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  1. Yep, our british gas boiler and pipe cover when up 30% yesterday, no claims, nothing over the last 12 months, phoned then and they dropped it 20% immediately.
  2. I’ve tried 21 to 28gm through my 690 and other than a load more recoil the heavier loads didn’t make any difference at the receiving end. I feed it 26gm RCs now which seems to be the sweet spot for me and the gun. 👍
  3. Visited the black cow brewery in Dorset a few years ago. Its made from the left overs of cheese making I believe. I like the vodka, it's nice out of the freezer on its own, there's a bottle in there at the moment. The after taste reminds me of milk bottle sweets 😀
  4. With the current trend of 'high' bird days and the heavy loads being driven through those guns, I would think an auto would be better suited to dealing with the recoil.
  5. I shot a 30inch 686 in 12 bore for years, I added a 690 20 bore in Feb and after swinging 29/30/32 barrelled models in the shop I settled on the 30. 32 felt great in the shoulder but looked so long and didn’t feel very practical, I’m not the tallest in the world 🙄 I like some weight out front and the 30 felt just right. Individual preference is key, there’s no right or wrong answer.
  6. We’re Having an extension put on the back of our house at the moment. 1930s semi. The original plan was just to take the kitchen/diner floor up and replace with wet underfloor heating with the original room joined to the new. When the rear floor came up it was apparent that joists were rotten and Definitely needed replacing. I was amazed at the amount of rubbish that accumulated around the air bricks. Sadly the front room and hallway aren’t much better so I now have a house with no Floating floors, they been taken back to the original concrete and will be replaced with 125mm of cellotex? I’m not that technical 🤷‍♂️ Covered with 75mm screed containing wet underfloor heating throughout the ground floor. what should have been a 4 month project will be at least 6 months. There isn’t much of the original house left!
  7. If I ever have the funds for that kind of driven shooting I buy 2 682 Golds, have them serviced and refinished , job done. A couple of friends of mine shoot these high birds days and both have recently sold Perazzis following relabilty issues and gone back to Browning & Berettas.
  8. I’ve had a 686 onyx for 20 years. It never missed a beat. Just regular cleaning after use. I had a serviced about 3 years ago. Hinge pins where replaced and that was it. Good for another 17years.
  9. They’re a good idea. For putting less stress through the frame of nothing else. I’ve seen one made up using two sheets of marine ply and tennis balls! Which I’m going to try. My knees definitely heat up indoors which I’m hoping a rocker plate will help with. https://www.cyclechat.net/threads/turbo-rocker-board.232667/
  10. There’s been a few updates to the kickr and core recently. One is a quieter drive belt. The unit itself is very quiet. The drivetrain makes the most noise.
  11. I’ve just purchased a wahoo kickr core. I’ve gone with a TrainerRoad subscription rather than zwift. I can see the appeal of zwift.
  12. I started off using 28gm sipe in my 690 20b and I found them too punchy for my liking. The 26gm are a joy to shoot by comparison and still seem to be hard hitting. JK6 are my favs though it but I only seem to be able to get them through just cartridges.
  13. What kind of build is he? It would be worth taking him to a shop and handing both to see which he’s more comfortable with. 21gm through both a 12 and 20 are a joy to shoot. Personally I find 28gm a bit lumpy through my 690, 20b, certainly RC sipes anyway. However 24-26gm is a joy to shoot with no discernible difference at the receiving end. Be careful if you don’t use a 20 already, once you’ve had a go you may find yourself not giving it back 😁😂
  14. Freelance journalist Matt Cross doesn’t mind laying into Packham and co. So puffingate was fake news. https://www.shootinguk.co.uk/uncategorized/exclusive-shooting-times-investigation-proves-puffin-hunting-claims-lie-106927
  15. TT I’m 42 and can relate to much of what you’ve posted. I’m married with 2 kids and have certainly had those empty feelings in recent times. I reflect on how far I’ve come and how I’m blessed to have a beautiful wife and children. We’re having our house pretty much rebuilt and having our family home knocked about is affecting me more than I thought. It great to hear the words of others and realise we’re not unique in these feelings. Its finding what’s causing them that’s the difficult part! all the best.
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