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  1. Hi. I normally only use a jet wash To clean the 25litre drinkers we use, which involves a lot of movement, but under the circumstances... what do you use? 1. Virkon S. 2. Milton. 3. Sterident.
  2. Garage still doing the MOT. Panic over.
  3. I thought it was only for HGV etc. Do you have a link?
  4. Both the mrs and I are key workers with a commute. We both have 17 plates cars that are due an MOT in the next 2-3 weeks. (They were booked in but everywhere is now closed) Where do we stand legally on driving? Any suggestions, where to seek advice?
  5. Risk assessment will say “beaters doing the conga, through the wood must keep at least 2 meters apart.”
  6. It’s inevitable it will until a vaccine is produced. We may have to shoot but not socialise in cabins, pubs etc. It would be easy to keep 2M from each other when beating and shooting. Plus you’re outdoors anyway, no worse than walking down a street.
  7. Tell you what I’d like to see. BASC (+all others) & Cartridge boss’ (particularly lylevale and gamebore) get together and have an online debate so we can all decide who’s telling ‘porkies’ Can’t be that hard to do?
  8. Well well. Gamebore don’t seem that happy with this lot! New statement. https://gamebore.com/uk/news/news/additional-statement
  9. A few years ago my mum was flying from Newcastle to London for a wedding. She had bought a cake knife as the present for the couple. she only had luggage and being in her mid 70’s she never thought. At security her case for pushed to one side, the security staff opened up her bad and pulled out a bottle of water, closed her bag and off she went with a 10” knife. Just last week in Geneva (airside) every second shop had Swiss Army knives of various different sizes.
  10. Fourteen actually. That’s all you’re getting from me. Please, before belittling, learn about punctuation.
  11. @David BASC I know you have been reading this, but not commenting. I really think you (and all main staff) need to resign and walk away. This is a mess, of a mess, of a mess. You lot are done (or remain hanging on like Corbyn. REALLY?) Use (our money) aka the fighting fund to bring NRA staff over for the the USA to take control of BASC. Can it be done? You lot, threw away your employment rights 5 days ago. If you think you didn’t, you are simply ‘slugs’ milking us all.... David? Thoughts.....
  12. Yes baby...... Add on the £50k at tax payers expense. Loads of holidays, did I tell you I get 12 weeks per year. Might have forgot to say I finish at 14.45 every day, that’s lunch time and only half a day down. Pension, well it’s OK I suppose....... INSET days - boosh, we do coffee - lunch - coffee - home (all with a hangover I might add) PS - don’t tell anyone, don’t want people coming into the profession and ruining it....
  13. I’m sure we’d also have a claim on the mis-management front. Look at the fiasco a few years ago at the mill
  14. Some organisations are not there to support / defend shooting. EG - NGO. I know a number of keepers who never use a shotgun other than limited vermin control. Just thinking. Mis-sold pensions, mortgages, PPI, holidays, cars. All claim back £££££ Have we been mis-sold memberships? I feel I have. Is there a claim here?
  15. That’s ok, but a ban on carts, wads and lead all in one? 1. We don’t really REALLY need plastic wads for lead shot. So 5 years to ban them. Or not a ban, a move by cart manufacturers removing them from production. They all sign up to it 2. Plastic cartridges, The same in the next 5 year. Modern biodegradable or paper 3. Lead, by 2035. Giving extra time for development. Are all the organisations going to spend their reserves (and money spent on their jollies) on developments? I do find it quite ironic BASC have done more ‘media’ today than I’ve ever seen them do.
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