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  1. Have not used the "quiets" but do use the segmented subs to good effect.Same zero as CCi normal subs and more consistent,in my rifles,than some batches of Eley/Winnies plus they hit hard.
  2. Used one for years(12g),works well with right cleaner.Put in sock through washing machine to clean only when wife is out.
  3. BASC for me,far from perfect in my view but still worth my money.
  4. Thank you for your compassion,lost her(euthanised)21/05/2019.House and my insides are empty but I have lasted long enough to see her needs properly seen to,can't see that for the lifetime of another dog so no go.
  5. Waiting for mine to expire(GSD@12.5yrs)& dread the loss,don't know how I will cope but at 70 with bladder cancer am not in a position to offer a "good home/life" to a pup.
  6. Signed:Personally I don't want a pistol but think banning pistols was political showboating with no positive impact on public safety.
  7. drut

    Chris packham

    I hope he has a good sex life: he needs ******
  8. " Hopefully he will be back on here and people will give him a chance to communicate what they are trying to do, at least. " Hopefully BASC(as an organisation) will display the courage in fighting this that David BASC has shown in posting in the face of criticism.Hrmmmm----------- dream on but respect for David. As for emailing BASC,unless they are witless they must have gathered(at least through David BASC)the strength of feeling of their members on this issue and ignored it:time to vote with your feet?
  9. Pipe is prone to carbon block up,cost of ignoring may be high: your choice,your punt.
  10. " I have yet to make up my mind about which organisation I’ll be joining at this years renewal, but presently it’s looking like the CA. " +1
  11. "Poor performance by basc all round, Durham's medical forms 5yrs ago was a clue, the FEO's said at the time it would be compulsory soon, the writing was on the wall. " Unfortunately I totally agree,although I am presently still a BASC member, in this matter BASC(unless they can now pull a rabbit out of the hat)appear either toothless or pointless.I sincerely hope I am 100% wrong.
  12. A pleasant surprise although "better late than never" was the first thought that sprung to mind.
  13. Unfortunately I have to agree,my membership renewal(or not)is in August so they have until then.
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