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  1. £45? x10....... In total Nissan wanted (diagnostic and recharge). If its proven to be a manufacturing fault, it’s free........ A guy I work with has a 02 plate Volvo, still cold as ice and he’s had it since new. Never had a recharge.
  2. Got a 17 plate x trail and the air-con isn’t running cold when it’s 20 + outside Contacted the dealer and ‘apparently’ an air-con re-gas is needed and is classed as a consumable. A quick call around and this seems to be the case and a re-charge is recommended every 2 years.....gggrrrr Anyway as the car is 2017, the gas is the new ‘girly green’ one (which doesn’t last as long) and the Nissan dealer would need me to take out a Mortgage to recharge. A lot of places don’t do it, but a Halfords garage close by does and are a damn sight cheaper. Anyone heard of such a thing? Should it really only last 2 years. Anyone used Halfords? (No I can’t use the groupon deal as it’s not the 134a gas)
  3. As with any medication, the worst thing for both long term and short term is under dose. Make sure you worm them for a few days on every treatment to make sure you catch every bird, water based wormer will turn them off it and some will try not to drink it.
  4. I’ve been in a similar situation. Lots of people want (and expect) shooting for free, you see the adverts on here all the time in the wanted section.
  5. You could always get yourself another!👍 Still looking, no interest so far, but may get some closer to the season.
  6. I agree an ORE. I had one in 12g a few years ago. It looks in good condition for its age. A good guide is how easy it opens and where is the lever to open the gun.
  7. Had a G5 MK-70 for getting on 20 years. Never had a problem, fire away with any questions.
  8. markm


    Thought it was fantastic (still have this weeks to watch). It must have been hell for the 1000’s effected by this. I found the hospital scenes outstanding, the make up was brilliant (but devastatingly sad).
  9. It hasn’t changed since you asked a month ago.
  10. I class myself as British, European. I voted remain. I’m annoyed with leaving Europe. I’ve just voted Brexit Party. Because - I cannot disagree with democracy.....
  11. Sorry, when it comes down to walking hedge rows / rough shooting with a gun under your arm, what flushes the hen sitting tight and if you have a runner, what can a ‘non dog owner’ do about it...... Do you really think I’m going bankrupt for £80. There are always let days for those who ‘are not in the position to have a dog’
  12. Cheers chaps. That’s a fair point sako, the current members are by no means ‘poor’ we just enjoy a walk around, a laugh and a few birds if we stumble upon them. The money (nearly covers) the rent and 3/4 tonne of grain........ Shoot saturdays. As it’s walked up, often a lot more are missed rather than bagged. Its also ‘all inclusive’ food, port and soft drinks for lunch (both if you want).
  13. Hi Chaps. Thanks for the replies. The shoot is located between Morpeth and Alnwick, just off the A1. Dogs are needed due to the nature of the land, style of shooting and splitting up to cover hedgerows etc.
  14. Is this a bump, which my get me banned....... 2 months ago I posted this, and (other than a few tyre kickers) I’ve had no interest. Is the cost too much? (I’m joking) original post - Shoot syndicate of 6 people who shoot once a month through the season. The bag ranges from 5-10 each day. The land is big enough for a 4-5 hour day, start at 10.30 and finish around 2-3pm. Included in the price is your lunch which consists of a couple of hot beef rolls, a soft drink / glass of port and a piece of cake. There is no expectation of work, but it is also welcome. A dog is essential due to the nature of the land. Cost for the season £80. (There are no extras such as pigeon shooting or vermin) 
  15. Hi. Im looking to fence around the outside of our duck pond, this is to stop them wandering up a field / possibly drop down into a burn close by / request off the farmer to reduce damage, we both know they’ll be flying within a few weeks. On my order ‘list’ 1. A fence post every 3 - 4 meters (ground is reasonably flat and soft) posts will not need to stop stock. 1650 x 65 pointed. 2. 900 x 50 mesh, single height. As mentioned this is to keep them in to start with, I know vermin will get over it, at the moment it’s open. Pegged down, not sure to go to 1200 high. 3. length of wire at the top and bottom which of course are stapled to the post. Not sure if single strand or multi would be best. Thoughts on my shopping list?
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