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  1. fenman99

    Black Lab Puppy

    Gameflight have no bitches in season now but will have this year
  2. fenman99

    Black Lab Puppy

    Try Gameflight Gun dogs near Wisbech Cambs. They have litters all years round. https://www.facebook.com/gameflight/
  3. Thanks for that. Is it the GUGULUZA Bird Decoy Remote Rotary Speed Control fit Pigeon Magnet Rotary If so, reviews say there **** & don't last!
  4. Glad your sorted, i'm still hoping someone here can help me out!
  5. PM sent! Have you got a link please ?
  6. Anyone have a speed controller they don't use any more?
  7. Still got that old fowling jacket. £20 if anyone wants it!
  8. Just found this pic which i been looking for 2 weeks. I was there!
  9. Can anybody who knows Doc, please get in touch with him & tell him he has PM's. Thanks
  10. Hi Doc, mine have 2 leaves on now & this year for the 1st time only done what i will need but have over 50 Scotch Bonnet seeds in the cupboard. Its still not to late to to start germinating, if you want i can germinate dozen for you that would need potting up in a round 2 weeks, these would be easier to post to you. Let me know if any use?
  11. I ordered Haddock Chowder off the menu at a pub on the N Norfolk coast which was £14 (lunch time) but did not come with bread or roll, so ordered a roll & butter. Stone the crows was charged £3.50 so won't be going back!
  12. My best tip is after a few failures is to germinate the seeds in airing cupboard end Jan as they need a long growing season. What i now do every year is a piece of kitchen paper wet under the tap & lay on worktop. On half the sheet lay your seeds in grid formation about 1" apart. Now fold the other half back on top, put into ziplock bag & pin to hot water tank in airing cupboard. With in 2 weeks you should see little horns coming out of seed. Now very carefully pick out of paper & pot up. General tips are never outside till frost gone, do not over water, water only when dry o
  13. Only ever used on fox's & had no complaints!
  14. 46 x Winchester 55 grain .223. Not need anymore, FAC holders face to face only Near March, could meet. £25 Cash
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