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  1. 😱😃😃😃😃😃 Thank god for kids only took me two years they see the post and two mins sorted
  2. Never been able to do them ever since PW did an up date couple years back , right hand screen says enable emoticons ticked that , zilch
  3. Let ya know Christmas day
  4. Spent a couple off mins talking to him the other month at the race course had to hold the tears back as not to embarrass him true grit off a chap
  5. Lots of eye candy then
  6. I personally don't do new year eve think its over rated , one off if not the most depressing days off the year , hope it stays fine for you
  7. Been looking at getting another lap top so kids can do homework on , went into pc world and the sales guy said the chrome book would do the trick, any one had dealings with them
  8. Can't believe I've missed this topic been following Vikings and never even saw this , looking great mate
  9. If it hops it drops If it flys it dies
  10. Good to here it carry on then Got to say if carlsberg did restorations then this would be it ! Got my vote for topic off the year
  11. Hope your not neglecting that young lady while you strip your pride and joy down
  12. imissalot


    You sold them socks
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