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  1. Got a qooker. It’s great for all jobs. Only the hot water aa the tank for filtered and sparking is expensive and big. Note - Northumberland’s water doesn’t need filtering and sparkling bottles are dead cheap at home bargains and bookers. Of course, there is always a sodastream for £90 new. For safety - take a little getting used to and you need 2 hands. One holding the cup and one on the tap.
  2. Everyone thinks teachers are lazy numpties who do no good other than encouraging students to become snowflakes and join PETA. This teacher has promoted game nationally for years. He’s provided schools with all types of game and had kids cook them all. Give him a vote, fantastic promotion for our sport and getting the public eating game. EAT GAME AWARDS 2021 - Vote Joe Joe Mann has been nominated as a finalist in the @EatGameUK for all the amazing work he has done using Game meat to cook with his students. Joe is up for the award of Best Game Educator. He has some serious competition amongst the finalists, all of whom we have worked with in the past!! I would love to see a Food Teacher win this award and I am sure you would too. So, could I ask that you show Joe your support and cast a vote for him here: https://eatgame.co.uk/eat-game-awards/voting/#best_edu Thank you
  3. I had one in 17 HMR. Best way I can discribe them is a Ferrari gun. Only got rid of mine as I upgraded to a 17 hornet.
  4. I use off cuts, a good friend gets them from a pallet manufacturer. Some is kiln dry (They burn too fast and too hot) others are soaking (they basically make smouldering smoke bombs) - but a mixture of the 2 works well. I only have a single story twin wall, it stays clean as it doesn't have time to cool done before it’s out the top. I’ve burned pallet blocks and no issues. The only issue is mine is a multi fuel stove so the nails block the grate.
  5. If anyone wants to share this sale. I’d buy it and I only want the U2. Just split the rest at an agreed price.
  6. They are tremendous. Our’s goes 24/7 from sept - may. Filled during the day when we are out and during the night with smokeless coal (sue me lol) and filled with wood at other times and when people are it in the house passing. We are a mid 90’s build in a smokeless area. The only issue is they aren’t cheap to run unless you have access to free wood, somewhere to store the wood and a chain saw. Wood is easily come by, especially in the summer months (and after storms).
  7. No more bonds? it was a mediocre film by the way…. The reboots are endless. 1. He jumped down a shaft into water. 2 A book closes and he’s stood there. 3. He’s knocked out, being tortured. 4. He wakes up in hospital. 5. He wakes up in someone’s bed. 6. 48 hours earlier he planned something and that didn’t happen.
  8. Browning silver (early model) didn’t have a rib.
  9. Clearview. Same questions been asked for years.
  10. OMG. My break even point over the year, paying monthly is £251 a month.
  11. It could be (and still may get) worse in a few years time.
  12. I went wild and have 6 Oktoberfest kegs…… in a pub, you’d be lucky to get cali for less than £6 a pint. They are basically a mini fridge that cocoons around the keg and keeps it at 3 degrees. The blade goes to 2 degrees. The beers are in a bag and are squeezed out by adding air into a chamber, creating a false atmosphere. The beer never comes into contact with air which means it’s guaranteed for 30 days. it does last longer, apparently……. The beers are different as they are keg fresh. And they taste significantly better than from a pub and a million times better than can or bottle. cost - around 1/3 more than cans or bottles. space - around the size of a bucket, but cuboid. The blade is much bigger.
  13. I used to be a lager lout…. But the the PD got me into IPA. I alway grab the Oktoberfest kegs for Xmas. There has been a few beers on limited release this year, all were great and more will come along. Unfortunately, after a few months of having these machines, you’ll begrudge going out, as it kicks the *** out of pub draft and when you’re paying £5+ a pint you’ll think ***.
  14. Le Trappe is 100x better than leffe. And I like it. Leffe is my next keg in. Good first choice, but swap the leffe, you won’t regret it.
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