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  1. markm

    Tour de France 2018

    Alpe d’huez is Thursday. Now that is a part worth watching.....
  2. markm

    webber Q1200 51080074 gas BBQ

    Proper bargain. I’ve had a Q200 for 7 years. Sat on patio 12 months a year, still going great. You’ll not get that from a £150 B&Q rust job after 12 months.
  3. markm

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Naughty naughty http://news.sky.com/story/vote-leave-referred-to-police-over-breaking-electoral-law-11439218
  4. markm

    Brew dog Beer

    I like some of their products. The standard ipa and elvis Juice (grapefruit).
  5. markm

    Mobile phone networks

    Buy the handset outright. Take out a three network sim only deal. I’ve done most other options. I see this as the middle ground.
  6. markm

    More powders being banned

    Good job I’ve got a whole tub of this for my 17 hornet reloads. Using 11gns per load, I think I’ll be ok for a while...
  7. markm

    Brexit airbus now BMW

    We’ve not left yet........ What happened to easyjet? All aircraft are now (or will be) registered in Europe. (before you attack me with a shiv, I was remain and now I’m lost along with most of the uk)
  8. markm

    Are cars to complicated?

    Having already had a major fall out over moving headlights..... I look forward to hearing how much these LED indicators cost to replace.
  9. Hi. Just wondering if these venison cut names are correct in the uk. Not sure if the hind leg should be haunch?
  10. markm

    Small lawn area levelling

    Hi, looking for some advice. The back lawn has a few small areas (paving stone size - removed. ) that are lower than the rest of the grass, I filled them with turf last summer but are approx 10mm lower than the surrounding area, but the grass grows well in these areas. What would you suggest to level the lawn? Sand, top soil or something else? Ps - just want it level, no need for a bowling green.
  11. markm

    Tommy Robinson

    So what was the outcome of the trial?
  12. markm

    Vac Packing game as our own promotion

    I’m giving meat away for free to friends and family..... did many of you read my first post? However- In the house, the Mrs has her advanced food hygiene cert (she used to teach intermediate FH) and I have my intermediate. She is a fully qualified food teacher and I have an HND in food and consumer studies. I’m familiar with HACCP etc.... Can I still give game away? (Sarcasm)
  13. markm

    Vac Packing game as our own promotion

    Hi mate. I bought a CN514. I got the impression that the only extra the chamber model was you could use it for liquids. The cost was OTT for what I wanted.
  14. A few months ago I put a question up here about what type of vac packer to buy. The reason being, I wanted to start and give away oven ready game to friends, this coming season to try and promote the sport we all love. I wanted to try and present the food well rather than just throwing it moist, in a small food bag. To cut a long story short I eventually picked up a semi pro buffalo vac packer, for a quarter of the normal price, brand new off eBay. Tomorrow i’m off to see some friends in North Yorkshire, with perfect timing a lad I shoot with got a nice roe on Saturday. Below is a couple of half loins and small joints, packed which I’m taking down. To go with this, a 200ml bottle of Sloe Gin, ironically the berries were picked in the same wood the roe was harvested. looking forward to the game season, I already have a load of people at work interested. I plan on printing envelope labels with names of the meat and harvest date.
  15. A neighbour opposite with adjoining gardens religiously feeds birds, the problem is 90% of the would be classed as vermin (feral pigeons, crows, jackdaws) along with seagulls and a few pleasant birds. Thr problem is the feral pigeons have now taken up residence on my roof, the result is noise, annoying the dog who sees them sat on the fence, mess on the patio, conservatory roof what looks like an increase of moss on the roof due to their droppings and the lawn looks like a game crop (emerging) with all the dropped seeds I’ve chased them, not made any difference... Can I shoot them them with an air rifle (ferals) when on my lawn? Am I covered by the general license?