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  1. When is a holiday not a holiday

    I’m never away from internet use when on holiday. I don’t do sunbathing at all. My two favourite (regular) holidays are not holidays.... but I wouldn’t change them Winter - Skiing - in pain and suffering (legs) in the freezing cold. Summer - Florida - walking miles and queuing in the most ridiculous humid heat. If you don’t mind me asking. Where are you in Oz?
  2. Teacher bashing!!

    Clearly you’re just a keyboard walt.......Bet you’re a right laugh in the pub. Do you really think individual teachers in the classroom close down schools when it snows?
  3. Teacher bashing!!

    They are amazing. But for me it was only 3 days, the last 2 were 8 years apart....... anyway walshie, what do you do for a job?
  4. Teacher bashing!!

    Actually you’re right. Approx 15 years ago it was absolutely golden...... I know some past retirees who live an ace life, most of these however didn’t have children so weren’t robbed for every single penny. Supermarket managers don’t earn £8 an hour. Many, but of course not all retail staff (on the shop floor) who have degrees, are in ‘wishy washy’ subjects, so can’t get employment. As an example - we only need so many artists and interior designers. Granted there will be skilled engineers etc in the same situation, but there for different reasons.
  5. Teacher bashing!!

    Why should teachers change job after say 30 years? They have paid into the pot for a pension that is not transferable. Not sure what’s ‘according’ about it. I simply stated what it is. It’s ok, not great. Many private and public sectors have a much better deal.
  6. Teacher bashing!!

    I did. If you heard me howling, you would understand..... That was was a joke by the way....
  7. Teacher bashing!!

    My response is in 2 parts. 1. Great pension? I work on 40/80th average Salary deal. Significantly different to what I signed up 22 years ago. If I don’t do the 40 years I suffer massively..... Imagine trying to be a PE teacher at 67 (qualified at 23 years old) and trying to keep up on the sports field with 15 / 16 year olds playing football for 5 hours a day x 5 days a week. REALLY? 2. I love my job (to sum it up, it’s a practical based subject). I’ve worked with scum and stars, many have gone on to be famous* and others are in jail for murder. It’s shorter hours than many jobs, but much longer in many ways. * I taught Cheryl tweedy / Cole / versainy (spelling)
  8. The Salisbury poison gas incident.

    I was under the impression that the nuclear deterrent is 100% under operational control of the uk government so when a sub is fully loaded at sea it is ours to do as we please. Doesn’t the prime mister have to decide on what the captain does if we are wiped out? I thought USA supplied a servicing to the weapons, but that’s it. If if this is not the case, I’d enjoy reading the evidence.
  9. The Salisbury poison gas incident.

    Should it have went seemless? But something didn’t or the agents forgot to turn up for that part of the training?
  10. Lost permission and FAC renewal

    My local RFD did ask me that question a few years ago and mentioned that there were quiet a few FAC’s for the land. I solve that problem now with no new FAC’s and inform the RFD when FAC owners leave the land. It’s surprising how many people want to join a syndicate just to access firearms.
  11. Recommend a digital camera?

    Canon eos m. Small enough to put in a handbag and allows for lens attachment of all sizes. Should pick up a second hand model cheap as chips.
  12. Vacuum pack machine

    Anyone got any recommendations? I would like to give more game away to friends and family, well presented and not suffering from freezer burn. Also use to marinate meat and fish.
  13. School closures

    Not sure if the last few posts show signs of jealousy, the need for counselling or a thirst for teacher training.
  14. School closures

    Keep bashing.... I can’t describe the rubbish you are spouting as I would get banned from here. Here I am. Unfortunelty it was 2 weeks ago, had I known, I could have had a bargain 5 days.
  15. School closures

    Funny this. I’m a teacher (loving the ‘bashing’ by the way) cos I’ve been off for the last 2 days and tomorrow. Not because the school wants to close but the PFI management company (insert labour or conservatives fault on that one). Here is a few others I’ve seen. 1. Bins not emptied 2. Amazon deliveries not happened 3. Bank closed 4. Pub closed 5. Shops closed 6. Mrs tried to book a spa break for her mates closed 7. Airport closed 9. Trains cancelled 10. Gunshops closed I live 1 miles from the A1 closed between Morpeth and Berwick traffic parked up for the night, the police have closed it. Yip - all teachers fault LG- you seem keen on teacher bashing this last few days, why is that? Have you had issues with your son’s school? Do you have an issue? You’re in the north east, are you seeing something different to me?