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  1. The general public prefer plastic / global warming / extinction / marine / flooding / drought. Lead ammunition is not currently in their sights. I’m sure BASC said lead wins, until there is an equivalent and economically viable alternative. (Along those lines).
  2. Wish I’d seen that.... Advice to @David BASC Fight 1 - challenge the haters...... they don’t care what animals were shot with. If one or a thousand were shot, it doesn’t matter. Fight 2 - challenge the government on trying to take out sport away, because it involves killing. Fight 3 - There is still a general consensus that only ‘toffs’ shoot. then - Fight 4 - lead ammunition defence. Maybe this ‘chappie’ at BASC should remember who pays his wages...... or ‘jog on’ the old chairman forgot....... Just organising my gear for Saturday. My single box of Eley VIP 34gm #4 bismuth (@£36) tells a story.... PS - what is this chap’s salary? I’d love to know how it compares to the minimum and average UK wage.. another question for @David BASC yes I am a member
  3. I’ve waded into this argument many time. Live in Northumberland, have a Scottish wife, spend a lot of time with her family in Scotland. As far as I’m concerned they are free to leave (with the deal that suits England / Wales / NI, not on SNP terms). BUT - if it does go teets up, Scotland comes back with it’s tail between it’s legs, under different rules,” (eg - increased taxes) with no Scottish government (glorified councillors). Who paid for Holyrood by the way?
  4. markm

    What 3 words

    I’ve had it on my phone for a while. Might need it at some point. There must be some funny word combinations out there.
  5. At no point did he say he wanted to download illegally (eg - off YouTube). You can download amazon prime video on most gadgets, clearly as she has broken her leg, it looks like it’s for TV anyway.
  6. Before you buy, consider a Roku. they allow for amazon as well as other streaming services (Netflix / now tv etc)
  7. markm

    28 Gauge

    Fab little guns. years ago I bought a browning cynergy 28 hunter. Great for your standard driven day and also walked up when the birds flush close in. Lighter loads than a 12 combined with size 6 shot doesn’t go well on birds getting up early. acquiring cartridge, never a problem or buy in bulk.
  8. Squeeze them in but cover them in gun socks. cheap way - long length of elastic bandage and a can of silicon spray.
  9. Have you thought about google products. Cloud based and does the things what 99% of people need.
  10. My wife is Scottish and folk up there all claim to hate her.... but people must be voting for her. If they do leave, I don’t want hard border*, but they must take fiscal responsibility and they don’t get the British £. *They ain’t getting their cake and eating it.....
  11. Great bloke. Met him when I was younger. He done a kids tv programme with my dad on what happens to sewage. My dad worked for Northumbrian Water.
  12. markm


    Easily blocked and easily unblocked. Also got to keep the filters clean. Other than that they run very well. Recently lost our DC01 (first model I bought with northern rock shares).
  13. Unfortunately it’s only a matter of time before burning is stopped. Joe public sees a moor burning = global warming (as people have been trained by the media).
  14. Agree on the Miroku. You may struggle with a MK38/70 but should just about hit a MK60.
  15. With the good old brooks trigger kit for a CZ .22 (I’m sure it was recommended) to give the stock a bang on the floor to check for safety (nothing in it of course). So I presume it can happen.
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