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  1. Search for Trumps 2018 executive order, outside interference in US elections. If he has a legal route it may be this, makes interesting reading.
  2. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/229963
  3. 12x12 is far better, I have 4 of them and 2 8x8. 500/700 in a 12x12 is easy and comfortable without undue stress. 300 in 8x8. Both use similar amounts of gas! The 12x12 are set up together, so actual size is 12x24 (plus night shelters), if you’re building your own then make them 8 and 6 foot panels for easy handing.
  4. What do you have at the bottom of the slope or opposite? as these are the better locations for a pen, then feed the birds up onto the slope. Pen sections will work fine with a decent electric fence and several spurs run off to buzz any unwanted visitors. Harris fencing might be an easy pen building material for the long term pen!
  5. Yes, the organic acids which lower water ph to 4 and include amino acids and chelates minerals are definitely worth administering correctly.
  6. Hexi doesn’t live long outside of the host, best single thing you can do to help prevent hexi and coxci is acidify your water! This is the stuff used for poultry production and works out far cheaper than the game specific version https://www.quillproductions.co.uk/products/nutrimix-20-litre and litmus paper to set your ph to 4 or if you have money a Auto dosing pump
  7. This ^^^^ Are you sure you didn’t have Hexamita rather than Toxicosis, hexi was very prevalent last year.
  8. They do an organic acid with chelated minerals (for chicken production) at much less cost that the game specific ‘boost’. it works mightily fine!
  9. I know of a guy who zinc plated his entire frame in the bath whilst wife was away for a few days
  10. Another fan of the Murkur 38C Since the original PW thread about double edge safety razors I’ve saved loads, so far my purchases are just two Murkurs, two badger bristle brushes, four pots of soap and two packs of 100 blades! One of the Murkurs is a 34C and lives in my travel bag along with one soap and a brush. I think that probably works out to less than £20 per year!
  11. Get yourself into the city centre, down the bottom by the rail station is a nice bar called Porters, worth a visit, has a free mini cinema along side. Some cracking bars as you move up town and an open ALL night steak only restaurant about a quarter the way down ‘chippy ally’. Look for events on in the stadium, it really is a shame you’ve missed the Rugby, it is a fantastic experience! http://www.principalitystadium.wales/events/index.php#.Wuz5WyvTWEc
  12. Pheasant or partridge? Out of interest how big are your pens, rough idea of length of perimeter and the shape. and how many birds are you releasing from each at the moment?
  13. the Earth is NOT round! Well not perfectly, it’s kinda egg shaped, being lager around the equator. seriously though there are some nutty conspiracy theories!
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