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  1. This is a stunt because of the change at the top of the BBC. If he gets pulled in about impartiality, he can then pull this out of the bag.
  2. I’ve commented on the lead stance BASC took and left the organisation (voting with my feet). However well done to all the shooting organisations in involved. Shooting is included, but so are many other sports.
  3. I use hornady 20’s. As per this thread that’s all I can think off. Only other thing is, your firing pin.
  4. I load 11.4. Any signs of pressure issues on the case? What weight bullet?
  5. I’d also say soft primers. Noting to indicate high pressure as the primer hasn’t flattened. Are they factory loads?
  6. I’ve got some black lids 20+ years old. My first batch of red ones are around 5 years old and they are starting to go.
  7. Hi. We have a loads of feeders with red lids. The barrels themselves are fine but the plastic lids have been faded and are starting to turn brittle with the UV. Does anyone know a supplier or come up with their own solution?
  8. I’ve had a pair for 20 years. Still work and fit. They company recently sent me out dust caps FOC.
  9. And I bet 10/10 people would struggle to see any difference on a pattern plate or out in the field, if the gun is pointed in the right direction. On another note, when looking at bore sizes. You could also argue why have heavy loads in any calibre and not move up a bore size. If people want to shoot 28gms in a 28 bore (instead of a 20), 32gms in a 20 bore (instead of a 12) or 3.5” in a 12 bore instead of a 10, that’s their prerogative.
  10. 28g browning cynergy with express 25g #6. I would think it’s just above 6lb. When I swap to my miroku 12g with 30-32g loads, I’m surprised how much more recoil is felt.
  11. I’m pretty sure it isn’t being imported anymore for some safety reason. There are a few other specific powders available for reloading. Not sure about V 133, have you tried google? If you can find a RFD that has it, maybe they would post it up to your local RFD?
  12. I’ve bought some with that in mind.
  13. That sounds like the case. The vet said under the plaque his teeth are very healthy and none are anywhere near needing removed. He’s outside all day, so he could be left with a rib.
  14. So my six year old cocker is just back from the vets after having his second scale and polish, first one at four years old (2 x £280) I find it impossible to brush his teeth (I know I should have done it from the start). He currently gets raw veg mixed into his kibble and tinned meat. His stomach seems to be bomb proof. It it worth swapping fully to a raw diet? I’m happy to make up food for him or should I stick to ‘plaque off’ which I’ve never used? He has no interest in chews and I’m not keep on a raw beef bone in the house Suggestions?
  15. You’ve not upset me..... More of a passing chuckle at your comments about teachers. (Yes I’m one of those evil, work shy individuals who work in schools)
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