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    PigeonShooting,Crow Shooting,Shooting over Ferrets,Fox Shooting,Lamping for fox and Rabbits Anything to do with the Countryside.

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  1. Mighty Prawn,Have you tried Cannon Clay Club at Harvington ,not far from you.?
  2. A.R.P.

    Battery Pouch

    Mel,thank you for the offer but fingers crossed i might have one coming. Thanks again.
  3. A.R.P.

    Battery Pouch

    Looking for a Nite Site Battery Pouch for a Stock please.
  4. Just bought 2 of these from Amazon. £19.99 each.happy days (and nights).
  5. A.R.P.

    a very sad day.

    Mel,so sorry for your loss. Let the tears flow, it will make it a bit easier. Regards A.R.P.
  6. A.R.P.

    You never Know.

    Magazine for a Sako 75 hunter IN .222 please.
  7. Chris,you have a really really good dad, not that you need me to tell you. Wish you both all the luck for 2017. Regards A.R.P.
  8. Simon. You have a PM. Regards A.R.P.
  9. A.R.P.


    Wanted Magazine for a Sako 75 hunter in .222 caliber please. Regards A.R.P.
  10. Rod,try Sporting Supplies at Bloxwich. If they do not have one i bet they can get you one.
  11. Just e mailed Eley and was told it is just a rumour.Panic over. Regards A.R.P.
  12. Ordered mine on the 16th.dispatched on the 17th and they arrived today.Seems to be very bright for its size.
  13. Leave them alone . Bought some about six months ago, struggled to put the batteries in. Came to use them last week and the batteries were flat. Also the switch had seized on the one ear piece., had to get a pair of pliers to move it Now use them as ordinary protectors.Waste of money
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