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  1. Very well said mm. Some people know what goes into shooting Since the first weekend of July I’ve gone up every day to feed, water, check traps, snares, strim / spray vegetation and grass and do a load of other bits and bobs (I have been on holiday and the guys helped out.) Since Feb 2nd planning, ordering, collecting money, every work day + some, etc. This week I start on every second day, mainly to feed ducks, probably until the end of December if not Jan come rain, hail or snow. The syndicate members now take responsibility for feeding certain areas. I’m lucky, the shoot is a 17 mile round trip, never take a £€$ for petrol and also pay the same as other syndicate members (actual i’m throwing money away as my teenage son shoots and I just beat for free). We’ll shoot 10 days this season, I won’t sleep the night before worrying. I also work full time and have a wife and 2 children. I wouldn’t want it any other way!!!!! If all that makes me a feeder (in some peoples eye’s) then so be it.
  2. You are right, but many of these ‘feeders’ also have full time jobs and other commitments and are trying to do stuff part time. Clearly too many semi professionals and full time pros here. No time to chat, waking the dog then going out to do what ‘feeders’ do. Was the pigeon shooting almost finished because it was later on, could the birds be trying to get passed you to go home to roost by any chance.
  3. Until you’ve walked in them shoes, don’t judge. There is a lot of time invested by these ‘feeders’ If you have, you wouldn’t have posted that. What you’ll find is most (of this type) call themselves amateur or part time gamekeeper, that’s a fact There are a lot more (semi) professional vermin controllers (on SGC / FAC applications) which makes me giggle. (Fact from my police force as well as just my opinion.)
  4. Hi. The keeper or vermin shooter? if it’s the vermin shooter, it sounds like he seen an opportunity rather than being asked. Two different things.
  5. You may find that this ‘keeper’ may put in a hell of a lot of hours, pay a hell of a lot of money for the shooting rights, pay a hell of a lot of money for poults, and take a hell of a lot of money off syndicate members. And if you're not doing any of that, I see where he is coming from.
  6. Photograph - def leppard anti social - anthrax for whom the bell tolls - metallica We built this city - starship 2 tribes - Frankie GTH Reason - just ace songs that I really enjoy.
  7. I’m sure when I’ve bought beretta semi autos in the past they come with a warrantee simply by filling in a piece of paper. I have a A300 and A400 model. These have a few years, I’m sure a previous Teknys I had come with at least 5. No cost or service requirements.
  8. Just has my 17 plate x trail done today. £40 pre Re-gas Inspection* £110 for the new ‘green has’ *as the car is still under w’tee I wanted to get this done incase in was a component fault. I’ve has 15 year old cars which are still ice cold.
  9. How can I find out when my car was made? Does it need hooking up to a computer or will there be a plate or sticker with the date on?
  10. What happened to the nests last year makes for interesting reading.
  11. Not inviting them into the game fair had them rattled, look at their twitter feeds, as much as I think it would be good to answer their shallow claims, stopping them seems to have worked Maybe an offer for a live YouTube debate would be a good idea. The 3 WJ leaders v 3 BASC (or ANO). If they turn it down, publish it to the ends of the earth. Win / win in my eyes.
  12. If my experience is anything to go by, it’s will be difficult to clean as it will have penetrated into the grain. You could use a very fine wet And dry using danish oil as a lubricant and continuously wipe clean. The oil should penetrate the dirt and lift some of it and seal the wood at the same time. Do do not use a oil.
  13. £45? x10....... In total Nissan wanted (diagnostic and recharge). If its proven to be a manufacturing fault, it’s free........ A guy I work with has a 02 plate Volvo, still cold as ice and he’s had it since new. Never had a recharge.
  14. Got a 17 plate x trail and the air-con isn’t running cold when it’s 20 + outside Contacted the dealer and ‘apparently’ an air-con re-gas is needed and is classed as a consumable. A quick call around and this seems to be the case and a re-charge is recommended every 2 years.....gggrrrr Anyway as the car is 2017, the gas is the new ‘girly green’ one (which doesn’t last as long) and the Nissan dealer would need me to take out a Mortgage to recharge. A lot of places don’t do it, but a Halfords garage close by does and are a damn sight cheaper. Anyone heard of such a thing? Should it really only last 2 years. Anyone used Halfords? (No I can’t use the groupon deal as it’s not the 134a gas)
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