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    PigeonShooting,Crow Shooting,Shooting over Ferrets,Fox Shooting,Lamping for fox and Rabbits Anything to do with the Countryside.

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  1. A.R.P.

    My fat wife.

    Mel,you dont know when you are well off.
  2. What has happened to the people who were supposedly protecting these children??
  3. I shoot in a hide a lot so the placing of the feet is not always in the right place,sometimes if a bird comes out of the corner of my eye i end up on one leg well not quite but you know what i mean.I always thought that when mounting a gun you should not drop your head to the gun.Like the video though look forward to the next ones.
  4. They do live local to me,would not touch them with a Barge Pole.
  5. Mighty Prawn,Have you tried Cannon Clay Club at Harvington ,not far from you.?
  6. A.R.P.

    Battery Pouch

    Mel,thank you for the offer but fingers crossed i might have one coming. Thanks again.
  7. A.R.P.

    Battery Pouch

    Looking for a Nite Site Battery Pouch for a Stock please.
  8. Just bought 2 of these from Amazon. £19.99 each.happy days (and nights).
  9. Mel,so sorry for your loss. Let the tears flow, it will make it a bit easier. Regards A.R.P.
  10. A.R.P.

    You never Know.

    Magazine for a Sako 75 hunter IN .222 please.
  11. Chris,you have a really really good dad, not that you need me to tell you. Wish you both all the luck for 2017. Regards A.R.P.
  12. Simon. You have a PM. Regards A.R.P.
  13. A.R.P.


    Wanted Magazine for a Sako 75 hunter in .222 caliber please. Regards A.R.P.
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