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  1. “My kids were lucky with an email once a week” “Bone idle teachers” ”appease teachers” Those belong to parents who don’t care or have rose tinted glasses.... Thank god someone can see some good in us. Thanks Morrison’s, for the 10% discount on my shopping..... to think I earn £65k a year...... and still get that.
  2. Showing very amateur wannabe comedian skills there. A real comic would have said “Mickey Mouse.”
  3. A few years ago we were in Disney (magic kingdom) and a former student that my wife and I both taught, was in a queue for a ride (we didn’t know she was there - never had any contact after leaving school, she had done uni etc) and chatted as we moved. She was just starting travelling USA for a year. Roll forward 12 months, we are at the same park and same ride and guess who was in the queue at the same time.....
  4. The big issue there is no creditable alternative in Scotland to the SNP. Whatever Nikeoliar (and her cronies) says / does isn’t challenged on STV so Scottish people take it as fact. Anything good happens = SNP’s fault. Anything bad happens = UK Gov fault* *and that includes all devolved issues. The fact the SNP has missed 8/10 NHS targets is because of the UK Gov.
  5. Yet again, the Scottish fail to answer any questions (default answer “I’m to busy”) Just like the SNP.
  6. It wouldn’t be a bonus to “not subsidise an independent Scotland.” I also think the whole of the UK should be asked. It would be a clear, big FU. It may just make Scots realise how much they’ve sickened their closest, subsidising relatives. Which I would find very sad.
  7. markm

    Trafalgar day

    Vice Admiral Collingwood lived in the town I live in. Had quite a few activities on today.
  8. I find it strange that so many defend the Scottish government (and Nikeoliar). When you look at covid, they’ve had no-one to challenge them. But facts speak for themselves, over the medium and long term they’ve been in power. Here a just a few - 1. Ferries. 2. NHS hospitals / waiting lists. 3. Free speech. 4. Schools. 5. Police Scotland. 6. Named person.
  9. The union? Our live are intertwined in 100,000’s of ways. What I think the nationalists fail to see is if you go a county or two down from the border most in England think they are just a whingeing drain..... in Northumberland, Scotland is part of my life, Wales means 0% to me. But I don’t want the union broken up.
  10. I presume you want independence for Scotland? I have 50 questions I’d like to ask you, but I’ll as you one and tell you what I’d fight for. 1. What Currency will you use? I live in Northumberland and spend a lot of time in Scotland (wife is Scottish). If Scotland chooses to leave (if they ever get a second vote) it can’t be made easy for Scotland. So no £, hard borders, challenging paperwork when crossing, significant share of union debt paid for before leaving, removal of BBC / MSM, no military support other than NATO and a ‘get back in clause after 5 years*’ *
  11. Okies, you’re right....it’s a little higher than £4K, sorry...... The Office for National Statistics has produced data on surplus/deficit per person - ie the gap between what is raised in revenues and what is spent. On that measure, Northern Ireland had the highest net fiscal deficit per head, at £4,978, in 2018-2019, followed by Wales at £4,280.
  12. Bet they don’t turn off the £4,000 per person per year subsidy...... I have no problems with lock down restrictions, these lot are plying the devolved game. Surely the UK gov are going to wade in and stop this...... Nikeliar will be next.......
  13. My son is a trainee fitter for the local clearview dealer. We had ours fitted when he was still in primary school, so no friends and family deals for us.
  14. Once a year. clearview stove with twin wall. I bought a brush and rods from Screwfix. Our chimney is single story so most of the heavy gas (that can tar up) is out of the top before it cools. A sweep with rods produces less than a ash pan full in the bottom. As it’s straight up I can get a look it after cleaning and it’s never blocked, even before cleaning (and burning some daft things it in when drunk....)
  15. Anyone have a sub or a perfect draft? What do you think? (note - I don’t want a fridge with a keg in etc, I understand they are probably a much better pint)
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