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  1. Shoots are getting softer and more people are getting a decent level of coaching, also your average club/registered shooter is shooting more now than they ever have done. That's my take on it
  2. Correct, but he has adapted it very well as you can see! Shot with him a couple weeks ago very capable lad.
  3. Warter priory isn't bustingly high 28g 6 or 5 will be fine
  4. The idea that it is as simple as telling someone to stop doing something is nice but in reality not much help. You need to highlight the underlying cause of the problem and address it- unless you know what you are looking for you will just dig a bigger hole that takes longer to climb out of. Get help. Also correct me if I'm wrong Hard focus but haven't you had lessons with Ben and possibly Matt H? Perhaps I'm miss remembering things...
  5. Just keep it locked in the case in hotel room when not in use
  6. More upper/mid range than pigeon shell,, not asked re velocity but sure they will be similar to all the other game loads, possibly driven grouse of my gut instinct is right!
  7. Very easy I do it all the time just get an EFP. Some countries (Portugal for example) want a letter of invitation too, so get the club you plan on visiting to send you one. Not all airlines will fly guns so check into it before you buy tickets.
  8. Just spoke to the main man only a short run, and you will be pleased to know the only stock they have left is... You guessed it 30g 7s so if you are a big fan of that loading speak to your dealer and ask them to bring a load in with the next order as they are ready and waiting to go but will not be repeated.
  9. I think they aren't a long term load, no details in all the new catalogues that are about to go out and I've not had a my to try, I would say it might have been an end of season run but I'll keep you posted. Most of the guys from Hull are in Germany at the mo for IWA so might be a couple days before you get anything back.
  10. Pigeons- up to 50 yards a 28g 7.5 is more than enough. I've shot thousands with these (and 8s) over the years and they do the job admirably. If I'm roost shooting and know I will be taking longer shots (regularly past 50 yards) then yes I'll go to 5s but also up the load to 34-36g.
  11. Good reply Lewis well done if you ever come further south (eg grimsthorpe) and can give me a few months notice I'd be happy to try and arrange some help. www.edsolomons.com
  12. Once you play around and find what you are happy with you can get a good custom stock with nice timber from midland gun services for circa £1500 and it will be spot on. If it's a long term gun id avoid the adjustable and go custom. Keep old stock if you ever do want to re sell.
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