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  1. markm

    What a spineless cabinet we have

    How arrogant this whole process has made people, is also staggering.
  2. markm

    Petrol garden tools.

    I use proper 2 stroke in chainsaws and normally just about run them dry and pour out the last few drops Strimmer and leaf vac / blower, I use aspen all the time as they are stored in the garage with fuel in after short runs.
  3. markm

    What a spineless cabinet we have

    But if you’re not happy (because you know the facts) then you must have a solution? Right?
  4. markm

    BREXIT - merged threads

    My worst nightmare is your Corbyn point. Unfortunately I see it coming......
  5. markm

    What a spineless cabinet we have

    Quote them “skim reader” of course, give us the solution as well.
  6. markm

    What a spineless cabinet we have

    Sums it up really. People see themselves at experts (having not read the 500ish pages). To many reese-mog / Johnson love child’s...
  7. markm

    New shape Nissan X trail

    There is a dial between the 2 front seats with 3 settings. 1. 2WD 2. 2WD that will kick in 4WD automatically if needed. 3. Lock - locks 4WD on.
  8. markm

    New shape Nissan X trail

    I’ve got one. I’m a recent Nissan convert. No issues, a good balance between a car and a off road vehicle.
  9. markm

    Bluetooth Headphones Question

    Soundbar is a device for an input, not an output.
  10. markm

    Price hike

    Well in the 1980’s I couldn’t drive as I was born in 1973. But without a doubt you’re out. No receipts, but I was a few years out (mid 90’s) to early 2000’s still best by sub £100 per 1000 is right.
  11. markm

    basc young shots north region

    If i’m honest. BASC are poor in the NE when it comes to young shots.... Let’s just say it’s “jobs for the boys.” This is though personal experience, being a member of BASC.
  12. markm

    Price hike

    Fair enough. We’vehad it cheaper and also more expensive!
  13. markm

    Price hike

    Really? Not it that long ago (just over 10 years) eley black trap were £68 / 1000 locally. With game carts (eg - express super game 32gm) at £112 / 1000. A 300% increase in this time. I wish my wages had gone up that much.
  14. markm


    Hi The answer is yes and yes.
  15. markm

    I really don’t get it

    So you never ‘bit’ to my first post, so how about this. Search moi and look what I have started doing. 200 birds dumped. Why didn’t you do your bit, take them all, kick off with the keeper and the guns and say “this is not on”. Breast them out, vac pack them and you’ll find there is a market beyond what you could ever imagine. Last weekend i done 15 pheasants, it wasn’t any where near enough to meet demand and I only told a few friends. What did I want back? The cost of the vac pac bags..... But you took time to post on this forum.