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  1. Clearview. Same questions been asked for years.
  2. OMG. My break even point over the year, paying monthly is £251 a month.
  3. It could be (and still may get) worse in a few years time.
  4. I went wild and have 6 Oktoberfest kegs…… in a pub, you’d be lucky to get cali for less than £6 a pint. They are basically a mini fridge that cocoons around the keg and keeps it at 3 degrees. The blade goes to 2 degrees. The beers are in a bag and are squeezed out by adding air into a chamber, creating a false atmosphere. The beer never comes into contact with air which means it’s guaranteed for 30 days. it does last longer, apparently……. The beers are different as they are keg fresh. And they taste significantly better than from a pub and a million times better than can or bottle. cost - around 1/3 more than cans or bottles. space - around the size of a bucket, but cuboid. The blade is much bigger.
  5. I used to be a lager lout…. But the the PD got me into IPA. I alway grab the Oktoberfest kegs for Xmas. There has been a few beers on limited release this year, all were great and more will come along. Unfortunately, after a few months of having these machines, you’ll begrudge going out, as it kicks the *** out of pub draft and when you’re paying £5+ a pint you’ll think ***.
  6. Le Trappe is 100x better than leffe. And I like it. Leffe is my next keg in. Good first choice, but swap the leffe, you won’t regret it.
  7. Space hopper (DIPA). Brewed in a Pinter and conditioned in a uflow. I suspect around 7% as I added spray malt and brewing sugar. Brewed for 10 days and conditioned for 10. In the mix Zipfer (lager) and crew republic drunker sailor (IPA).
  8. Hi mate. I’ve got a PD, Blade and Pinter. PD - depending on what you like. In rank order. IPA - Crew Republic - Drunken sailor (currently out of stock), Goose IPA, Jaipur. lager - Jupilar, Spatin, Stella. All the lagers are good. blonde - La Trappe, Leffe Blonde as a starter pack (in stock) go with - goose, jupilar and la Trappe next week 2 (limited edition) Oktoberfest beers are being released which are both OUTSTANDING Lowenbrau and Spatin Lots of online groups with offers / discounts. Watch for beershark, as they have good deals, but a limited range. Many local permier and costcutter stores also see them (limited ranges) as Beerhawk prices. Any other questions, just ask. You can drink cheaper, but all beers come direct from the country / factory. Eg Stella, isn’t the weak taxed stuff brewed under license in the UK, it’s the real ‘wife beater’ deal.
  9. 9/11. My grandma keeling over (dead) in the back of my car, when I was 17. Finding a USA passport (whilst shooting with my dad) from the Lockerbie bombed aircraft, the day after it happened.
  10. What do the wild cock fish taste like and what colour is the flesh. Are they similar to wild brown trout or closer to salmon? We only get farmed triploids in the UK that taste like mud.
  11. I cannot believe how balanced that is from the BBC.
  12. I had the same with factory loads express 28 bore (probably the same plastic). Express’ response was nothing to worry about, the plastics reaction occurs well after the shot and wad has left the barrel.
  13. I agree with the OP. Maybe a little cheaper, which is why there will be more silver pigeons Miroku MKs and browning 3/4/5/725 in use than any other shotgun (UK wise and probably much of the rest of the world). but it also comes down to the human desire for nice things, if I won the lottery I’d have a pair of boss ordered the next day (when my handover clears) as well as one of those Lamborghini SUV.
  14. Platinum. Dead cheap at the minute.
  15. Thanks for the input chaps. Really appreciate it. The family (with one older) is 4, although we would normally travel as a 3 and even 2 in a few years. The VW camper van isn’t for me, but I’ve looked (and was shocked by the prices). Current thinking is look out for a ‘nearly new’ one (when and if the prices drop) and just keep it as ours.
  16. I’ll not comment on any of your posts / thoughts and don’t value your input at all.
  17. That made me laugh (but also think)….
  18. Again Thanks, I was 70/30 for it, now 51/49 against. We’ve discussed many of the things you lot have mentioned (and a lot we hadn’t thought about). Our ideal would be 10 weeks rental a year (Easter and summer) to help with the costs and then enjoy it the rest of the time, we would never run it as a full attempt as a money maker. Fiends, family and friends of friends (no pets and only a 4 belt / berth van - would never consider a 6 berth) We could afford to buy and keep, but it would mean we use it all the time. But - skiing in France in February and Florida every second year for a month comes first. I've looked second hand. It is phenomenal the cost of second hand, up to 10 year old at the moment in time…. It’s not worth even looking at them, the loss is nearly pocket change
  19. Again, great points. TYVM. The standard seems to be £1000 deposit returnable when the van is back, this covers the excess for major incident and also minors, broken items etc that are all paid for, just like a normal holiday in a caravan. Please don’t think I’m ‘dissing’ all feedback, I actually appreciate it and we’ve been discussing the issues mentioned here. We’ve also discussed idiots riving the engine and gear box - something you can’t see…..
  20. Very good point, which I had also thought about, but didn’t have a solution to, other than I would Need to rent one for the customer or offer them a refund.
  21. If you’re talking about ooni, then they are fantastic. Go for a gas fired one. The concept of wood fired doesn’t mean they taste any different and take longer to heat up and cool down.
  22. Heart says one thing and head says the other. Our main idea would be to come hone from work on a Friday night, if the weather looks like it’s going to be nice, chuck some stuff and the dog in the van and just go 1/2 an hour away. Hiring wouldn’t allow us to do that. I’m (we) not jumping in right now, it would be ready to go in Easter 2022, just weighing up our options. The other one is to buy second hand in the winter and just keep it for ourselves with the odd rental.
  23. Thanks guys. I'm thinking rentals for 2 weeks at Easter. 6-8 weeks in the summer (Scottish and English holidays). I wouldn’t use it then - I’d do long weekends out of busy periods. I’d like to think that would just about cover the price
  24. We are seriously considering buying one. Looking at swift / fiat models (around £55k). The plan is to use it when we want and then rent it out to family and friends and friends of friends. The deal would be ‘no discounts’ unless it was parents and siblings - free of course. (possibly register as a business? Initially with one unit) We’d slightly undercut the big rental companies and take £1000 deposit to cover damages and insurance excess - we’d get a form / contract written up by a solicitor etc etc. We love holidays aboard and go skiing in feb and overseas in the summer, so we wouldn’t be interested in using it for Easter / Summer (the van would need to be returned clean and then we’d pay someone cash in hand to check / blitz it - Saturday morning pick up and Friday night drop off.) We’d like to use it now and then, mostly short distance if it isn’t hired out and the weather is nice. Only at weekends - kind of last minute. That would be our ‘bonus’. Within 50 miles of home type thing, we live in Northumberland so loads of areas to go and of course Within an hour you’re in Scotland and two you’re in the lakes Thought and buying one and any pitfalls? Don’t want : nor bothered about making a profit. That’s not the idea.
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