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  1. I’m paying around £85 a slab. For the overkill divas - 34gm of 5’s have a similar number of pellets to 28gm of 6’s. I don’t see any issue.
  2. Not such a thing. Dead is dead and shooting pigeons is vermin control. if someone wants to shoot pigeons with the cheapest of clay loads, pigeon extreme or 3” bismuth. That’s their choice.....
  3. Why not? shot size 5 = hard hitting power. 34gm = fill the pattern, due to shot size. They also cycle well in all semi autos.
  4. I wear shorts 12 months of the year. Walked the dog in shorts and wellies in the snow. It’s my release after wearing trousers to work. Only ever denim or navy chino when I’m being posh. PS - no tattoos here!
  5. There are not many people who I desperately dislike, but NS is one of them. Alex S, whilst not my cup of tea, didn’t get my back up. I’ve yet to hear of any evidence that independence will be a good thing for Scotland or the UK. I live close(ish) to the border and spend quite a lot of time in Scotland, as family is over the border. Move further south than Teesside (on the east) and I think you’ll find an awful lot of ‘The English’ may think good-riddance to NS and Scotland. Which is quite sad.
  6. I’ve just reinstalled macOS Catalina and god knows what I’ve done. I’ve never had 2 storage areas before. Is it an issue? Any ideas how to arrange this?
  7. Thanks mate. We’ve had induction for a while, but it’s this specific brand (with built in extractor) I’d like to know about.
  8. If you have one, do you rate it? We are getting a new kitchen and have been advised / recommended the Bora Pure X.
  9. That’s a bargain. I was in my early 40’s until I realised why people didn’t buy Vauxhall. I had a new top spec AWD Mokka. Direction turning headlight was £750 to replace. Less than 3 years old, not under warranty as it wasn’t covered, classed as a consumable. Eventually the dealership got sick of me, I was verging on being arrested, with my protests, if I’m honest.
  10. Clearly everyone has different ideas. Variety is the spice of life. But there is no need to buy office, the school will have a copy for every student, only issue is the files will disappear when she leave. Our students get office and google, but 99% only use google as the platform is much more student friendly. You can use google suite to work on MS files or import them into the google format and then share with teachers as a pdf (or print of course).
  11. I bet to differ. Bought direct from apple as a refurb in 2014 and still running like new, typing on it right now. Not many laptops will still be doing that and I bet it outlives many bought in 2020.
  12. Modern machines have a wool wash setting. Use woollite or similar. For a few washes before but the detergent straight into the drum so there is no residue in the drawer. If it has a waterproof membrane use nikwax tech wash.
  13. Okies, minor problem with a CB for a year. Have you considered a refurbished MacBook Air? The model will be older but will outlive a £300 laptop.
  14. Why? For that much money, you are asking for problems. Been there, done that. What software does she use at school. Google classroom or MS teams?
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