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  1. looks grate that mate really nice idear what do you think of the NWSS?
  2. mimic - i was not taking a dig at you they were global comments not aimed specifically at your case. lets face it with all the game parks in the UK at some point some large cats are going to have got out - i was not arguing that. I wanted to know from people that spend time in the field if they believe these are just mainly hype after possible real sightings from genuine escapes? or if people actually believe there is a population of wild surviving big cats in the UK. There have also been on average 200 reported sightings per year of UFO’s. I would hazard a guess most of those were mistakes so excuse me if I don’t believe everything that is put in print by our not even remotely ethical reporters, after all experience tells us they never let the truth get in the way of a good story.
  3. Nice you luck sod !! :blink: Have you managed to hit it again since ? Been nothing like that in North Wales this year more ruddy gulls in the stubble than pigeons. well done though bud
  4. I am with magman and henry d on this one looks like badger poo I have to say the print looks like a dog! just ticks all the boxes in my head! Been reading this thread for a while and the real reason I am posting is as a lot of you spend lots of time out in the field how many of you really believe there are big cats out lose in the uk ? Rob
  5. Mag Man - If thats the bigest warthog you have seen have a look at the others on that site
  6. Yes that was the one leeboy never saw the whole thing! So it was a fake but man alive if that’s what feral’s can grow too, we could have some serious problems with the feral’s lose over here. Beenspeed's mate from the BBS has a problem with wild bore feral’s on his property down south but so far has been unable to apply for the right to shoot them, just dose not seem to be any policy on it yet, seeing what warthogs can do to fields I would have thought the damage cost could be quite heavy. I belive he has BASC trying to help sounds like this is an emerging issue. Mag-man – Quote = as a matter of fact, that warthog is one of the biggest I have ever seen, hence it was advertised on a safari companies website. which warthog was that mate ?
  7. Thanks everyone after days of reading this thread especially due to stuartp s enthusiasm I have, just spoken to a company in Sweden about a short hog hunt – I don’t know much at the moment but they are going to contact me back with some options. Will let you know if anyone’s interested. Yes that pig is large don’t you guys ever watch the discovery channel! lose near some fish farms in America, lots of controversy as to whether it’s a fake or not. Would scare the **** out of me if you came across that for real. Mag-man Think you have me wrong bud! Not my friend that shot it! The Farm it was shot on belongs to a friend of the family, I have no idea whom the bloke is! But I did not say I did. I don’t think that pig would have made it into Rowland Ward! But its hard to tell as sometimes the tusks sweep forward in the mouth so can be longer than you think. I suspect you just made those names up as the first one is a python and the latter is a zebra species not warthog although there are tones of sub species of warthog and bush pig so it possible, ut I feel highly unlikely. Sorry could not resit phoned my mate the one in the picture was a Common Warthog or the only thing I really know them as a “Vlakvark†(Afrikaans for) more fun to say. Sorry if anyone else thought I was being big headed or clever for the record it was not meant like that just trying to add fuel to the conversation some things written I feel are correct and some very not! but I am no expert so its not for me to decide, the lead in about the 22lr and elephant was to highlight only one thing you can use small arms to kill big things ITS POSSIBLE WE GET IT !! but its harder. I don’t seem to be able to put things in righting quite as well as others on here so I hope you can understand it was not meant to be that way.
  8. Well i have to say thats more what i expected the yanks whom had hunted europe always sead warthogs were not big - seeing as we have gone down this route i read something on this a few years ago so... THATS NOT A PIG NOW THATS A PIG
  9. henry d Yeah but let him run wild for a few years and try and plug him with a 243 +,I wouldn’t try it So true they are rock hard little ******* I hope you don`t mean No.9`s Nope sorry dont know what you would call them - Its the term i know used for shot shells with heavy load and around 9 x 9mm balls in - Not number 9 shoot. Edit - Just looked it up its what the americans call Buckshot Judging by that bottom picture these bore are a lot smaller than what i am used to. That has just surprised me as I thought warthog were not large. O yes and its possible to shoot a elephant and kill it with a 22LR but its so wrong i wont even go there!! just use the best thing you have available as it leaves less margin for error. I have found to my detriment that fast rounds tend to blow up to much and dont always deliver the goods, especialy if you hit bone first. For reference this is of a friend of the familys gamefarm not a big one but is a good reference - http://www.dinaka.co.za/images/trophy-gall...-Warthog-x2.jpg - Just by the way that not me they run a game business so I guess this was one of his clients this year.
  10. Sorry I do not know if they are aloud in the uk but the best round I have ever used for shooting pigs Warthogs and bushpig are 12 bore slugs. Providing you are dealing with them under 70yds. I feel one of the reasons has to be Shotys are designed to lead so are grate for running shots and slugs proved devastating on pigs, at a push 12 bore heavy loads with 9’s work as well. And surely in the UK more people shoot better with shotguns ! Regards Rob P.S A good friend of mine who has been a PH for longer than i have been on this earth has always maintained pigs should be shot with as heavy bullet as you can get into it and light fast rounds can be touch and go if you hit bone, in my experience he is right.
  11. Grate post i had been thinking about getting one of the pigeon callers don’t think ill bother now - thanks guys !!
  12. LG put it perfectly - They are Terrorists and in today’s climate that’s not something you want to be! so maybe we all need to keep enforcing the terrorist route with the aunties.
  13. I have to ask why are people asking for bans on air rifles when to be honest if a youngster misuse one should the parent that would have had to purchase the thing be prosecuted for allowing an unsupervised minor to be in position of the air rifle in the first place? Unless this is brought to bare surely a register or licence would have no affect. what do i know though
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