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    Secretary of self-keepered pheasant shoot, own small holding with river and flight pond. Keen on gundogs, mostly spaniels. Did a bit of trialling, manged to win one of the spaniel championships back in 1991! Just about to start beekeeping

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  1. I've re-posted this in the paid-for shooting section. Thinking 'free' meant free of advert charge, I put it here by accident. Admin - please remove this one if appropriate. We're looking for two full guns to join a walk-stand self-keepered shoot that has decided to press ahead with shooting this year. With suitable contingency plans in place to accommodate social distancing, we've ordered 1000 birds for release in August. Members are expected to do their bit and, even if work parties cannot go ahead, all tasks are delegated. We're particularly looking for someone who is good wi
  2. After an outbreak of disease in our self-keepered shoot last year, we're looking at providing training for all members in identifying and treating diseases in our released birds. With group meetings still restricted, I've been trying to find an on'line training video (or similar) on the topic. No success so far. Does anyone know of any similar video or advice guidance? Mart.
  3. It's been very upsetting. I was feed duty the day it started, a few days after arrival. I picked up over 100 dead.
  4. 'Middle' of the country, you say? I've literally just come to the forum to see if anyone else has had problems this year similar to ours - and it seems we are not alone. We've lost nearly 40% of our released birds within 2 weeks of release. Are there actual 'horror stories' as you say? We've been in touch with the owner and, so far, he's blaming us, the ground, our pen. Even though the delivery was delayed due to unresolved health issue with birds at this game farm. Game Conservancy site says HEX doesn't lie dormant in the ground and dies between 2 - 5 days. But, in a pen, birds exposed to th
  5. We divide into two teams before the season starts. On a shoot day, 10 guns stand, 10 beat (plus a few friends who also come along to beat). We alternate drives so you would shoot 3, beat 3, on a day.
  6. Due to the recent departure of two full gun members, our shoot has an opportunity for two to three full gun working members. No half-gun places or shared gun places are available.We are based near Trellech, Monmouth on two farms. We have also just taken on a 2000 acre parcel of land (mixed grassland and old woodland) for rough shooting and probable deer stalking. I say 'probable' as shooters would need to be qualified and competent, and would need to be approved by the shoot committee. Given our proximity to the Forest of Dean, it may be that we will also see wild boar on this land soon.On the
  7. I'm one of the candidates, so thanks for the compliment. I'm not here to campaign as I agree with some other posts that I dont think this is the place, but I would urge members to try and make a choice, even if they think all are as good as each other. It is very difficult to put a full case in the limited number of words that BASC allow but if you search Google on the candidates you will find that two of them have set up websites and all three have facebook/twitter pages to enable members to talk to them if they wish to before making a decision. With only 3% of the population voting for t
  8. If you are a BASC member please take a minute to vote in the council election. It is easy to do, either on-line at www.basc.org.uk or using the voting slip in the March issue of 'Shooting and Conservation'. Previous years have seen a disappointing voter interest of less than 3% of the membership. For democracy to work we should participate, not simply observe.
  9. Hi Jammer, I see you are near Bath, Could you PM me possibly? I've had a look at the Carrs site and the service they offer seems perfect, but you are a lot closer. Thanks for the tips everyone Mart.
  10. I have a Beattie damascus barrel b.l.e made in 1895. Have used it every season for many years. This year, one of the ejectors snapped in half during use. Local gunshop tells me it's not repairable and needs replacement, but, not surprisingly, they are no longer made. So, I need to find someone who can make a bespoke ejector or a pair of ejectors or I face not being able to use my favourite gun again. Anyone have any contacts/tips? My budget is not unlimited Mart.
  11. Is the RSPCA becoming more of a militant animal rights movement than an animal welfare charity? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/countryside/9780817/Our-once-great-RSPCA-is-being-destroyed-by-a-militant-tendency.html … Read this informative and thought provoking article before you vote.
  12. Talk to BASC firearms dept about the revocation. It may be that representation on your behalf will give you a better idea as to when, or if, your SGC may be returned to you.
  13. I contribute to several. Depending on how the article develops really. Different editors have varied requirements.
  14. I'm researching an article for a Shooting national on taking up pigeon shooting. Could anyone recommend good guides/professionals/characters hopefully within an hour of Monmouth, SE Wales? Looking to spend some time with several in order to gain a variety of perspectives on how to take up the sport, how to gain permission, equipment choices, that sort of thing. Particularly interested in interesting and unusual characters who may have alternative views to put forward. If you are such a person please do pm me and also if you are able to recommend someone. Mart.
  15. Thinking back to my previous life my recollection is that dogs worrying pheasants cannot be shot legally and a person that did so could be prosecuted. Thats criminal law. Under civil law the shooter might be able to use the dogs actions as a defence to a civil action for damages. In this case I would have hoped that if the keeper had mentioned the sheep at the beginning then no prosecution would have taken place. Where I live there is a lot of livestock and, sadly, several stray dogs are shot every year by local farmers when they are found attacking or worrying livestock. In addition, the do
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