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  1. markm

    Home energy use.

    We had an old fridge freezer that was using 760KWH per year. I’ve ordered a new one that will use 200KWH. Pay for itself in a year. Surprisingly a 20 year old small chest freezer uses very little and would take 5 years to pay for itself. Most important, my beer fridge has cost 5p in the last 24 hours.
  2. Without going into full details (I’m not a chemist) it changes to alcohol easier.
  3. Yes. I’ve got a 25 litre batch set away since Friday . Last year I tried using champagne yeast and 50/50 brewing sugar and cane sugar…. It actually ended up too strong. This year I’ve stepped down to 25/75 with the champagne yeast. Bubbling away!!!!
  4. markm

    Home energy use.

    LED bulbs through the house. just started with the energy monitoring plug. old fridge freezer is costing 50p a day to run. A new one will pay for itself in a year. Going to test the small Chest freezer next.
  5. markm

    Home energy use.

    KWH. This is electricity so far this month.
  6. markm

    Home energy use.

    Thanks for the response. 2 small toilets (just toilet) with underfloor heating. We tried turning them off, it made no noticeable difference. Showers are 1x electric and 2 hot water tank (1 is a power shower, other is pressure fed). Kettle is a qooker (just new in 2021). We have a early smart meter that was installed by a previous provider and doesn’t work with the current (apparently)
  7. Just wondering if anyone can give me some advice…… We own a 5 bedroom house and have 4 adults. It’s a mid 90’s 4 bedroom build, with an extension. The washing machine goes a lot. 2 times a day at least (it’s a brand new Bosch). We very rarely use the tumble drier. My direct debt is £330 a month. We use around 1/2 the the average gas use, for a 5 bedroom house per year, but around 3x the electric average electricity. (Plus - we are out all day at work or school). Whilst on holiday last week, the house used 16KW of power. When we are in the house we use around 20-25. The usual - modern TVs on stand by, Alexas, ring cameras, etc etc. Can V1 digital smart meters be wrong?
  8. £20? or £25 posted.
  9. Unused. Up to 42” waist. Open loop. £25 collected (NE61) £30 posted
  10. Several members of what? Or have I missed it? - Here? What club? You sound like a ‘walt’ to me Mark (A worried 28 Browning Cynergy User)
  11. Suggest what you want for it. Ask people to put in their best and final offer. Bidders have no idea what has been offered and by how many people. You need an estate agent who will play the game and add some drama.
  12. Closed bids. Best way and you can reject the highest if you’re not happy.
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