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  1. Reloading, getting started?

    RCBS is just a slightly better (more the finish) product. It’s a bit like cars, a ford can do just about the same as an Audi. As you’re using ballistic tip (on vermin) there being no exit wound is not a bad thing as that’s what the bullets are designed to do, it also means all the energy is being released and absorbed inside the quarry.
  2. Reloading, getting started?

    I would suggest you start with a lee reloading kit. They do 2, one is called the anniversary or the breech lock and a set of dies. Should be ready to go with equipment for £200, of course you need powder, primers, cases and bullets (commonly called heads, which is wrong) This will reload as good as any and is the staple diet for a whole load of people. If you feel the need to upgrade any parts you won’t lose a load of cash.
  3. Salopian, are you really suggesting that birds are crated for release over guns, on that day, in the uk?
  4. Let me start by saying I’m not a fan, but I do follow him on Facebook. Just wonder if anyone had heard any ‘factual information’ in the things below. He has a discussion running relating to ‘big bags’. Apparently, so the claims go the BBC is preparing a programme on a big estate in wales who have bought an incinerator and another claim is they have spent a year with a ‘big bag’ shoot in Yorkshire.
  5. IVY

    If I remember correctly. Ivy doesn’t actually kill the host tree.
  6. Ceramic frying pan

    No need. They are genuinely non stick (the first ones I’ve ever had that do as they claim).
  7. Ceramic frying pan

    Yes. Do any friends have cards? I’ve tried other non stick and they are not a patch on these. Never used oil since I bought them, even for eggs The big one is the perfect size for making quasadillia.
  8. Ceramic frying pan

    A year. But they are as good as new. I know that’s not long but I expect them to last a long time and I believe they come with a lifetime g’tee.
  9. Ceramic frying pan

    I’m astounded at how good these are. https://m.costco.co.uk/view/p/starfrit-the-rock-frying-pan-set-2-piece-408137
  10. Fleas

  11. Here we go again? Plastic.

    It’s a ‘fake’ problem. We recycle plastics via household waste. Most plastic going into the sea from here is due to flooding.
  12. Thermal base layers

    I picked up 3 sets of HH lifa 2 parts sets for £15 each a few years ago (Needed 3 for skiing). A total bargain in my eyes.
  13. Thermal base layers

    Helly Hansen (at the end of the winter sports direct have them cheap also picked bargains up from uttings). Also so under armour, again from sports direct. Im not brand conscious but the fabric Technology / blend / fit is much better than cheap stuff.
  14. Lily Allen - Homeless?

    I’d put her, bono, Chris Martin and morrisey in a vat of boiling oil
  15. Harika smock offer

    You can pay a lot more for a jacket! https://www.musto.com/en_GB/ventile-arctic-primaloft-parka/MJ2140.html?dwvar_MJ2140_color=COVG&cgid=mens-coats-jackets-expedition#start=10