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  1. Clearly not a fan then. But have you had one? I actually rate mine quite high. 1. Raised ground clearance. 2. AWD when I need it. 3. Economical for 50 mile daily round trip. 4. Flat boot bed. 5. Plenty of room for kids / dog / shooting gear. I could mention more.
  2. In its current form it is simply a quasqui +2 which they trialled a few years ago. Everything except the body is the same in both models so the production line could be side by side. Ive heard the AWD on both models is causing them some major cost garage repairs and they are planning on dropping this. Both the mrs and I have one of each
  3. markm

    Browning Ultra models

    My biggest gun sale regret is a yellow go faster stripe Browning GTI.
  4. markm

    Skiing trip

    I think anywhere in France or Switzerland is expensive. We like flaine as the resort isn’t massive and only 60-90 mins (depending on traffic) from Geneva. Done quiet a few of the popular resorts but keep returning there. It’s more of a family resort, only one ‘pub’ but plenty of restaurants. I’m keen on trying any Eastern European resorts (any advice PW’ers?). I’ve done the 3 main Bulgarian ones and wouldn’t go back. One friend is off to Boston (flying there) and the other Japan, but can’t comment as they haven’t been yet. I know the American ski pass is $750 for 5 days (yikes!)
  5. markm

    Skiing trip

    I’m sure you had a good time mate, it’s the best holiday in the world. Just wish I could afford to do it more often (normally one week a year, but last year two) Just stand and watch at the bottom of a steep bit of a red or blue and you’ll see what I’m talking about. When you see people being brought down on a sledge because they are hurt, they are only ever 2 people. 1. Those who think they can go fast but have limited or no skill (specifically stopping without ABS brakes) 2. Those who have been hit by 1. Unfortuntley I've been hit by 1. However due to gender and body mass, I had a sore arm (elbow), a few swear words and pointing finger, the speed demon enjoyed an expensive ride in a white transit van with a flashing blue light and half a wasted week.
  6. markm

    Skiing trip

    I’ve been a skier for many years (had 2 weeks last year - flaine and Alpe d’huez) and off to france again this feb. Bragging about speed, give it a miss.... Develop your skill. Anyone can go fast in a Ferrari, it’s knowing how not to kill yourself or someone else which is important.
  7. markm

    Revo Premium Game 20 gauge

    Does that mean you’re interested in buying them? Bargain at that price, even if they are loose.
  8. markm

    Christmas Greed

    Doesn’t only happen at Xmas. A few years ago I was in a small store that closed at 11pm around 10.50pm. At the ‘oops’ isle there was 3 (4) of us. I was waiting on offal for the dog. Old lady me young couple. Old lady just waited (and I observed), they grabbed everything, when the offal came up, no one wanted it. After that, I helped the old lady to whatever she wanted, the young couple got the leftovers. (There was initially some grabbing, the strong verbal warning worked). The result; a happy senior citizen.
  9. markm

    Miroku MK60 Grade 5 or Browning Crown

    Miroku MK-60. Buy yourself a nice case, cartridge bag and sleeve. You’re fixed for life and won’t regret the MK. In 20 years time you’ll still get parts for it.
  10. Anyone asking for free shooting on the internet is simply lazy or tight. Shooting is relatively easy to get all year round. Join a syndicate (small to large) and many will allow shooting all year round.
  11. markm

    Barrel blowups

    A 20 bore cart traps in a 12 a 28 bore cart traps in a 20
  12. markm

    Thermal Top recommendations

    HH Lifa range are the bees...
  13. markm

    Stove fan

    I’ve got 2. One (branded) was about £90 and the other is an Aldi special. The aldi one is 10 x better.
  14. markm

    Sloe gin

    Put them in the freezer.