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  1. Yes I have the affliction! I inherited a 16bore leech sxs 2 years ago and it’s beautiful to look at and shoot. i use Hull three crowns 28gm no7.
  2. I use this one from a shop on eBay. GB gunstocks. 3 Coats on my 690 so far it’s progressing nicely.
  3. Give it time Raja, all the events are covered in the end👍
  4. Much better than the dross the men came up with earlier. Commitment, attacking, the men could learn a lot.
  5. Well. I’m about 400 miles in and I’m really pleased😁 quiet, comfortable, sporty and practical. The wife refuses to drive it as it’s an auto, no bad thing! 4 dump runs and a kids day out over the weekend. It’s not the biggest estate but there’s room enough for most eventualities. Sporty enough for some play time when I get the chance. I'm definitely a convert.
  6. Thanks mate! Wednesday can’t come quick enough 😁 yes it’s got the electric tailgate and like all tourings the independent glass. Ive got journeys to Poole, norwich and bridgewater in the coming weeks, some long runs for us to get properly aquainted👍
  7. Hi Washerboy, I’ll certainly do that. My office has a garage next door so I’ll give it to them for a good once over and an oil change on one of their quieter days👍
  8. Well, I’ve made a purchase! A mint 64 plate 320d m sport XDrive. 35k on the clock. One owner from new FSH. Has a few upgrades, paddle shift and xenon headlights. Test drove it yesterday which was fatal 😁 got a good trade in for my insignia, collecting it from lister BMW in Boston next Wednesday, much better deal travelling a few hours north. The same car in the southeast was around £1,500 more. Sleepless nights from now until then!
  9. A friend of mine has shot foxes on rainham marshes RSPB reserve for a number of years.
  10. I took a team of 18 to Six Mile Bottom for the afternoon last Friday. Great fun! Jackie and Richard put on a great event along with post shoot meal afterwards. Highly reccomended. Got though about 300 shells over the 3hrs, even with 21gm through my 20 bore 5 drives was plenty.
  11. Three of the guys I work with have bmw 320s which have all had exhaust valve/egr cooler issues. 2 under warranty were Changed no questions asked. The third was out of warranty and had to be changed at the owners cost before the recall was issued. He duly changed it and a month or so later got a letter advising him it had to be changed again as part of the recall 🙄 que much arguing over the the cost of the original part, the dealership didn’t want to know. he may as well have been taking to himself 🤬
  12. Sounds cracking Dave 😁👍Had a drive in a 65 plate 320d m sport auto yesterday. I was surprised at how quick it was. The 8 speed auto certainly makes the most of the engine. It will be more than enough for most real world driving. £30/year road tax too! Im due a annual bonus at the end of this month which will give me a healthy deposit to put down. There seems to be plenty of approved used ones about, Better value if I drive 2hrs north, bmw prices in the south east are ridiculous!
  13. My hope is that WJ and co have shot themselves in the foot in a way that they never intended. They may end up losIng much more support than they hoped to gain from this. Hopefully the move of GL control from NE to DEFRA will make this kind of incident much more difficult to carry out in future.
  14. I've asked Piers and GMTV the question as to wther or not they're seen the letter.
  15. Run flats sound like a pain, many people moan about the ride quailty, I believe you can change all 4 for non run flats and carry a can of foam in case of emergency? Thanks for the advice guys, the MOT on my current car is due 10th September, I'm going to take my time and find as lower milage 330d as I can for my budget of £17-£18k, ideally under 40k on the clock.
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