage and the RFD is closed, I therefore have nothing to clean whilst I'm working for home.
  9. I’m certain going back to Hollywood her the plan all along
  10. I sent my paperwork into Essex about 10 days ago, my SGC runs out in May. I took a call from the FEO this afternoon who ran through everything over the phone. My GP referal stated treatment for Stress and Anxiety which the FEO asked me about, I explained the circumstances of it and the treatment. They congratulated me for seeking help and approved my renewall, moving forward they requested that I declare it on each future renewall. Happy days!
  11. I had to supply my surgery with a written request for FULL medical records, which they provided after about 3 weeks of sending me summaries and useless links. I then added that to the form I downloaded from Firearmsmedicalreports If it helps here's a copy of the request to the surgery, Following our conversation earlier please can you arrange for a hard copy of my full medical records to be collated and made available for me to collect in the next 7 days. I require them in order for a medical report to be completed by a GP on my behalf. The copy must include all of my rec
  12. I recieved my medical records from the Dr Surgery last friday, I posted them along with the requested forms to https://firearmsmedicalreports.co.uk/ They received the package on Monday and have written back to me today with the a draft of the completed documentation along with the bank detail to Pay their £50.00 fee. They've made a note about a single record of anxiety with a referal for counciling in Nov 2019 which I'm sure will raise some questions. I'm with Essex and my SGC runs out early in May, as soon as I recieve the completed from I'll get them into Essex Police and crack on, fin
  13. Have a look a genesis trays I’m putting one in that’s 1600x900 at the moment. Under £300.00.
  14. I'm interested to see how this develops. I got a copy of my medical records which has a Psychological wellbeing assessment, followed by a referal for CBT, my SGC is due to be renewed in Feb, my local surgery isnt assisting with any referal letters so i'm having to go down the BASC/2rd party route.
  15. Davyo, much of what you say in this post I can relate to. I'm 8 weeks into CBT and I feel more positive than I have done in years. I'd got to the point where I wasn't talking to anyone, including my wife and family. The feeling of isolation is awful, I got to the point where I didn't feel anything. I get private healthcare via work and though their mental health cover I saw a therapist within 48hrs of the initial psychological assessments. One reason I didn't do anything for so long was worrying about my SGC and what flags have been put on my medical records. My renewal is due in May and
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