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  1. Your right I would be very surprised if a bird was centre pattern and did not drop at sensible ranges for the load used.
  2. I think it would be against the terms of the GL04 IIRC
  3. You do make me laff ditchy
  4. Another county crossed off the list you will soon be running out of options!
  5. I predict I will shoot one over harvest
  6. Indeed it is , how odd !
  7. Its a singe barrel trap gun, I think some trap disciplines are one shot.
  8. I am sure the magnet will be ok but those airpro decoys are rubbish .
  9. I don't know about that Mine come from Dutchy Farm Kennels , I did the base myself . The Kennel itself cost £1100 although I note they have gone up since then , delivery and erection is included in the price though.
  10. I looked into this before I brought my kennel , to be honest for the little if no saving over making one it was not worth the hassle , the manufactures buy wood / panels etc in such large quantities its difficult to beat them.
  11. If using on a whirly the speed needs to be slow.
  12. Number 2 Badger I think , I think number 3 is a close up of a fox you can see a little of the bib and tail.
  13. If they were planted in march chances are they are vining peas. Harvest peas are usually drilled in April / May
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