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  1. Can you let me know if you get any more in at this price please?
  2. Final price drop to £495 to get it gone.
  3. Price dropped from £650 to £595. A great rifle in great condition.
  4. Yes, not sure why the pictures are not loading on there. That's a shame. If you need any more or higher resolution ones, please drop me your e-mail address in a PM and I'll fire them over.
  5. Brilliant coat with all the features you would expect from a hight end shooting coat, c. £400 new. - Fully waterproof - Storm cuffs - Hard wearing material - Internal pockets I've worn this for two seasons, there are no snags or rips. It is in great condition and very comfortable to shoot in. Where it has been washed there are a couple of white marks on certain edges as can be seen in the images. Happy to send over high resolution images. Size is medium. I'm a 40/42 chest and wore a thin jumper and Schofel gilet underneath and it was spot on. £90 posted
  6. OddJob

    Steyr Scout 308

    Look for a good example, short barrel, screw cut for mod/with mod in good condition. Near Essex would be a bonus.
  7. Thanks for that info, that does seem like a real sticking point. So any individual or company must now sell with a new certificate? I've been wanting one for 20 years and decided to just get on with it, **** law! If you come across any please do keep me in mind, thank you
  8. Thanks for that, a little more than I was hoping to pay as that's quite a special vintage
  9. Looking for the above, preferably WW1 vintage but not overtly fussed in the age.
  10. Do you have a picture of the breeks per chance? Are they bang on 32"?
  11. A phenomenal kit, very detailed including working flappy paddle gear box, moving flat 6 engine, limited slip differential. Hours and hours to make this, really worth the money and very enjoyable. The attention to small things is outstanding, these are amazingly engineered, certainly not a toy It is about to be discontinued which will make it limited. It had been carefully made once and will be disassembled, unless otherwise stated. All original boxes and bags supplied. £150 plus £5 postage
  12. I am looking to give driven boar a go next season and so just looking for recommendations of good places to go. I would prefer Germany, but I know there are other countries available. The big issue is to ensure there is enough shooting and not the odd boar/quarry with nothing shot as I have heard stories of wasted trips. I know you get what you pay for, as per pheasant shooting. If you have first hand experice of a company/lodge with details of bag numbers it would be hugely appreciated. Any other advice would not fall on deaf ears.
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