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  1. This is back up for sale but gun watch has not pushed it back up. Grab a bargain
  2. Correct as they are listed there as well.
  3. Not sure why the images are not showing for some as they are for me. Regardless, links to the images: Musto breeks: Photo 1 Photo 2 Beretta waiscoat: Photo 1 Photo 2 Bespoke breeks: Photo
  4. That's odd, it's showing on mine. Drop me your email and I'll fire them over.
  5. 1. Musto Breeks 34" waist £SOLDWorn from new for 6 outings last year that is all. Waterproof and in very good condition, a really trustworthy, quality brand. 2. Beretta Shooting Waistcoat 44 inch chest £40 posted.Wool tweed, large pockets. Has a couple of small, dark marks on the back. Good condition. Great in the field or on the clay ground. Hard to see in the photo but it has rust coloured horizontal lines and thin red vertical lines with a herringbone style tweed. 3. Bespoke Breeks 32" waist £SOLDThese were a fortune when made due to
  6. Ok, I'll have a think about that. Could do with getting out a bit and if there is some justification over pure pest control, all the better.
  7. What trigger kit is best? Easy enough to work with?
  8. Did you contact them before or just rock up and leave them somewhere?
  9. I've gone for a thumb hole laminate CZ. Gun, scope and mod all in for £350 so plenty left for rounds.
  10. Thanks for all of the responses. I've contacted a few people on Guntrader in light of the comments
  11. Having a look at the CZ, the safety looks a bit odd. Is it useable. The Anschutz is an interning call!
  12. I've got a variation coming for a 17 HMR for rabbits. It's going to be a tool and so looking to spend up to £400 second hand. Just looking for recommendations. Thus far it's a weigh up between the Browning T Bolt and the CZ 455 of anyone has run one of those for a while. Thank you.
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