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  1. For me it's fairly straight forward in that the vast majority to shooters over estimate range and more importantly their ability. (me included) As if using more choke with a heavier payload makes up for the lack of the latter. As @JohnfromUK says a bird at 25 to 35 yards will more that likely be comfortably despatched with little if any choke and a moderate payload. From my personal experience on Essex 'normal farm shoot style' ranges it's perfectly adequate, dead is dead with very few wounded, therefore I don't see the need to use a heavier load or tighter chokes, it works.
  2. I agree with this last sentence completely, I use the two most open chokes that came with my 20b Beretta for all my shooting. With 26gm of No7 it works really well.
  3. Another great result for Cav yesterday, I bet he never thought he's be here are pretty much being left without a ride last season. Looks a tough day on paper today with two ascents of Mont Ventoux, hopefully Ineos will try and put Pogacar on back foot and isolate him early doors, although it seems like he uses their train for his own good and that's unlikely to happen. Carapaz looks like the only GC rider prepared to have a go at the moment and hopefully he will. The one benefit of working from home is the coverage will be on from the go.
  4. The cartridge manufacturers still have a great deal of work to do. I believe Eley are the only manufacturer making non toxic bio wadded 20bore shell. Everything else in steel seems to be plastic wadded. I’ll be carrying on with fibre wadded lead until its no longer available or illegal gal to do so.
  5. Sorry, I meant with reference to cartridges loaded with steel. I believe they’re pretty much all plastic wads. I use exclusively fibre at the moment. I’m thinking more in relation to non lead loadings of which the majority are plastic wads.
  6. The BASC published an article today on the first year of their 5 year transition to non lead alternatives. With the exception of eley, from what I can see all the non lead alternatives in 20bore use a plastic wad. I for one don't wish to litter the countryside with plastic wads and will carry on using using lead until its outlawed or a suitable alternative is produced. Do, or will the large commercial shoots allow plastic wadded cartridges (for which the large proportion of non toxic cartridges. Ie steel used plastic wads. I guess they'll have no alternative to allow them which flys in the face of the whole sustainability argument.
  7. I bought a 20bore (Beretta 690) O/U 2 years ago as I was after something lighter to carry and I haven't used my 12 bores since. I added a 20b AL391 last summer for hide and roost shooting and at the moment I can't see any of my 12s being used any time soon. I found it easier to shoot be be more instinctive with my driven shooting, although with the lighter weight it has to be driven more, I'm not as consistent on the longer shots as I used to be but I'm convinced that me and having to adapt my shooting rather than any disadvantage with using a lighter payload. I put 26gm RC Sipes through them in No7 or No6 and for where I live in Essex it's perfect. I use cylinder and 1/4 in the O/U and 1/4 in the Semi. I've tried 28 gram and heavier loads and other than an increase in felt recoil there wasn't a discernible difference at the receiving end. I've found with smaller framed guns getting the fit right is critical, whatever you buy spend some money getting it fitted. I'll keep one 12 bore whilst the lead change over develops in case the loads for the 20b are too expensive/restrictive. Or I may just move both 12's on and free up cabinet space as they haven't been used for nearly 2 years now.
  8. I find the cheaper bleach bathroom clearers really good, spray on and leave for 30mins and repeat as necessary.
  9. I was out on Saturday afternoon. It was pretty quiet in the wood that I was in, I had 4 but the guy in the wood next to me had 17 and the next wood over had a dozen or so. If I get 2 or 20 its just nice to be out. Did anyone else go last Saturday?
  10. Both my 12 and 20 bore AL391s run on Castrol fully synthetic motor oil and they work really well on it.
  11. I'm planning on roost shooting tomorrow on our syndicate which is approximately 9 miles from my front door. I'll be completely alone for the duration. I wasn't planning on going until I had a call from our keeper earlier informing me that given the volume of rape on the farm this year the farm manager would like the syndicate members to cover a wood each on Saturday afternoons for the foreseeable future. On that basis I believe I'm complying with the rules. https://basc.org.uk/coronavirus/
  12. Country Squire have published another article this morning, the Daily Mailed pick up the previous one. https://countrysquire.co.uk/2020/12/23/damning-video-footage-nails-packham/
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