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  1. Have a look at the olight warrior x pro, fantastic, lightweight!
  2. Solaris srx variable power ir, rat tail switch included, £140 Northumberland, delivery at cost , via 1st class recorded!
  3. What parts do you require, there's a 20 bore youths _ with 2 stocks getting scrapped at my local club, its knackered, could be some useful spares ?
  4. Is this still for sale ? Area for collection?
  5. Any photos, make please
  6. That's the same price I was given today & I'm very local to the sellers location! I would think £180 would be a reasonable price to sell them on
  7. vizlauk

    PBIR X

    I've got the variable power solaris srx, im going to list for sale if you want first go at it ? Boxed , as new,
  8. Belsay barns is a nice place, Tom has done a good job on it !
  9. Pard nv007 boxed with 2 collets £360 delivered or £350 collected in person.
  10. Icotec gc500, £150 collection in person or £160 delivered SOLD NOW !
  11. vizlauk

    Wanted pard 007

    I'm going to take some photos & list it for sale today, along with a couple of scopes that work very well with the oard nv007
  12. Steve Smiths at Dinnington, just outside Newcastle, some good layouts. Closed Monday & Thursdays.
  13. vizlauk

    Wanted pard 007

    Sorry for the late reply, its the original nv007. Boxed with 2 collets etc.
  14. I've got a icotec gc500, £160 delivered or £150 collected in person Northumberland
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