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  1. Very true. However when the greens/antis lobby the government to ban lead shot, the government will just go ahead and ban it. After all even the shooting orgs want it banned.
  2. The Sherlock Holmes series of book By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the short stories in particular, though I do re-read the novels every few years. I am currently listening to Stephen Fry's narration of the books and I would highly recommend them. I have read a number of other 'Holmes' books/stories by other authors but they tend to be rubbish.
  3. Who other than white people have been described as such?
  4. The highlighted slur in your post is exactly the sort of casual racism which you would challenge if used about another group. You know, that you are better than this.
  5. SneakyD


    Thank you for taking the time give such a detailed and thoughtful response 👍 (for anyone reading this later, I have deleted most of the quote, so as to not clutter the thread too much). I asked because it seemed such a radical change, but your explanation makes a lot of sense.
  6. Congratulations Diver One! and Akka 🙌 Well done A1 👍
  7. SneakyD


    If you don't mind two genuine questions. Why were you originally in favour of leaving? And what changed you mind?
  8. This planet has been billions of years before we showed up and is very likely to be here billions of years after we are gone. To believe that we are either a benefit or or a detriment to the planet, is in my view self aggrandising. But to indulge you, who do you believe should die or not reproduce, in order to bring this benefit to the planet? If you truly do not desire enormous changes in people lifestyles, then what is the purpose of your posts on this topic? Are they just designed to signal your virtue?
  9. I haven't said that it would be better (though for the record I would welcome a few degrees increase in temperature in my location). As you seem to desire enormous changes in peoples quality of life and possibly even quantity of life. I think the burden of proof lies very much with you. And as you have already said that you haven't got a clue what kind of change is coming, I don't think self imposed poverty and depopulation is something I am prepared to sign up to just yet.
  10. If you don't know how it's going to change, why are you so sure it won't be an improvement for you and your area?
  11. So from your reading of the science, do you believe our contribution will accelerate us into an ice-age or a warm period?
  12. In fairness to her, she has been groomed and programmed from birth to be a true believer. It is very likely that she is genuinely terrified of climate change. Her childhood sacrificed to a cult that is making a few people very rich.
  13. By letting those that want it, pay for it. I subscribe to Netflix and Amazon. I pay for these services because I see value in them. I don't have a tv licence because I don't watch live tv. Your selfish idea of a general tax, to pay for something that you want, at the expense of others, many of whom are poorer than you, is morally wrong. The fact that you seek to draw your salary from your proposed tax makes it even more repugnant.
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