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  1. shalfordninja33

    Kids and Guns.

    It's difficult to be too safe IMO, I've taught a few friends to shoot and always drummed into them them it takes one mistake to cause a lifetime of misery, just dont go there. The clay ground is quite a structured environment, if they're not perfectly safe there I'd be more concerned with them out in the Field. Another Friends son has been shooting for a few years now and he'll be shooting on the beaters day under the supervision of one of the guns, his dad had been pushing for him to do more than I believe he's capable of, as a result they've both spent a lot more time shooting clays over the summer and the boy's now pretty capable. I explained to his dad that the boy's got the rest of his life to enjoy shooting, if it takes a year or two to get the basics nailed he'll be better for it.
  2. shalfordninja33

    Wanted left hand 12 gauge

    I’ve used RH autos for years and bought the LH Benelli as I thought using a proper left hand auto would be easier. Turns out my brain is so used to using a RH auto Left handed I found it much harder. Equally the Benelli didn’t fit me very well, as a consequence it hasn’t been used for a few years. I bought a RH AL391 and shoot much better with it. If i don’t sell the Benelli privately it will be traded in next year for a LH beretta 32” 691 in 20bore. No worries, thanks for letting me know.
  3. shalfordninja33

    Wanted left hand 12 gauge

    I have a Benelli Mancino 28 inch barrel, little use, 4 chokes, uncased. Condition similer to this one; https://www.guntrader.uk/guns/shotguns/benelli/semi-auto/12-gauge/mancino-180914121945005 If your interested and want more detailed pics let me know, where are you based? I'm in Essex, looking for £700.00 ono.
  4. shalfordninja33

    Bricks and Mortar Discount used shotgun

    I've always found if your polite and keep it light hearted if not a discount, a few freebees will be thrown in.
  5. shalfordninja33

    Left hand auto

    I have a Benelli Mancino in good condition, not Synthetic but is left hand with little use. Condition would be similar to this, has a sling and 3 spare chokes, no case, although i have a case for my 391 which it could potentially fit into. https://www.guntrader.uk/guns/shotguns/benelli/semi-auto/12-gauge/mancino-180914121945005 If you want some pics let me know.
  6. shalfordninja33

    28 bore v 20 bore

    Thank you, Many the guys I shoot with that use 20's use RC JK6 to great effect. I'll try those as they seem to be pretty popular, I've used Hull Cartridges for as long a I can remember and I'd like to stick with their 25gm high pheasant. Although I'll try something in 28gm for comparison.
  7. shalfordninja33

    28 bore v 20 bore

    Is there much difference in the felt recoil of 28gm verses 25gm through a 20? I use a 12 at the moment with 30gm of 6 and will be treating myself to a 20 for my birthday in the summer. I use hull hp at the moment which I find really smooth shooting through my 12. I’d like to use their 25gm load through the 20next year, I’m concerned that putting 28gm through a lighter 20 would increase the felt recoil somewhat.
  8. shalfordninja33

    Choke gauge and an observation.

    I shot a simulated game day in the summer and had inadvertanly flicked the barrel selector to shoot the the half choke first followed by the quarter, the longest range clays I broke that day were using the quarter choke, I'd only realised I was shooting the barrels the other way around on the last drive. Following that i'm using Skeet and Quarter with 30gm No7 for my driven shooting this year and it's been every bit as successful. I'm convinced that many people use too much choke for their standard of shooting and would help themselves by opening up a bit.
  9. shalfordninja33

    What a spineless cabinet we have

    May gone in 48hrs?
  10. shalfordninja33

    Choke Question

    Thank you for the info, I'll take a look at the Gamebore.
  11. shalfordninja33

    Choke Question

    Always an interesting debate. I use as open a choke as I feel I can get away with, on essex partridge and pheasant I use Briley Skeet and Improved Cyclinder, with 30gm no 7 Hull HP. Though by 80's era 686, 30 inch barrells. It throws a nice consistent pattern on the plate which I have confidence in in the field. When I miss it's almost certainly me rather than a lack of choke and the closer birds aren't pillowcased, unlike some others that I've seen. Only Problem now is Hull have stopped making my favoured 30gm no 7. I managed to find two slabs to last this season, then I be changing to 30gm no 6.
  12. shalfordninja33

    strange conversation in the butchers

    Their game dealer is charging to collect rather than paying and hopefully is finding fewer shoots interested. Another excuse.
  13. Droning on is what this thread is. People can shoot paper all day and quote numbers. This threads gone from interesting to boring.
  14. Very nice pieces sir! With 36gm + being used on these days is anyone using semi autos yet? The recoil from that kind of load must be pretty fearsome. I imagine a gas operated gun would be softer on the shoulder. Im all for the tradition of a double barrelled gun. But from a practicality viewpoint an auto would make sense IMO.
  15. shalfordninja33

    Upcoming Recession and financial Crash

    I'm in the process of re-mortgaging to extend, we've been in our house 15 years and have a mortgage of approx a third of the value of the house, I want to take the mortgage upto 2 thirds value, my salary has remained completely static for the last 12 years. Accounting for inflaltation my relatime earnings have dropped something like £15k and still the banks can't do enough for me! We've considered moving but it's such a massive jump in value to a 3 bed detached or 4 bed house, lot's of relatively poor quality housing too. Whereas i can spend £100k on my current house and effectviely end up with someing half as big again exactly how I want it. Local builders is Essex seem to be pretty busy, I dont have much knowledge of the sector but I'm looking to start in the Spring and half of those I've spoken to are booked until late summer. i want to get a new 5yr mortgage fixed in place sooner rather than later in case the rates start to rise next year.