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  1. shalfordninja33

    Upcoming Recession and financial Crash

    I'm in the process of re-mortgaging to extend, we've been in our house 15 years and have a mortgage of approx a third of the value of the house, I want to take the mortgage upto 2 thirds value, my salary has remained completely static for the last 12 years. Accounting for inflaltation my relatime earnings have dropped something like £15k and still the banks can't do enough for me! We've considered moving but it's such a massive jump in value to a 3 bed detached or 4 bed house, lot's of relatively poor quality housing too. Whereas i can spend £100k on my current house and effectviely end up with someing half as big again exactly how I want it. Local builders is Essex seem to be pretty busy, I dont have much knowledge of the sector but I'm looking to start in the Spring and half of those I've spoken to are booked until late summer. i want to get a new 5yr mortgage fixed in place sooner rather than later in case the rates start to rise next year.
  2. shalfordninja33

    Ford Fiesta Eco Boost

  3. shalfordninja33

    Ford Fiesta Eco Boost

    Thank you for the info Westward, going to finalise a deal on a 65 plate tomorrow, I'll make a point of asking about the recall.
  4. shalfordninja33

    Ford Fiesta Eco Boost

    From the little research I’ve done it appears that only the 1.6 and 2.0 were recalled. I couldn’t find anything on the 1.0. Hopefully that’s not affected m.
  5. shalfordninja33

    Ford Fiesta Eco Boost

    Just checked and it’s near it’s mileage limit. Mot is due in December and it will need new front tyres and brake discs/pads. Spoke to the garage we got it from and they have a 65 plate ecoboost titanium with half the miles in the clock for the same monthly payment. Will take a look at the weekend and hopefully change it.
  6. shalfordninja33

    Ford Fiesta Eco Boost

    My wife has a fiesta 1.0 Eco Boost, it only does about 3k miles a year, we get about 45mpg out if it, which I think is pretty reasonable and better than the diesel megane we had. Drives and goes well, the 3 cyclinder engine drives more like a diesel than a petrol engine. It's on a PCP deal for 4k miles a year £130 per month. When that deal runs out in Feb we'll be getting another one.
  7. shalfordninja33

    Briley Extended IC Beretta Mobil Choke

    Wingman, you have PM! 👍
  8. shalfordninja33

    Extended chokes for armsan a620

    Google briley or Teague. Both with mail order them to you in a couple of days. Teague direct. Briley come from gun.co.uk i think
  9. shalfordninja33

    A jolly drive to Cambridge

    Same for me too.
  10. shalfordninja33

    Start them young

    My wife and two little ones love a walk around the shoot in the summer, we enjoy it more than the shoot days, so much to see and show them, special times.
  11. shalfordninja33

    Man bags/wallets

    Don’t they call them fanny packs! 😁 My contactless cards have been fine. They sit right next to the phone. Train ticket gets wiped occasionally.
  12. shalfordninja33

    Man bags/wallets

    I rarely carry cash these days so bank cards go in phone case, wallets stays in car mainly, that goes in one pocket with car key. Readers in the other pocket. Whole lot them comes out and gets put on the table if I’m drinking or eating out. If I’m working in London I Carry a small rucksack. Containing laptop, note pad, chargers, wallet keys etc. Phone/oyster is all I leave on me. Thought about getting a bum bag!?!
  13. shalfordninja33

    Shooting game with open chokes

    Improved and Quarter for me too, although I'm considering changing to Cylinder and Improved for next season, I used 30gm 7's or 6's last year, Essex Pheasants aren't the mosting testing and I like to give myself as much chance as possible.
  14. shalfordninja33

    Country pub/ Resturant

    http://www.thesquareandcompasses.co.uk/ Another good local near me in Essex.
  15. shalfordninja33

    Country pub/ Resturant

    Indeed! It's a small world.