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  1. Great bloke. Met him when I was younger. He done a kids tv programme with my dad on what happens to sewage. My dad worked for Northumbrian Water.
  2. markm


    Easily blocked and easily unblocked. Also got to keep the filters clean. Other than that they run very well. Recently lost our DC01 (first model I bought with northern rock shares).
  3. Unfortunately it’s only a matter of time before burning is stopped. Joe public sees a moor burning = global warming (as people have been trained by the media).
  4. Agree on the Miroku. You may struggle with a MK38/70 but should just about hit a MK60.
  5. With the good old brooks trigger kit for a CZ .22 (I’m sure it was recommended) to give the stock a bang on the floor to check for safety (nothing in it of course). So I presume it can happen.
  6. markm

    London bridge

    Sorry (and I’m sure you will agree) all of these people need a pride of Britain award and a knighthood.
  7. markm

    London bridge

    The whole of the video, which is stopped on news channels seems to confirm this is the case. Split decision and the right one. What happens if it was real? If it was and it went off, serving police, who ran to the scene would be dead, as well as the good citizens. video on liveleak
  8. Worth 5 mins reading. Not all teachers are raving lefties!!!
  9. Brand new with tags. £120 delivered. I prefer breeks and waxed cotton leggings, if they don’t go, I’ll just wear them.... Same as here - PM for a photo if you would like to see them. https://www.gameandcountry.co.uk/Harkila+Pro+Hunter+X+Breeks+SE-110111823/0_CAAA142_CAAA309_CAAA196/PRAB207.htm
  10. This isn’t the first one. Vauxhall had a one a few months back. 2 gay women (don’t know why they need the term lesbian) who were rushing to the hospital as one of them was about to give birth. As long as it’s not racist or homophobic (ie - heterosexual, Britain, white) then it will tick a equality box on someone’s desk.
  11. markm

    Poor old Elizabeth

    I’m a royalist but only think it should extend to those top 5 in line to the throne. After that they need to get a job in Pizza Express etc. He’s such a waste of space and I do think we won’t be seeing much of him after this and it isn’t going away.
  12. I like this idea. I've also found glove liners, then surgical (latex type) with leather shooting gloves on top is a good combination.
  13. Have they got wet? Is it a large load in a 67/70mm case and it’s simply compressed? Not working right = keep missing (lol)
  14. markm

    17 mod

    SAK do the job, but there are some very good dedicated 17 mods on the market including a DM80
  15. Home bargain and ASDA do 10kg bags of smokeless coal for £4.
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