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  1. Hi, I’ve took a notion of maybe doing a bit of target shooting so I’m looking for recommendations on a rifle. I’d a .223 tikka years ago and loved it which is why I’d like to go tikka again. I’d probably go 2nd hand route as I’m only setting aside £1000-£1200 for the gun only. Local shop has a t3 varmint stainless, 23” barrel, 1-8 twist with ase ultra mod at £950 which has taken my fancy but I thought was on the expensive side but maybe not when you factor in the mod. Won’t be at any crazy distances either although to have the capability would be advantageous. Also, as per attached photo, we have a banded system for rifles over here in Northern Ireland so will be keeping this in mind too. No point getting a .223 now then wanting to change to a .308 later and have to jump through all the hoops again. Of course this is a “how long is a piece of string” kinda question but any advice welcome. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the replies. Yep it’s on my cert, need a cert over here for all guns. I’ll just have to spend a few hours some day then to see what it’s doing and take it from there. Must go and see what pellets I have here too.
  3. Got myself a super 10 and few questions here. It’s .177, 18ft/lb and has the smaller 200cc bottle. 1. How many shots should I expect to get to a fill. 2. Is 232 bar the correct pressure to fill to. 3. How do you know when the pressure is too low? Is it as simple as noting when they shots start to drop off or does it stop firing or what? 4. Is there any buddy bottles that come with a pressure gauge on them? Bound to be a handy thing to know. Least you would have an idea of when to refill. Thats all for now but I’m sure I’ll have more to ask.
  4. Hi all. Wanting a van. Main question I have is about towing. Have a wee 2.0 diesel vitara at the minute and Im pretty happy with its towing capabilities. Can tow a transporter with car on it decently enough. I'm thinking on the new shape berlingo or poss a transit connect but prefer the berlingo. Really wanting to know people's thoughts who have the vans.
  5. Fox & otter for sale. Fox £150 and otter £175. Otter needs a new timber mount as the one it's on is rubbish.
  6. Welsh1 I've no argument with you personally. I was just speaking my thoughts. No harm done by the way. But in the intrests of the thread there is no reason I can see the mainland not to have access to pistols. Not too sure here but has the EU no input ? They seem to have a lot of say on other subjects?
  7. I said (coming shortly I'd say). And no! Most don't get locked. One of the biggest fishing (among others I'm in) forums on the net dosent have this problem. And as I said I don't interact be cause of the arguments. By the way I live in Northern Ireland so can join my local club to shoot with pistols thus this thread is not that relevant to me. But you have just confirmed my issue of arguments with your reply to this thread. Also I'm on your side, can't see any reasons why pistols shouldn't be legal. The government mite as well ban kitchen knives too. Apologies if I rattled any cages.
  8. Why does most good debated threads on here always end in argument thus ending in being prematurely closed (coming shortly I'd say)? I love a good debate but it always seems to go too far which is why myself (and most likely a lot of others) don't post much. So much for unity.
  9. What's the procedure for borrowing a shotgun over here. Looking to use my brothers occasionally.
  10. Is there more of the above video on utube?
  11. This is the browning pad here http://s167.beta.photobucket.com/user/hardguy007/media/SDC10806.jpg.html?sort=3&o=23
  12. In North Co. Antrim. Nearest dealer which i can try before i buy is in tyrone as far as im aware but i like to stick with my local dealer. He may be slightly dearer and hasnt alot of stock but any guns he has are quality and he gives good prices for a tradein (only cost me £50 trade in with my grade 3). As I said I preferred the browning to the beretta but I kept getting a blister on my trigger finger with the browning as it was too long in the stock and had a thick recoil pad and my dealer tried but couldn't get a smaller one (think it was bonded on too). I loved the Beretta I had to as it was a grade 3 but again, that was only aesthetics.
  13. That's the problem thers so many to be looking at. Didn't realise the sv10 could be got for those prices so it's a def contender and that browning ultra is a cracker. I like to have a nice looking gun too. I know it doesn't affect the performance but it affects mental performance imo. Problem is (wer I'm at at least) I can't really try before I buy without doing all the paper work each time. For example the young bro went though 3 guns before he found one he could shoot ok with.
  14. Hi, firstly ignore my signature as I've not got the shotguns anymore but am looking for a gun primarily for clays. Now the browning I had never fitted too well however it was usually the gun i used and the beretta fitted to a T. So what would be worth considering? Budget is £1500 max and have would be keen to go for beretta or browning and i do like the extended chokes. Have been looking at the cynergy but what's your thoughts.
  15. Licence just back today so basically 4 weeks turnaround this time.
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