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  1. I find this funny... Why don’t you brexiteer’s start walking the talk. Pay your parking fee, walk to the high street and spend your pound notes in local shops?
  2. markm

    Beretta Outlander???

    Based on the tried and tested 3XX berettas. They will have fired millions of cartridges around the world. I’ve fired 28gm to 42gm carts with no problems in mine.
  3. markm


    Lying in bed in Washington DC as I type this. As a family we’ve travelled to the US nearly every year for the last 20 years, done east coast, west coast, Hawaii as well as visited and stayed in many small towns (eg - Marcellus near Syracuse). Cultures from the USA are much better for the UK than many others our ‘multi cultural’ country has become. Eg - I do believe that we should be as proud of current and ex service men and women as Americans are. I really like the fact that Americans appreciate us visiting and spending money, go to many other places in the world, including many in Europe and they simply see us as a cash cow.
  4. markm

    Chain saw sharpener

    Get a stihl easy file. Expensive, but once you have one will last for ever. The get the blade like new in minutes. Probably need a 4mm one.
  5. markm

    Ski Boots & Kit

    I would buy them here, get them fitted (best thing I ever bought was custom insoles for my boots.) Wear them all all day over a weekend to see how they fit. Even at the end of the season in resort, the reductions (I’ve seen) aren’t worth the hassle, you’re talking about coppers
  6. markm

    Auto feeders

    And they do a mighty fine job. Very easy to set up, I use mine to supplement trough feeding.
  7. markm

    Wasp sting

    Happened to me this week. Been stung loads of times when strimming on the shoot. On Tuesday this week, got stung on the hand and it’s come up like a pudding. Been to doctors today and given prescription anti histamine.
  8. markm


    We had Virgin Atlantic AMEX and are travelling to Washington for a week in August, using the points. 3 adults and 1 child for just under £800. Could have done it for a few quid had it been outside of the school holidays. Done Vegas a few years ago travelling first class with Virgin. Cost £400 for 2 flights (inc transfers from Newcastle to London). I can’t remember how much it should have cost, but you could have bought a new car for it.... The virgin one is stopping and probably going to BA.
  9. markm

    .17 Hornet limited manufacturers

    I had a HW 66 jagdmatch in 17HMR. At the time they done a .22 hornet in the same rifle. I always thought about buying one and getting it rebarrelled. As they now do one from the factory, it’s only a matter of time. Best rifle I've ever owner. The engineering is outstanding.
  10. markm

    Tour de France 2018

    Alpe d’huez is Thursday. Now that is a part worth watching.....
  11. markm

    webber Q1200 51080074 gas BBQ

    Proper bargain. I’ve had a Q200 for 7 years. Sat on patio 12 months a year, still going great. You’ll not get that from a £150 B&Q rust job after 12 months.
  12. markm

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Naughty naughty http://news.sky.com/story/vote-leave-referred-to-police-over-breaking-electoral-law-11439218
  13. markm

    Brew dog Beer

    I like some of their products. The standard ipa and elvis Juice (grapefruit).
  14. markm

    Mobile phone networks

    Buy the handset outright. Take out a three network sim only deal. I’ve done most other options. I see this as the middle ground.
  15. markm

    More powders being banned

    Good job I’ve got a whole tub of this for my 17 hornet reloads. Using 11gns per load, I think I’ll be ok for a while...