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    Deer Stalking, Fox control, Pigeon Shooting, Wildfowling, Dog Training, Trapping, Firearms Law, book collecting,<br>Pest control in fact anything to do with shooting

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  1. Glad to see your still puttin em right Tc
  2. YP Why not ask aled he reckons he can get em cheap!!
  3. Don't flatter yourself Will the had a print deadline to meet an probably tripped over your photo :yp:
  4. Pick me up on the way past Sam :yp:
  5. I trust you are aware to set traps in the open and to catch not target species is illegal!!!!!
  6. Hi Sam Sorry haven't got one but I know a man who does, don't think he'd sell it tho I would be interested in hearing about your success tho............. keep us posted
  7. Phone BASC Scotland they will know Allan
  8. Dear Mr P Nothing I can say will add to the messages you have already received. Rest assured our thoughts in the Col Pol household are with you and yours, we will be thinking of you and your family in the hard times ahead. Col Pol
  9. I notice I'm not on the bloody list :thumbs:
  10. Elma The law says: The Firearms Ammendment Act 1998 states two levels of security namely: The firearms and ammunition are to be stored securely at all times except as provided in paragraph (, so as to prevent, as far as reasonably possible unauthorised access; and Para (:thumbs: also lists when the above does not apply: When the firearms and ammunition are in use; When the firearm is being cleaned, repaired, tested or when being sold or transferred; When the firearm or ammunition is in transit in connection with any of these purposes. When in transit the law suggests: There is an accord by the owner to ensure the safe custody of the firearms and ammunition and any guns should be hidden preferably in a locked boot to prevent their identification. If the vehicle is to be left unattended for any reason firearms should be concealed with the bolt or forend removed and carried about the person. Moving now to the keeping of firearms and them being kept away from their usual place of safe storage or keeping consideration should be given to: Obtaining accomodation which provides secure facilities; Seperating and retaining possession of integral parts of the firearm to prevent usage and Using portable security devices such as security cords. As you can see the law is not clear here on its interpretation of certain words and so it would depend very much on the circumstances by which you found yourself on the wrong side of the law. In essence you would have to convince any Judge and Jury that you took reasonable steps to safeguard your rifles and or ammunition whilst they were away from your usual safe place of storage. I would suggest, if you consider the above, carrying a gun on a rack, on a public highway and in full view of the public is in all probability a breach of the above. It is not however illegal to have a gun on a rack on private land. Hope this helps. Col Pol
  11. It has probably escaped your attention whoever you are but this is a forum on the internet, not anybody's home page so looking for a guy here is a complete waste of time. Technically speaking its your mates problem, not yours, so if your "mate" wants to find out who it is let him do the leg work. Coming to this site and getting everybody's backs up is not going to achieve anything other than if it continues we have the knowledge to find you through your ISP, we make a complaint a Ka pow off you go. So be a dear and leave us alone. For the record, I and all my friends eat all I shoot, my freezer is full of good wholesome food, totally organic, tasty and full of good nutrition. Next time you go down an aisle of a supermarket let your imagination run wild and when you see the "meat" think of a drug store cos thats what your eating....... chemicals! how else do you thing they get a 3-4lb chicken to that size in about 10 weeks? AND ITS LEGAL cos you voted for the government who allow it!!!!!!
  12. Road kill Webber :blink: :blink: but I don't fancy my chances if it has TB :thumbs:
  13. My missus bought me that book for xmas, very very good and will tell you all you need to know. Its bloody scarce and very hard to get hold of but keep trying and you will get a copy.
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