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  1. Well well. No mention of the free stuff today and where you collect it from (bikes, computers etc etc). Just a warning to BJ….. Well knock me down with a feather….
  2. Well fill ya boots fella and good luck to you and everyone else. Ironically, move away from the borders and there is such an anti English feeling it’s unreal. What Scotland doesn’t realise is move away from Northumberland and Cumbria, a lot of the population want shot of you (and a border). I find independence sad, but inevitable. You make your bed and lie in it. The pessimist in me hopes you fail big time.
  3. Yet another ‘SNP’ rhetoric trip up. How many tax payers in Scotland as a proportion of the adult population?
  4. Cos in Scotland, SNP pays for everything.
  5. But The Republic of Scotland wants to be in EU and NATO so that’s irrelevant. As Scotland would have to spend (plus it employees people in SCOTLAND) and you seem happy with the East Coast Main Line paid for by the UK. So trains suit when it suits? More SNP lies, spin and rhetoric.
  6. So why do you need UK £? GERS….. ah yes, that is what was stopping you using your resources…..
  7. I suppose Angus R got voted in because there are many more gullible fools who listen to independence rhetoric (just like yourself).
  8. I’m done with them and changed to a independence supporter. I’ll queue to show my passport when crossing the border to see the wife’s family. I know who it will hurt more.
  9. Show your passport, get a visa, change your £ to € and over you go. Simples!
  10. Edinburgh Central voted in Angus Robertson. I’m gobsmacked, more proven sleaze than Boris…. I was the biggest support of the union, but now give them their independence, give them their share of the UK debt, build a hard border and don’t allow them back.
  11. I have a 28g browning cynergy Hunter. Love it with a 24-28gm load. Sweet shooting, less recoil than my Miroku 12g with a 32gm load. Stack up on lead if they stop selling it, after all, the market isn’t as big as the 12 / 20 brigade.
  12. At that range. 34gm 5 or 4 with open chokes will bring them down no problem. Shoot a pattern plate at that range with open or closed chokes you’d struggle to tell the difference. Most ‘Meer Mortals’ will struggle to hit anything at that range without worrying about the choke. I count myself in the bracket.
  13. They will actually fit a standard optima barrel. The thread will only be locked in half way, but the choke will line up. You could use them with regular checks to make sure they are tight. I have no idea why beretta made chokes with such similar names and threads in such similar places.
  14. Looking to try hatching half a dozen white pheasants to line up with our poults arriving. Seen small incubators and eggs on eBay. Anyone had any success?
  15. markm


    I’m a glutton for a gadget. Bought a Pinter and just opened my first brew tonight. It’s slightly cloudy as I got a glug when first pouring and unsettled it, as the valve was blocked. It clears quickly in the glass so should be clear tomorrow. Very easy way to start. Condensation on the glass increases the cloudy look
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