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  1. Many thanks. P.M. and pictures on their way. Regards Jamie
  2. Hi All As I am moving house I am selling my Canadian Canoe. It is an old Town Discovery 158 with two paddles all in fairly good condition. The hull has a few scrapes from beaching and mooring as you would expect. I am looking for around £450.00 but would be open to reasonable offers. I am based in West Lothian. If you are interested or know anyone who may be please p.m. me for pictures etc. I will be posting this on Gumtree towards the end of the week ATB Jamie
  3. Hi guys. Many thanks for your replies ATB Jamie
  4. Hi All. I am looking to get a new scope for my .243. At the moment it doesn't get a huge amount of use but this will be changing in the near future. It will be used for target, out to around 300yds ultimately deer but at no more than 100yds I have a budget of around £550.00. I have been looking at the Meopta Meostar 6-18x50 and the Nikon Monarch 3, 6-18x50. The scope rings I have are 25mm so this will limit my options. I am siding with the Meopta as I have an old fixed mag one, 6x42, but I am not sure of the model,, on one of my air rifles and it is brilliant. If it was x8 it would be going on my .243. What are your views on the above or can you recommend a better alternative? I am sorry, I know this has been covered recently but I can't find the thread. Many thanks in advance. Jamie
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. Just looking to stock up for the pigeons. I have been working through my RC Sipe which work well for me and pattern well my AL391. It may be worth my paying the extra and stick with what I know works. As said a lot is probably psycological. Many thanks again. J
  6. HI All. Out of interest how do you all rate Kent Velocity 29g No.6 pigeon cartridges? Is there a better one we could or should be looking at for around the same cost? ATB Jamie
  7. Hi Mate I had a Clarke gas/no gas mig and had what sounds like the same problem as you have I disconnected the gas supply and unplugged the welder then I looked instde Inside the torch where the gas release was controlled by the trigger. The design was fiarly simple, the feed tube was a soft rubbery material which was simply squashed flat when you released the trigger. I found that the flattened tube stuck to its self so remained shut off. It was fairly easy to free the tube where it had stuck to its-self and never had a problem after that. I hope that is of some help. J.
  8. Sorry, let me reword my post. The renewal quote is ok. I am just looking to see if I can get a better deal elsewhere. Other than that their service etc has been pretty good. J.
  9. Hi all. It is insurance renewal time for my Defender. I am currently with Adrian Flux but not too happy with their quote for next year. Barring the compare the market type websites, can you recomend any other insurance brokers? Many thanks in advance. Jamie
  10. HI mate I wouldn't try to hide anything from the MOT tester. When I had my series 3 the tester went over all of my chassis with a small ball pein hammer so no week areas would be missed. I think an advisory is not a fail but an issue which must be addressed before your next MOT. Probably best to get it looked at sooer rather than later. ATB Jamie
  11. HI all. I was looking to change the lubricants in the drive train of my TD5 Defender. The Haynes manual states Texaco EP00 grease for the swivel pin housings. What type of grease is this and where is the best place to get it? Also what do you all use as an alternative if there is one? Please note I am not looking for a cheaper alternative, just I have no idea what EP00 is or where to get it. Many thanks. Jamie
  12. HI All. Thank you for your replies and good ideas. I did think of installing a well in the rear wheel arch as per my old series 3 LWB pickup. Dr-Evil. I like your idea best. I am fairly handy with a welder and have a decent amount of steel to hand at the house. If you get a chance to do the dimensions that would be very much appreciated. I can p.m. you my email address if you like. ATB Jamie
  13. Hi All I want to move the spare wheel off the back door of my TD5, 110CSW as the weight of the wheel it is slowly pulling the back door apart. I have looked in to a bonnet mounting kit, which would be my ideal choice, but it is listed as not suitable for TD5 models. So my second option is a swing away spare wheel carrier. Can anyone recommend a make or model which will be half decent but not rob me blind :-) Many thanks. J.
  14. I am interested in this as I was going to get a cb625 in the near future. Can you use them on spring and gas ram air rifles, or does the recoil result in you shooting the top off the chronograph? ATB Jamie
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