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  1. markm

    Lewis Hamilton

    That’s the best I’ve heard yet.
  2. markm

    MyUS dot com

    Anyone used them? Not for gun stuff but for sunglasses not available in the UK.
  3. markm


    We used ‘lime’ scooters to get around Washington DC a few years ago. As they are electronic they were much easier to track with gps and who was using them / location etc. They seemed very popular with commuters. A lot of people also had their own ones. Great idea for getting around cities and reducing traffic.
  4. markm

    3 mobile,

    3 is great. Especially their unlimited data contracts. They also allow Wi-Fi calling if the signal is weak in the house.
  5. markm

    Garden gazebo...

    We’ve had various different ones over the years. Total waste of money, buy cheap - buy 10x when it comes to these. See if you can pick up a Coleman event shelter on gumtree or eBay. If not, they are worth the investment new.
  6. Thanks mate. I’m going hunting this week for some
  7. I was reading this thread last night and thought making some would be a fun thing to do. Whilst cutting the grass an hour ago I seen these white flowers, on a bush, in the front. Are they elder flowers and if so, where can I buy all the stuff I need? I know boots used to have a home brewing section.
  8. I’m pretty sure they find shot BoP. I’m also sure that birds that have died in other ways are collected and shot by antis and then taken for an x ray. A BoP hit by a car doesn’t raise funds, a bird shot does.
  9. A friend of mine delivers for Simpson Malt (Scottish borders) and he’s back full time. Breweries and distillery back to full production. I would have thought consumption would be the same if not more during the last few months, people just drinking at home instead.
  10. Thank the Lord, I’ve not been able to sleep about buying this. The new owner will enjoy.. ...
  11. I do similar for flatbreads. 3 table spoons yoghurt 5 table spoons of plain flour salt / pepper Roll out as thin as you can, should give you around 5.
  12. The best gun in the world. Wide rib, invector +, backbored barrels, perfect balance and weight. In a 40 year shooting career, it‘a the only gun I regret selling. If I didn’t already have enough guns, I’d have this one tomorrow.
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