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  1. What chamber please. 3 or 3&1/2
  2. Welcome to the elite 7-08 club. A cartridge for the gentleman hunter
  3. Hi, do you need help to start reloading or just want some one to make ammo for you. If it’s the first them pm me. If the second I think that’s illegal unless cip approved. Never, ever shoot someone else’s reloads.
  4. Yes she was. Shame her weapon handling skills wasn’t up to much. Waving a Vector around.
  5. Just got back . Not impressed. Found nearly everything expensive. Only bargain I found was a new Hatsan in Black for £280. Shame I’ve got a few other shotguns. Other than that a lot of expensive stuff you don’t need. PCSO’s from North Yorkshire police walking round looking “ tactical”.
  6. When I was a lad, an old boy gave me a straight razor. Carbon steel, really thin and @#£&£#@ Sharp, it was old, ivory handle, like something from a Gangster film. If you looked at it wrong, it would cut you. Only tried it once, one stroke down my cheek. I washed it, dried it, oiled it and back in its case. It scared the %%%%# out of me. Cartridge razors for me. Blades from evil bay.
  7. After using cheep scopes I bit the bullet and bought Swarovski scopes for my centre fires. I got them all second hand in private sales and would never go back to the lower end. But I run 2 opti mates on my rimfires and am very happy with them. If you buy a second hand scope from one of the top makes you won't lose much if you sell it on. For my two pennies worth I would always buy the best I could afford. A good scope will outlast you. If shooting living things then you owe them the best most painless end possible. The last thing you want is a wounded one because the scope lost zero or you took a chance with a poor sight picture.
  8. Thank Edger Brothers for that. I brought loads in last year. Then they took over the distribution and then the price went up so the only way is through them for a 100% mark up
  9. But they do. We have lost self loaders and hand guns. If we get Labour in with Dianne Abbot as home sec. don't think she will leave us alone. It will be pop guns, corks and short string.
  10. Hi all. I need a pillar or block bedded synthetic stock for a short action right hand standard barrel. Cash waiting. Must have pillars or bedding block.
  11. You get caught with stuff you've not got permission to have you may be sharing a cell with Big Bubba Daddy. Easy way round it. Let the guy use your reloading gear and show him how to go on. Anything goes wrong it's up to them not you.
  12. iain

    Scopes for sale

    Minox now sold. Only the Nikon left.
  13. iain

    Scopes for sale

    Burris now sold. Minox sold pending funds.
  14. I'm with him. Second hand ones are cheap. A lot of rifle for the money
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